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101 Ways to Say I Love You (with & without saying it)

There are many cute, sweet & different ways to say I love you. 101 ideas to let your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, know you love them with both words and actions.   

Choose one of our “I love you” messages, activities or build on our ideas to create your own personalized way to show and tell them your feelings.


Cute ways to say I love you


When first deciding just how to tell them you love them, choose a way that fits their personality.


Which would they prefer, Something fun and spontaneous or maybe a bit more planned and romantic?


Whatever you decide, refer to this list to get inspired with all the ways to say I love you throughout your relationship!


  1. I love everything about you 😗


  1. I am so happy that you are mine


  1. You are my happy place


  1. I love you more than anything 


  1. I am crazy about you


  1. You have made all my dreams come true


  1. You make me feel all warm and fuzzy


  1. I love the way that you love me


  1. You take my breath away


  1. You are so beautiful to me


  1. You make my days and nights so much better


  1. Whenever something good happens to me, you are the first person that I think of to tell


  1. My heart still skips a beat when I see you


  1. I love when I hear the sound of your voice


  1. You make me so happy, I love you


  1. You and me are meant to be


  1. You are my soulmate


  1. You made be believe in love


  1. I am always surprised how much I miss you when you are not with me


ways to say i love you to him


I love you in different languages


  1. I love you in Danish- Jeg elsker dig (yay els-ka dah)


  1. I love you in Dutch- Ik hou van jou (ick how fan yow)


    22. I love you in Finnish- Mina rakastan sinua (mee-na rah-ka-stahn see-noo-ah)


  1. I love you in French- Je t’aime (Zhuh tem)


  1. I love you in German- Ich liebe dich (Ick leebuh dik)


  1. I love you in Greek- S’agapo (seg-app-oh)


  1. I love you in Hawaiian- Aloha wau ia ‘oe (a-loh-ha vaoo ea-ah oh-eh)


  1. I love you in Italian- Ti amo (Tee ah-mo)


  1. I love you in Japanese- Aishiteru (ay-she-tay-ee-roo)


  1. I love you in Mandarin- Wo ai ni (Wuh eye nee)


  1. I love you in Russian- Ya lyublyu tebya (Yay loo-bloo teb-yeh)


  1. I love you in Slovak- Lubim ta (loo-bim tiah)


  1. I love you in Spanish- Te quiero/te amo (Tay key-aero/Tay-ah-mo)


  1. I love you in Swedish- Jag älskar dig (Ya ell-scar dey)


Ways to say I love you to him


  1. You are so hot


  1. You make my life so much better


  1. You complete me


  1. You my very sexy guy


  1. Follow me to the bedroom


  1. I am lucky to have you in my life


  1. You are the ying to my yang


  1. I am yours always


40 Cute Ways to Tell Him you Love Him


Cute ways to say I love you in a text 


  1. Its you and me kid


  1. You are my north star


  1. My heart belongs to you


  1. Send cute gifs that show your love


  1. Text a cute meme to make him smile


  1. I love the way that you look at me


  1. I am here for you always


  1. You are the best thing that has happened to me


140+ Short Love Messages for Text & Instagram Captions

30 Texts to Make Him Think About You & Intensify Attraction


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ways to say i love you with a text


What is their Love Language?


Everyone has their own Love language. This means that we perceive different ways of giving and receiving love. The 5 love languages are 

  1. Words of affirmation
  2. Acts of service
  3. Receiving gifts
  4. Quality time
  5. Physical touch


Knowing what your partner’s love language is, can help you find the best ways to show your love to them. This is really eye opening! For a lot more details check out the love language site.


Some ideas of how to show your love using each of the 5 love languages.


Words of affirmation

Words of affirmations examples are


  • Giving honest compliments
  • Telling them how you appreciate them
  • Listening when you are having conversations
  • Saying “I love you” in creative ways
  • Sending or giving a funny and heartfelt card 


When words of affirmation are your love language, you feel seen, heard and understood when words are used. These words are used to acknowledge all that you do and who you are.


Whether it is texting a sweet message, writing a letter or sharing a favorite quote. Words of affirmation verbalizes your feelings. Use our quotes, and ideas from the posts listed below for inspiration.


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cute ways to say i love you


Acts of service


Acts of service examples


  • Detailing their car
  • Filling the gas tank
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Cleaning or helping to organize a space
  • Help them with their to-do list
  • Doing the grocery shopping


This love language is taking care of the chores that the other person is usually in charge of by taking things off of their plate.


Receiving gifts


Receiving gifts examples are fairly self explanatory! Show your love with gifts.



When this is your love language, receiving gifts is their perceived expression of love.


Quality time


Quality time examples are


  • Having a conversation without distractions (put the phone down!)
  • Going for a walk, just the two of you
  • Dinner out together
  • Romantic date night in
  • Planned Date nights


Giving undivided attention is key to this love language. When you spend time together, really connecting, you will feel much closer.


We love using questions to have fun and give each other the attention your relationship deserves. We have 1000’s of questions to stay connected in a deeper way.


100 Relationship Questions that are Deep & Eye-Opening!

201 Deep Questions to Ask that Uncover Hidden Thoughts

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how to say i love you without saying it


 Physical touch


This love language means that you prefer physical expressions of love the most.


Love Language Physical touch examples 


  • Kissing
  • Sex
  • Massages
  • Holding hands
  • Hugs
  • Saying hello and goodbye with kisses & hugs
  • Back scratches
  • Cuddling
  • Being held when needing comfort
  • Foot rubs


Let’s face it we all like most of these ways of being shown love. But each of us has a dominant way that we perceive being loved the most. When we know what our partner appreciates we can give them more of it!


How to say I love you” without saying it 


There are so many ways to say I love you without using words. By using actions we can show our love in very creative and different ways. It’s great when someone knows and GETS you!


  1. Date night ideas


Planning a romantic or fun date night is a great way to show them that you love them. We have 100’s of ideas for special date nights or dates for every season. It only takes a little time and thoughtfulness to create some of the best date nights ever!


  1. Cook their favorite meal for no reason at all!


Surprise him or her with their favorite meal whether you cook it yourself or get it from their favorite restaurant. We have fantastic recipes for a fondue date night with cheese and chocolate fondues!


romantic picnic to show love


  1. Romantic Picnic 


It’s so easy to plan a romantic picnic! Whether you pick up some pre-made food from your local grocer or make you own, we help you create the best picnic for romance!


  1. Stargazing


Find someplace outdoors that is nice and dark, whether it’s your backyard or an open field and look at the stars. There are lots of stargazing apps to choose from to help you locate stars, planets and constellations. Grab a bottle of wine and a blanket and enjoy it under the stars.


  1. Indoor camping date 


Enjoy a romantic camping date, without the bugs or a soggy tent! Included are conversation starters, recipes and games to complete your incredible evening.


  1. Create a memory book of your relationship


Create your own special photo album. Add some photos of special memories, ticket stubs, receipts, write down some stories.


 Use Canva to resize, filter and add text. You can also create many images with their free clip art to add to your memory book. 


  1. Create a playlist


Put together a special playlist of some meaningful songs & that bring back some great memories. Add some of your favorites also. This is a very romantic gift, since you are the only one that has shared those memories with them.


  1. Coffee or cocktails


Do they love a coffee, tea, wine or special cocktail? Surprise them with their favorite beverage and share a moment just the two of you catching up. If it’s evening, light a candle!


  1. Flowers or a small gift


When it’s Valentine’s day or your birthday, we expect to get a little something, but when it is for no specific reason, it’s even better!  Flowers for her & something small for him that will definitely make them feel the love.


show love by having a romantic fondue dates


  1. Boudoir photos


Take some boudoir photos! Have a talented friend help you surprise your partner or sit for a professional photo shoot to create some fabulous pictures. 


  1. Share on social media


If you are into sharing photos on social media, then updating your relationship status or posting some couple photos are sure to send the message that you love them!


  1. Candy


Even if it’s not Valentine’s day, you can still get conversation hearts to spell out your feelings. Hershey’s kisses are a good addition too!


  1. Personalized gift


Say I love you with a gift telling them exactly how you feel. It doesn’t have to be expensive to show how much you care just meaningful.


  1. Love notes


Leave little post it notes for your love to find.  Put together a nice lunch for them to take to work and add a little note to surprise them.


You can also place one in their pocket or in something that you know they will read. Be creative!


  1. Jar filled with love notes


We have a jar tutorial for you to DIY a heartfelt gift filled with reasons why you love him or her. 


Included is a free label download for a memory jar, happy jar, I love you jar and a be inspired jar. It’s easy to make if you are so inclined.


  1. Breakfast in Bed


Everyone loves to be served breakfast, but it usually only happens on holidays if at all, so surprise them! We have some fabulous recipes for a romantic brunch for two.


romantic indoor camping date


How do you know if someone loves you? 


When you want to know “does he love me?” or “does she love me?” find out by learning what  they will do and say so you know for sure. 


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Conclusion- Ways to say I love you


We are always looking for ways to say I love you and show them how special they are to us. Honestly this is what keeps relationships together. Those simple things that we do or say that shows caring and appreciation.


Although a trip to Paris is amazing, if you only celebrate the big moments and not all the life that happens in between, you will lose some of your closeness. 


It’s the little things, the extra time that you spend together or doing something for them that you know they will love.Or just by looking them in the eye and telling them,” I’m so lucky that I found you.”


 Don’t save those meaningful thoughts for a Hallmark card and don’t only celebrate on a specific day.



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