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120 Couple Challenge Questions

Asking questions is the best way to have great conversations. Our fun couple questions can be used anytime that you want to reconnect and have a really good laugh!   

Fun couple questions


  1. What is something that your parents never knew that you did as a kid?


  1. How long do you normally hold grudges?


  1.  Did you ever tell your parents anything that you did behind their back when you were younger?


  1. Would you be happy or nervous if your child turned out to be just like you were as a kid?


  1. How would you like to spend your last weeks on this big blue marble?


  1. What was your favorite beach that you remember ever going to?


  1. What is the most relaxing way for you to spend the day?


  1. How much money would it take to make you feel comfortable?


  1. Do you enjoy spending time with your family?


  1. How many vacations would be the perfect amount to take in a year?


  1. Who do you think should be the major caregiver for your kids?


  1. Would you rather give or receive gifts?


  1. How important is your present career to you?


  1. What is the most creative thing that you have ever done?


  1. How late do you sleep when you don’t need to wake up early?


  1. How often would you say that you feel happy?


  1. What character in a book or series can you relate to the most?


  1. What band would you love to hang out with for the evening?


  1. What show or book did you watch/read that you thought was a complete waste of time?


  1. Have you ever been cheated on? How did you react?


  1. What was something that you always wanted to do that you haven’t done yet?


  1. Do you have some old photos that you can show me from when you were a child?


  1. What does a really romantic evening look like to you?


  1. Whose relationship do you admire and would like yours to emulate?


couple challenge questions


More fun couple questions


  1. How important is being respected to you? Why?


  1. Do you think that you are a kind person?


  1. What do you find sexiest about me?


  1. Do you think that you will reach every one of your goals?


  1. How often do you wish that you had a different career?


  1. Do you always keep your word?


  1. What are some good reasons to tell a white lie?


  1. Do you think that “fate” is something real?


  1. How often do you think that you are right?

    34. What do you think is the best way for us to communicate?


  1. What is the best way to deflate a tense situation?


  1. Have you ever hit anything when you were upset or mad?


  1. What do you think is the secret to long term successful marriages?


  1. How often do you feel bored?


  1. Would you like to have more adventures in your life?


  1. What would be some things that you would change about your day to day routine?


  1. Tell me about a recent time that you felt happy?


  1. How do you hide your anger when you don’t want anyone to know how you are feeling?


  1. Do you always follow through on a goal that you have set for yourself?


  1. When was the last time that you learned something new?


  1. How do you feel when you are facing a big life change?


  1. When was the last time that you felt inspired?


  1. What do you picture when you would like a cozy evening at home?


  1. Is there a personality trait that you find really annoying?


  1. Who are you the most loyal to?


  1. What are you really curious about?


  1. If you had to go back to when you were 16 years old, what advice would you tell your younger self?


Best fun couple questions


  1. What is the happiest that you have ever felt?


  1. Do you like to celebrate the seasons?


  1. What activity makes you feel joyful?


  1. What is your most unhealthy trait or habit?


  1. What type or style of home have you always dreamed of?


  1. Would you rather own a home that is not your favorite or rent your dream house?


  1. How much do you think that luck has to do in life?


  1. What makes you feel sexy?


  1. Where is your favorite unusual place to have sex?


  1. What things do you love the most when we are together?


  1. Where are all your most sensual and sensitive spots?


  63, Do you ever feel like you would like to start over?


  1. When do you feel the most secure?


  1. Do you forgive easily?


couple challenge questions to ask


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What are the couple challenge questions?

There are some social media videos making the rounds using similar couple challenge questions. Use them to make a video to post or for a fun night together.

You can use a third party to ask the questions if you are planning to show this on video. If not then you will have fun arguing about the answers to these questions. 

   66. Who initiated the first kiss?


  1. Who apologizes first after a fight?


  1. Who is the better gift giver?


  1. Who is the funny one?


  1. Who is the most patient?


  1. Who is the better cook?


  1. Who is more optimistic?


  1. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?


  1. Who is grumpier in the morning?


  1. Who is more stubborn?


  1. Who is the bigger baby when sick?


  1. Who is the social butterfly?


    78.Who is the messy one?


  1. Who is more trusting?


  1. Who spends the most money?


  1. Who fell in love first?


  1. Who’s more annoying when they’re hungry?


  1. Who’s the homebody in the relationship?


  1. Who’s more spoiled?


  1. Who’s more grumpy?


  1. Who lies more?


  1. Who takes care of the other when drunk?


  1. Who cares more about their appearance?


  1. Who calls or texts more?


  1. Who’s the alpha in the relationship?


  1. Who has the cuter smile?


  1. Who loves the other person more?


  1. Who can’t wait for marriage and kids?


  1. Who made the first move?


  1. Who said I love you first?


  1. Who’s the better driver?


  1. Who’s the strictest parent?


  1. Who’s the messier eater?


  1. Who’s the better dancer?


  1. Who is more inclined to get jealous?


fun couple questions to ask


Couple challenge questions


  1. Who’s better at giving directions?


  1. Who has the last say in an argument?


  1. Who has the craziest family?


  1. Who is always right?


  1. Who snores?


  1. Who is bad at karaoke?


  1. Who can make fun of themselves?


  1. Who is the hoarder?


  1. Who has better fashion taste?


  1. Who is lazier?


  1. Who does the laundry?


  1. Who takes time to get ready?


  1. Who forgets things more easily?


  1. Who can let go of people the easiest?


  1. Who do you think has more secrets?


  1. Who is the better cook?


  1. Who is better at getting things done?


  1. Who is the bigger risk taker?


  1. Who tries to fix things when there is an argument?


  1. Who is the first to say they are sorry?


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Conclusion fun couple questions


Getting to know each other is one of the most important things when you are in a relationship. Have fun together, open a bottle of wine and ask some fun couple questions

We have thousands of questions to you to choose from and to use on your date nights.


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