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5 Simple Steps To Become Truly Memorable


Memorable in a positive way that is… 🙂    We all want to stand out and be memorable, whether on a first date or a networking event.

1.Attitude! Sike yourself up, pick a song or channel your favorite person that you admire for their ease with confidence before your event. This will help you get in the right frame of mind right from the start!

2. Ask questions and Listen, really listen! Show genuine interest in others. People love to talk about themselves, indulge them, make them the most important and interesting person at that moment. While you are listening, make eye contact and tell them what you find interesting about them or what they are saying. Try to remember their name, this will definitely set you apart!

3. Try to think if there are ways that you may be able to help that person in some way…make a mental note of any details and reconnect at a later date if possible. A main point in the best selling book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. This is great if you want to further strengthen the relationship.

Be Pleasant and Smile!

4. Look for things that you have in common and expand on those topics, even if you are networking and the conversation has nothing to do with work. This was you can make your interaction more personal and remembered. Try to be interesting in your answers when asked questions instead of boring yes and no answers.

5. Be pleasant and smile and if you happen to be humorous, USE IT!. You will be remembered just by being interested in the other person and showing some of your personality. if you are genuinely trying to enjoy yourself it will show in your manner and body language.

Remember these simple steps and you will definitely be more memorable in any situation.


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