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Everyday Motivation in 5 Simple Steps That Work!


What is the secret to motivation?   

I have been trying to figure out the perfect moment or quote that will push me to be more productive.Turns out we stop procrastinating ONLY when taking action becomes less painful than not taking the action or making the choice. We either run out of time and the consequences are terrible or we realize that the benefit of the action is finally so much better than the alternative of doing nothing.

1. Action = motivation = momentum  It is all about STARTING no matter how small period. One example is to have a workout outfit picked out the night before and laid out where you can see it when you open up your eyes to help you get started working out. Another example is to decide to work on a project you have procrastinated on for just a half hour, this gets the ball rolling.  I always thought motivation came first but the reality is that the action creates the motivation. So as soon as the action part starts… the motivation kicks in and you will start to feel some momentum!

2. It must be scheduled.  You know that special day that you expect to wake up and just feel “ motivated”?  it will never happen on its own. I am a perfect example of this, I tell myself ” today’s the day, I will be motivated!” but I tend to get distracted and make excuses and before I know it, I’m saying ”tomorrow will be a better day to start.” The point is that…

 It must be scheduled, and a ritual formed. Yes just schedule it in your day as important as a meeting, don’t think about it just DO it!


3. Take away as much of the decision making as possible.  As in #1 getting prepared the night before just eliminates the thinking part and it is THAT part that messes us up every time.
Find mini routines that take little or no effort. The fewer decisions the better! You will feel victorious after completing, even small victories deserve a pat on the back!

4. Attach a reward  (something that you enjoy) after you complete whatever you may be putting off or to make it more interesting.
Ex; Netflix only after 30 min of exercise or listening to your fav podcasts while exercising.

5. Be accountable to a friend or an app or anyone that will say “Hey get off your ass” and keep your appt! My daughter has Snapchat streaks, where they connect daily, they never want that streak to end, and are seriously bummed if they miss a day.  The same principle once you start a “streak” breaking it becomes harder and you push through especially if another person or money is involved  ( an app such as Stickk uses money as an incentive!)  Just do it! 

                                                                          Action = Motivation = Momentum


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