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13 Things Men Love about Women

When you want to know the things that men love about women, it’s best to find out from the guys themselves.    


The thirteen traits and behaviors are what men love about women and are attracted to the most.


Things men love about women


  1. Kindness


This is a big deal.  It has been said the the key to lasting relationships is kindness and generosity. Kindness is the glue that keeps people together,


 When you act and react with kindness it shows that you are emotionally stable. 


Kindness also breeds kindness and it creates an intimacy and trust that is so important to the happiest couples.


  1. Playfulness


Joking, flirting and not taking everything so seriously is very seductive for men. When you are playful and easy going it shows a youthfulness that is very magnetic.


Showing that lighthearted side at times can be so refreshing since life gives us enough reasons to be serious.


The most heavy of situations can be lightened with some humor so when we see this trait in someone, it is so charismatic.


If you are able to laugh and have fun together, the difficult times that we face from time to time will be easier and cushioned.


  1. Making them feel needed & wanted


Men want to be a provider and to protect their partners, this is so important to many men. They want to take care of those that they love.


Some concrete ways to make your guy feel needed and wanted is to ask him for advice. 


Another way is to ask for his help, give up the reins a bit and let him help you! 


Whether you can do everything yourself is not the point, make him feel needed and wanted by leaning on him.


When having disagreements, try to stay on topic and be respectful of his opinion, even if you do not agree (respect needs to go both ways of course!)


Everyone just needs to be heard by trying to understand our partners perspective. If we want to be important to our partners, we need to make our partners needed and wanted by us.


  1. Being real & honest


Men want a woman that is authentic. They want to know the real and honest YOU. Not the fake you or the  person that you think he wants you to be, but the real you.


That means that you have to open up and be vulnerable.


Showing vulnerability means that you show your emotions, feelings and opinions.


It’s a theme of so many romantic comedies, the story starts with a strong woman that doesn’t show her feelings, the guy thinks she’s bitchy. Then she becomes vulnerable and he falls in love.


We connect and feel intimacy with someone that opens up and lets us see who they really are.


What do men find most attractive in a woman


  1. Have their own passions


It is intoxicating to be around someone that is passionate about the things in their life. Having a woman that is adventurous and curious keeps things from ever getting boring.


Conversations are so much more interesting when you spend time with a woman that finds life exciting. 


This can be as simple as having her own interests or as big as running her own company. Either way, men love to spend time with women that enjoy life and trying new things.


  1. Being able to compromise


While we all think that we are right most (all) of the time. It’s nearly impossible to be in a relationship with someone that cannot compromise.


Men feel the same way as women and need to be in a relationship that is both give and take.


This is one of those things that we can all get better at with practice. 


  1. Positive personality


Having a positive personality is another extremely attractive quality in a woman. When you take on life in a positive way, you are generally a happier and healthier person.


We all have been around someone that plays the victim in life. They complain and blame everyone else for whatever goes wrong.


 How often do you want to spend time with that person? Probably not much, it’s too exhausting. 


Life is challenging enough. Having a positive personality makes life so much easier to deal with and a lot less drama.


We are happier and drawn to those that have a positive outlook.


  1. Wanting to see him happy


One of the things men love about women is when they want to see him happy. Doing those little things that makes him smile


Sending a little text throughout the day or making his favorite dessert for no special reason.


It can be as simple as giving a massage when he can’t sleep. It doesn’t need to be anything specific, just the small things we do that show him he is loved.


  1. Being his cheerleader


If anyone is in his corner he wants it to be you. He loves when you are on his side and rooting for him to succeed. He wants you to cheer him on and show him support in reaching his goals.


When something is important to him, he wants to be able to share it with you. This is what both men and women love about their partners.


 We want our partner to be our closest confidant and biggest cheerleader.


Things Men Love About Women 13 tips


  1. Femininity


Just as women often want a man that is masculine, a man loves a feminine woman. A feminine woman is someone that is comfortable in her own skin, she is strong, beautiful and sexy. 


Notice this has nothing to do with weakness or submissiveness. When we feel sexy, we have an attitude,  An attitude of confidence. 


Being feminine is also when you show those around you your soft and caring side. We all have many sides to our personality, showing our kind and caring side is something that is highly valued.


  1. Confidence


Being secure in WHO you are, that is what being confident means. Obviously none of us are confident all the time or in all situations, which is normal.


But if we generally believe in ourselves, all of our actions then come from a place of confidence.

If you are confident, you are not prone to jealousy because you know your own worth. 


Being confident is being accepting of your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what those are, helps us to be self aware and work on any issues that we may have.


Confidence is a very attractive quality and something that men love in women.


  1. Smile 


What are the things men notice first about a woman? Likely the thing that catches his eye first is her smile. It’s her smile that makes her inviting, especially if her eyes are smiling too!


While body language is important and conveys personality, it is her smile that pulls him in. Your smile says that you are friendly and happy. 


Both men and women are seen as much more attractive and open to others when they smile. 


Oh and another thing, when you smile you change your physiology and actually make yourself  FEEL better!


  1. Independence


One of the things men love about women is when they are independent. A needy or a suffocating woman is very unattractive to men.


When a woman has her own interests and passions, she becomes a high value woman that a man finds so engaging.


When a woman is independent, she doesn’t tie her identity to her partner, she has her own. She has her own friends and is not controlling if her man wants to spend some time with his own friends.


Having a high value partner means that while you are good on your own, you are really great when you are together.


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What do men think about when they like a woman



What makes a man adore a woman? 


The things men adore about women are when a woman holds herself to a higher standard. A high quality guy respects and knows how special that makes her. 


This is how you will find a healthy long term partner. You need to set the standards and values that are important to you. 


This makes it clear from the beginning to your guy that you KNOW your worth and are looking for a partner that can appreciate that. 


This will help to create a strong foundation for your relationship moving forward.


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What do men find most attractive in a woman?


The things men notice first about someone that they’re attracted to, is different for everyone. Maybe it’s her smile or her laugh. It could be how she looks or maybe how she acts.


The reality is that it’s usually a combination of many things, it’s never just one. This is why it’s easier to get a fuller picture of someone in real life vs meeting on online sites.


If you are online, try to use video. This will be the best way to see personality and not just a static photo.


Everything that we have listed above are the traits that men find very attractive in a woman.


Looks are only a part of the whole package


Some things men have said when addressing physical beauty is that they like…

  • When a woman wears the color red or red lipstick,
  • Long hair especially when it is messy and
  • Wearing clothes that accents your curves


Just remember that being happy is the best way for you to be the most attractive!


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what makes a man adore a woman


What do men think about when they like a woman? 


The things men think about when they are attracted to a woman is that they start imagining her in different scenarios. Guys fantasize about them, the same way that women fantasize about guys. 


Once they acknowledge that they are interested, they will probably try to find reasons to cross paths and have a conversation.


If he likes you, he will find ways to learn more about you, and hopefully get to the point that he asks you out.


Guys are like women, when they like someone, they think about them all the time!


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Conclusion “Things men love about women”


The things men love about women are long and although everyone is different, some things are universal. 


The thirteen traits and behaviors above list all the things that make women irresistible to men.


Everything listed is equally important to women also. We all want to be shown love, respect and attention. 


Whether you have a great guy or are single, all of the habits help to make us both happy and healthy.

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