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Top 5 Ways to Flirt


1. The number one way to flirt and get someone’s attention isto make eye contact and smile!    But usually you cannot just do this once, you may think you are being obvious but it may not be obvious to the other person, so smile at them again to make sure they know that the smile was for them!

2. Find a reason to get closer to them, proximity-wise! Give someone an opportunity to make the next move. There are many creative ways that you can subtly find a way to work your way over to where they are and pick something up near them. The point is to see if you can let them know that you noticed them and allow them to notice you also!

3. A great way to say anything to anyone is by asking them a question, such as “What is the best way to get to a coffee shop from here?”  Think about a couple questions that can be used in different situations that can be your “standby” questions. You will be amazed at how easy it is to talk to anyone, just remember that the more practice that you get, the easier it will be to talk to anyone even if you don’t have a question on the tip of your tongue.

4. When you find yourself having a casual conversation with someone, the best way to let them know that you are interested is to be playful with them. By joking, teasing or lightly touching their arm when you talk will all show that you are fun and charming. The key will be to not be overly loud or sarcastic but playful.

5. Some ideal starter topics may include travel, sharing a personal experience or something mildly controversial. You may be able to gain some insight into what you both may have in common.

Flirting Research


   Published research and follow-up research by Jeffrey A. Hall and Chong Xing shows that there may be five different types of flirting behaviors.

• Physical flirts tend to subtly touch the person they’re interested in.
• Traditional flirts believe men should make the first move.
• Sincere flirts get other people to open up to them.
• Playful flirts see the interaction as a game and may be using the flirtation as a means to another end.

CLICK  HERE to take a quiz to figure out which style best describes you.

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