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125+ “How Well Do You Know Me?” Questions for Couples

What do you do when you want to reconnect with your partner in a simple way? Ask ” how well do you know me questions” on your date night or evenings together !


Our questions are meant to bring you closer together and maybe even learn some new things about your partner. We all evolve over time and our opinions about different things in life changes.


A good way to stay on the same page is to ask your partner about their thoughts and feelings on subjects about the future. We all want our partners to know and understand us, and these couple questions help to make sure that they are the ones that know us best.



“How well do you know me?” questions 


These are self explanatory, ask each other each question. These “how well do you know me questions can bring you closer together (or cause a fight! So good luck 🙂


What happy memory about my childhood have I talked about?


What is my middle name?


How many times do I usually hit the alarm in the morning?


Who was my first real boyfriend?


What was the best gift that I have ever gotten you?


What gift did I get you that totally missed the mark?


What was my longest relationship?


What food do I hate?


What is my favorite snack?


What do you think that I am really good at?


What is my favorite breakfast meal?


What do I do that cheers you up when you are feeling down?


What is my favorite ethnic food?


What is something that I cook that you love?


What do you like most about my personality?


Who am I closest to in my family?


What were my favorite classes in school? Least favorite?


What is something that I am afraid of?


you know me questions- What happy memory about my childhood have I talked about



What is your favorite physical feature of mine?


What is my preferred Birthday Cake?


What TV show or movie do I quote the most?


What is the most expensive and extravagant experience that I have ever had?


What is something about my personality that you are curious about?


Where is some place on my bucket list that I need to visit?


What is a pet peeve that I constantly complain about?


What are my parents first names?


What is my favorite flower?


What does my dream wedding look like? Where would my dream wedding be held?


Am I allergic to anything?


Do I have a sweet tooth? What is my candy or dessert of choice?


What is my idea of the perfect one week vacation, two week vacation or a month long holiday?


Where were my grandparents from?


What was our first date like?


What did you think about me the first time that we met?


What sports have I played when I was younger? 


What Rom-com movie do I love?


What is my favorite action movie?


What one food could I NOT live without?


Am I low or high maintenance?


What is my favorite comedy movie?


What is my zodiac sign?


How many aunts and uncles do I have?


What do I talk about the most about my childhood?


What song makes me get up and either dance or start singing every time?


What food would I be very sad if they stopped making?


What is my favorite family tradition?


What awards have I won?


Where was I born?


What was the name of my first pet?


What do my parents do for a living?


When was our first kiss?


What is “our” song?


What are my worst personality traits?


Am I more like my mother or father?


What personality trait of mine do you wish was less intense?


What is something that I am always sensitive about?


What are my biggest regrets?


How can you tell when I am having a bad day?


What makes you uncomfortable in a relationship?


What was a favorite TV show of mine when I was young?


Who is my oldest friend?


How do I feel about kids?


What names do I like for kids?


how well do you know me questions infographic


Questions to ask if married


When you are upset, what is the best thing that I do to help?


Do I talk in my sleep?


Do I steal the covers?


What are your favorite things in bed? 


What are some things that you would like to try?


Do you have any fantasies that you would like to try?


Would you like to be more adventurous in bed?


How many places have I lived?


When you are upset, what is the worst thing that I do that doesn’t help?


Do you think that we talk enough about our relationship and our feelings?


What do you think are valid reasons for divorce?


What is the worst thing to happen to you in a past relationship?


How many long term relationships have I had?


What things in our relationship do you think that we get right?


How do you feel about how we have split up the chores?


Should we share and discuss more on the topic of money? 


Do you think that we are on the right track with kids and our expectations?


How do you think that we have changed since we have gotten married?


What do you think we need to work on as a couple to make our marriage better?


Fun Couple questions to ask 


How do you like to show your partner that you love them?


What would you consider your guilty pleasure?


What is the best gift that you have ever received? Why?


Are you friends with any of your exes?


Do you like to show affection in public?


What are your favorite winter sports?


What are your deal breakers in a relationship?


Do you like surprises?


What is your favorite way to travel? Exploring on your own or taking group tours?


What does your “retirement” look like?


Where would you go to enjoy a  perfect weekend getaway?


What are your dreams and ambitions?


What does your life look like in 10 years?


What are your long term career goals?


What are good couples questions?


What was the worst punishment that you ever received when you were a child?


If you inherited $250k what would your first thought be for the money?


What student loans do you have?


What was the worst date that you have ever been on?


Are you more rebellious or a follower of rules?


Are you musically inclined?


What are your favorite sports teams?


What is your favorite holiday?


Are you a morning person or more of a night owl?


Have you ever been arrested?


Would you rather a beach or mountain type of vacation?


What celebrity do you most admire?


Do you like to sing in the shower?


Would you ever run for public office?


Do you believe in conspiracy theories?


What would be the perfect pet for you?


Are you spiritual? Has your opinion of religion changed as an adult?


How well do you get along with  your parents?


Have you ever performed on stage?


What is your idea of a perfect day?


What sports would you enjoy playing as an adult?


Do you believe in heaven and hell?


What would be the worst way to spend the day?


Are you usually late or on time?


Are you neat or messy?


Where would you love to travel to? Is travel important to you?


Have you ever broken the law?


What is your favorite food to have when we go out to eat?


Do you belong to a political party? What appeals to you?


What type of funeral  would you like?


 What would you like your eulogy to say?


What are the best couple games?


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Conclusion “how well do you know me” questions


It’s so easy to get caught up with life’s everyday challenges. Talking about your job, the bills, the kids and the errands that you need to pick up. 


These conversations become so normal that before you know it, you don’t ask about each other anymore.


All those things that are important that get “put off” for another time, because of the pressing immediate issues that are taking your attention.


The only way to break the cycle is to plan to ask questions regularly on your date nights together, luckily we have many to choose from to help you with your goals.


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