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Bon Vivant- Vibes & Moments

There’s one in every crowd, that charming person whose love of food, fun, and wine makes him the life of the party.  

It takes an outgoing person with a lack of inhibition and an appreciation of fine things, to produce such a lively personality, one the French call a “bon vivant.” The words literally mean “someone who lives well,”

When flipping through the channels on TV you are bound to see some reality tv shows that show someone that may be considered a bon vivant. The person that just loves the spotlight and having parties and fine things. He or she is showy, colorful and flamboyant.

( bawn vee-vahn) first used-1674  French- from bon (good) &  vivre (to live)

Our items have the definition is shown as- a person that enjoys parties, social occasions &  life’s luxuries

“Vibes & Moments” Statement Tees & Accessories

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