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What is Mindfulness?

As I am working on a post about  “Mindfulness” I was reminded about   

how I first became interested in the subject.  Not long ago I was looking into taking some classes and the ones that I decided to take was Through Edx. The courses were “Unlocking the Immunity to Change” from Harvardx and  “The Science of Happiness” from BerkeleyX. I enjoyed both and found The Science of Happiness fascinating and have since followed professors through The Greater Good Science Center. This course is the one that gave me a lot of insight into mindfulness for the first time.

What is Mindfulness?

 Mindfulness means maintaining a moment by moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and the surrounding environment

I wish I could say that I was good at this but it is hard. I do try to meditate and when I do, it really helps. One of the unique benefits of mindfulness is that it helps us accept some of the things that we cannot change. Helping us to refocus our attention when we are in physical or emotional pain. When you practice this, you can recognize the pain and accept it and let it go. This is not easy, but just the act of being aware of the feeling allows us to box it up and release. These are not just esoteric words, our minds are incredibly powerful and amazing things can happen when focused.  As with anything, it takes practice but I think the benefits are worth it!

I have used both apps Headspace and Calm. I thought they were both good but give Calm an extra star. I think that you just have to see what works for you, the best part is there are so many tools to choose that makes it easy to start.

Rendezvousmag has created Statement tees, pillows and tech gifts that are designed with beautiful foreign words that describe a vibe or a moment. Included in these new fun additions are Sanskrit words such as Nirvana, Abhaya Mudra & Namaste. These words have beautiful meanings that are all wellness/yoga/Buddhism related.

Mindfulness for Personal Success

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