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11 Irresistible Ways to Attract a Man that’s Right for you!

We have the absolute best ways to attract a man, but not just any man, one that is right for you!   

Attracting someone that is a good match, has to start first by visiting places that you enjoy to meet new people. Spend time at places where you can be active and conversations can flow easier. 


Where to meet men


  1. Take classes- cooking, college, business classes
  2. Gym 
  3. Volunteer at food banks, animal shelters, festivals
  4. Get involved with local politics
  5. Find a Meetup
  6. Local Chamber of Commerce
  7. Join a club- cycling, running, art etc.
  8. Church, Synagogue etc.
  9. Ask your friends to keep an eye out
  10. Online
  11. Be aware of the people around you and smile!


The behaviors listed will attract someone that values the same healthy traits. Now on to the best ways to attract a man!


irresistible ways to attract a man that’s RIGHT for you


How to attract a man 


1. Body language


When you see a man that you want to attract..


  • Make eye contact and hold for 2-3 seconds. Look away, then turn back and hold his gaze for another few seconds and smile. By doing this twice, you are making it clear that he can come over and you will be open to talk. You are allowing him to make the first move.


  • Find a way to get closer, change your proximity to make it easier for him to approach


  • If it’s appropriate, ask a question. You could ask if he knows the best place to get a cup of coffee or directions to the closest gas station.


  • When you are talking, face him, smile and point your feet towards him (this shows your interest)


  • Keep your arms open and not crossed (this is more inviting)


  • Playing with your hair is a feminine action that guys find very attractive


2. Playfulness


When you show a little playfulness it tells him that you have a fun personality. When you are talking, bring up some things that you enjoy talking about. Showing passion for a topic is something that men find magnetic. 

When talking, lightly touching his arm or shoulder is a way to make the attraction stronger. Any joking or kidding around is another way to show your fun side!


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3. Kindness


Turns out Kindness comes out on top! 


One of the most important things that all people find attractive is kindness. We may not think of this right away, but it makes so much sense. When we come from a place of kindness, we communicate and have arguments differently. 


Ultimately being kind and treating people with kindness and consideration is not only attractive but also key for any happy long term relationships. 


Relationship killers are when couples are overly defensive, condescending or show contempt. 

This is why being kind is so important as a foundation for any relationship.


4. Positive attitude


Having a positive attitude is not only attractive but it’s beneficial for our life and careers. We all have problems and frustrations, but putting a positive spin on it allows us to be and act lighter. 


 Did you know that if you force yourself to smile, even if you don’t feel like it, it changes your physiology? Or listening to music and being grateful for what we have can instantly change your mood!


 Life is tough and covering up real sadness is not what we are talking about, you need to feel your feelings. But in general if your attitude is a lot more positive than negative you will be happier and much more attractive!


5. High value woman


Being a high value woman means having standards and sticking to them. You are aware of your worth and won’t except it if anyone treats you badly or with disrespect.


 A high value woman is both strong and feminine. You are complete without a man, although you value and enjoy having a partner in life.


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how to attract a man


6. Having Opinions


Knowing what you like and also what you don’t like is an attractive trait. Try not to say “anything you want is fine” when a guy asks you what you would like to do or where you would like to go. 


 Some women don’t have opinions and just go along with whatever the guy thinks. This is not attractive, be your own person. Don’t be wishy washy! 


7. Independent


Just like having your own opinions, you need to have your own interests too. You never want to lose yourself or grow distant from your friends.


Keep doing the things that you enjoy doing and always make time for yourself. Independent women add a man to their life without giving up any hobbies or activities that she enjoyed before the relationship.


8. Healthy


Being healthy is very attractive. Some studies show men perceive certain physical traits as healthy such as white teeth, long hair and having curves.


Obviously we are all different shapes and sizes and there are many ways to accentuate the positive! Looking and feeling our best always makes us feel more confident, sexy and attractive.


9. Confident


Confidence is sexy, period. It is so attractive to see a woman that is confident in herself.


 This is also part of being a high value woman. She knows what she deserves and is looking for someone to complement her and her life.


10. Shows interest 


Simply showing interest in a guy is very attractive to him. We all love when people show interest in us, it makes us feel special.


 When he is talking, don’t look at your phone, pay attention to him. Ask questions to get to know him better!


how to attract a man's attention online


11. Is curious


When you are curious about learning, you become a very interesting person! Often people feel that they are boring or live a mundane life. 


If that is the case and you would like to experience more things, then DO more things, TRY more things.


 As you push yourself out of your comfort zone you will grow and become a person that others will find very interesting to talk to and to be around.


What NOT to do 


  • Don’t over invest


In the beginning when we see or meet someone new, we tend to form an idea in our head about what they are like. This is usually WAY off base.


It takes time to get to know someone. They need to earn our continued attention. This is so important to remember as you get to know him better.


Only invest in him what he invests in you. If he isn’t making time for you, don’t over invest and waste your time wishing or hoping that he changes. This goes for any behavior that you feel uncomfortable with.


When he shows you who he is, believe him the first time!


  • Don’t overshare


This pertains to when the relationship is very new. I like the analogy of revealing yourself like an onion, one layer at a time.


 A little mystery is fun. Don’t talk about yourself like you’re reading your bio!


  • Don’t drink too much


When you are meeting someone initially, you want to be fully aware of the guy you are talking to. 

 You are both assessing each other so unless you don’t want your first impressions to be an accurate picture of who you are, make sure to keep it light. Plus you should always put safety first.


where to meet men infographic


  • Don’t be needy


This is important to remember whether it’s in the beginning of the relationship or when you have been together for a while.


Be aware if you have “needy” tendencies. This is not only unattractive, but also very unhealthy.

For example, this is when you make a comment about them spending too much time with their friends. Or  always asking if they missed you. Or when they don’t pick up the phone and you ask if they were talking to their other girlfriend. 


It’s those small things that show your insecurity.


How to keep him


  • Let him be the protector


Most women can easily take care of themselves, but that’s not the point. No one wants to feel that they are not a real partner in the relationship.


Men often are comfortable with being the “protector,” so let him. It feels amazing to have someone care and take care of us sometimes.


  • Show appreciation


Each and every one of us wants to feel appreciated. Your guy is NO different. Pay attention to the big and little things that he does for you.


Say a simple “thank you.” Tell him that you notice these things. The more you show appreciation, the more he show appreciation for you. 


how to attract a man over text


  • Make him feel needed


Make him feel needed and special, this is very important in a relationship. No one wants to feel disposable or replaceable.


As soon as someone feels replaceable, they may just leave the relationship to find someone that will make them feel special again.


It’s important to make sure that he feels appreciated, needed and we have to be comfortable with him being a protector. 


  • Be vulnerable


You need to open up if you want to have a successful relationship. Being vulnerable means that you are honest about your wants, needs and desires. 


You are going to have to verbalize those things to your partner. This is the only way that you can truly know someone and that they can really know you. 


Recognizing the right guy for you


The goal is to be aware of the behaviors that will help you attract a man that is also of high value. More than anything we want to attract people that will give us the best chance of having a healthy relationship.


Like attracts Like


This is almost always true, like attracts like. You need to become the person that you want to attract.


That means we may have some work to do on ourselves before getting into a relationship.


If you are not  healthy on your own, you will not be able to bring your best self to a relationship. 


Become the person that you want to attract


If you want to attract an interesting and active person, you need to be an interesting and active person yourself. 


If you want someone with the qualities that you are looking for, you have to expect him to show you those qualities from the beginning. By recognizing what those qualities are you will learn not to waste your time with anyone that falls short of your deal breakers.


If you look at the opposite of the behaviors above, you can see why you don’t want to attract that type of person. You don’t want someone that is overly dependent and insecure or unhealthy and negative. 


The key is to communicate how we want to be treated from the very start. That means you will not be treated as an afterthought. 


Be aware of what those traits that are the most important to you.


Make a list of the “must have” qualities so that you can recognize them early in the relationship. If they do fall short, you can move on to someone that is a better match for YOU.


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how to attract a man's attention


How do you get a guy to notice you?


  1. Catch his eye 
  2. Hold for 2-3 seconds
  3. Look away 
  4. Look back and hold a few seconds
  5. Smile


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How to attract a man’s attention


  1. Make eye contact and smile.
  2. Find a way to get closer (proximity) 
  3. Ask a question such as directions or something that fits the situation.


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How to attract a man through text


  1. Don’t text too much
  2. Mirror his texting style
  3. Keep messages positive
  4. Use “cliffhanger” texts such as “I can’t wait to tell you what happened today!”


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How to attract a man for marriage


Our list above gives you the best steps to take to find the right match. Make sure that you are going to places that you enjoy or check out some online dating sites. 

Maybe that is church or volunteering or working with your local political parties …pick active places other than bars.


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How to attract a man who ignores you


Why would you want to attract a man that ignores you…his loss! You deserve a guy who wants to be with you.


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How to attract a man online


Online is tricky in that you cannot evaluate body language. Use their video function if the apps offer that service. 


When you are creating your bio, be honest but don’t tell the whole story. Leave some mystery. Be positive. Mention things that you ARE looking for vs what you are NOT looking for.


 According to some studies, wearing the color red and keeping your hair down is very attractive to men, so remember that for your photos!


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how to get a guy to notice you


How to attract a man emotionally 


By using the behaviors above, you will attract a man that appreciates those traits. But it takes time for you to get to know them well.


Make sure that you are investing in someone that is worth your effort. Being vulnerable brings people much closer together. So now is time to open up!


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Conclusion-How to attract a man 


Each and every one of us are a unique combination of ALL of the traits and behaviors above.


When studies say that guys love long brown hair or the color red, this doesn’t take into account anyone’s personality for attractiveness.

It is the whole package that someone becomes attracted to. We have all seen that incredibly good looking person and as soon as they open their mouth, the attraction dies because we start to see who they really are.

Use all the tips to attract a man that is right for you. 



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