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Hygge (hue-guh)  is a Danish and Norwegian word which does not have an exact English translation.   

From a sixteenth-century Norwegian term, hugga, meaning “to comfort” and related to the English word “hug.” Some fun variations, how about Hyggebukser (comfy pants that you would only wear inside when no one else can see you!) hyggekrog (cozy nook where you can cuddle up.)

Hygge has become very popular outside of Scandinavia in recent years. Authors & designers have all embraced the lifestyle and for very good reason.

Hygge is at its heart is a “feeling” that requires a mindfulness and an ability to enjoy and savor the present. Being aware of a good moment to make an ordinary task both beautiful & joyful. To live a life connected with friends and family.

Hygge was created to break up the months and years from the daily sameness with the cold and dark days. This became a way to create an atmosphere that celebrates and elevates the ordinary. By adding specialness to the simple daily rituals such as having a cup of tea, reading a book or savoring food with friends.

Hygge is popular in winter but it is also celebrated in all seasons. Spending time in nature is an important aspect of hygge. Some warmer weather ideas would be picnics in the park, bonfires on the beach, outdoor parties or movies with friends.

Doing simple things well by adding touches that engage the senses. Sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. Candles, twinkle lights, food, flowers, comfy pillows, and throws. Appreciating the beauty of nature whether is snowing, storming or bright and sunny.

Who would NOT want to add this to their everyday lives?

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