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Dating in your 20’s & 30’s


You would think that dating in your 20’s would be extremely easy,  

considering that you are surrounded by others in college plus your social life is in high gear.

Well, then you would be wrong because technology has changed the way that a large number of people interact because online dating and dating apps have become so popular. One of the problems with connecting online is that basic social skills become lost and now more than ever when starting a career, you need those soft skills to move ahead. Remember now is the time to learn those skills that will help you throughout your life so use them whenever you can.

Dating in your 20’s


Take your time to become a more confident person, which is very attractive and will serve you well in your life. Now is the time to become as self-aware as possible and to learn from our mistakes. The more we can grow in our 20’s the better off we will be moving forward. Try to spend some time going to work-parties, get-togethers or the gym, anywhere to meet interesting people. Free online sites are popular but you will have a lot of people to weed through on these sites to find those that are worth your time and energy. Just as with your career, make sure the actions you take will move you closer to ultimately where you would like to go.

Dating in your 30’s


When you reach your 30’s many people change their way of thinking about dating, women will usually start to take it a bit more serious because of what they would like their life to look like in the future. Just because you may be taking dating more serious, doesn’t mean that you should be so serious about it! Dating should be fun and lighthearted, don’t put extra pressure on finding “the one.”

The more people that you meet will eliminate the nervousness that comes from putting so much importance on each date. Expand your social circle by going to different local events. Learn to say “Yes” to friends’ invitations. If you choose to add online dating to your mix, then a paid site becomes more useful as they tend to have more people that are looking for a relationship. There are cons with online dating and one of those is that it is actually very time consuming because so many of the photos and descriptions are not accurate which leads to dates with people that you feel are not at all like their profile.

We suggest “being in the moment” and taking advantage of smiling at that cute guy or girl as you go about your day. You will be amazed at how little shifts in thinking and actions can make a real difference in your love life!

Remember to date safely, let people know where you will be and when you will return. Meet at a public place.  Always drive separate to and from the date. Listen to your intuition and leave if you feel that something is wrong.

Always remember that every place that you go has the potential to be a place where you meet both men and women. The secret is to look at them and smile, look away and when you look back, linger a bit with a smile. Being playful is the easiest way to strike up a conversation out of the blue. Ask for help deciding on something such as a coffee or a book or directions, whatever seems appropriate at the time.

Use networking to help you with your social circle, this is relevant for all age groups. At networking events you not as self-conscience of talking to people that you do not know yet and also this allows you to “cast your net wider.” By knowing that every person you meet could be a “gateway” to your next someone special will make these events even more fun!

Dating Safety Tips

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