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145 This or That Questions for Couples

 Pick and choose conversation starters from our funny and deep this or that questions for couples. Use our this or that questions for couples to make conversations easy and light hearted.

Funny Would you Rather Questions to ask Couples and Friends


This or that questions for couples


Ask “why?” after your “this or that questions for couples.” Finding out the reason WHY we prefer something is where the interesting information lies.

Most of us elaborate and tell a story when we answer questions, that is how we really get to know someone’s personality. These simple questions make great conversation starters.

1. Prefer movies or a series?


2. Watch Netflix or videos more often?


3. A physical book or Kindle?


4. Coffee or tea is your go-to beverage?


5. Are you a dog or cat person?


6. Sushi or pizza?


7. Over easy or scrambled eggs?


8. Steak or lobster?


9. Breakfast in bed or dinner at a romantic restaurant?


deep this or that questions


10. Cocktails or wine?


11. Wine or beer?


12. Rock or Indie music?


13. Do you spend more time on Twitter or Facebook?


14. Shopping in store or online?


15. Plane or train is more fun to travel?


16. Do you reach for soda or water?


17. Tacos or burgers more your style?


18. Spring or summer?


19. Fall or winter?


20. Dark or milk chocolate?


21. Prefer swimming in a pool or the ocean?


22. Summer or winter sports?


23. Roller or ice skating?


24. Theme park or zoo?


25. Kayak or speed boat?


26. Prefer a cruise or land vacation?


27. Watch or play sports?


28. Ice cream or cake?


29. Vacation in Italy or France?


30. Visit Barbados or Patagonia?


31. Visit New York City or LA?


32. Chocolate or vanilla?


33. 50’s or 60’s music?


34. 80’s or 90’s music?


35. Prefer to receive flowers or fruit baskets?


36. Snorkeling or sunbathing more enjoyable?


37. Ketchup or mustard used more?


38. Be able to fly or have super strength?


39. Play guitar like the greats or sing like a superstar?


40. Travel alone or with a group of strangers?


41. More money or time?


42. Real or fake Christmas tree?


43. Spicy or mild?


44. Heaven or Hell?


Funny this or that questions 


45. Horror movies or Comedies?


46. Do you sleep naked or wear jammies?


47. Truth or dare?


48. Shower or bath?


49. Is Thor or Ironman stronger?


50. Who would win Deadpool or Wolverine?


51. Singing or dancing?


52. Blonde or Brunette?


53. Curvy or athletic?


54. Enjoy plays or musical theatre?


55. Prefer Romance or gift giving?


56. Live in the past or in the future?


57. Be rich or famous?


58. Dinner with Jesus or Buddha?


59. Be a witch or a vampire?


60. Prefer meeting an alien or a ghost?


61. The Blues or Hip Hop?


funny this or that questions


This or that questions for adults 


62. Salty or sweet snacks?


63. Large party or intimate gathering?


64. Sweatpants or jeans?


65. Camping in a tent or RV?


66. No meat or no sugar?


67. Hard or soft bed to sleep?


68. Work at home or in an office?


69. Live in a house or an apartment?


70. Live on the east coast or west?


71. Take a trip into space or the depths of the sea?


Deep this or that questions 


72. Loyalty or honesty?


73. Nobel prize or Oscar?


74. Dreamer or Doer?


75, Organized or disorganized?


76. Are you a Risk taker or risk averse?


77. Democrat or Republican?


78. Are you political or apolitical?


79. Love or money?


80. Is Character or wealth more important?


81. Prefer stability or living outside the box?


82. One million dollars or an IQ of 135?


83. Liv-in chef or a maid appreciated more?


84. Enjoy a Massage or a sauna?


85. No car or no phone?


86. Write a best selling novel or make a scientific discovery?


87. A spy or a jewel thief?


88. Live in America or Europe?


89. Be very lucky or very smart?


90. Be a great chef or great athlete?


91. A realist or an idealist?


92. Be 60 yrs old or 13 years young?


93. Attractiveness or intelligence more important trait?


94. Single or married life?


95. Capitalism or socialism?


96. Give gifts or receive gifts?


97. Prefer home cooking or fine dining?


98. Live a life of purpose or wealth?


99. Live a long life poor or a short wealthy life?


100. Life is better with or without religion?


101. What’s easier giving up alcohol or cursing?


102. Sunrise or sunset?


this or that questions to ask a guy


Hard this or that questions 


103. Dream home location – In the City or country?


104. Be a famous singer or influencer?


105. Prefer modern or impressionistic art?


106. Company executive or entrepreneur?


107. Spender or saver?


108. Be a King or a Nobleman?


109. Be loved or respected?


110. Would you want to know when you die or how you die?


More this or that questions for couples 


111. Adventurer or homebody?


112. Hugging or kissing?


113. Morning or evening person?


114. Text or phone call?


115. Beach or mountain vacation?


116. Receive a foot or neck massage?


117. Running or walking?


118. Prefer boots or sneakers?


119. Love breakfast or rather skip?


120. Adopt a purebred or a shelter dog?


121. Children- rather have girls or boys?


122. No children or 4 kids?


123. Lots of good friends or one best friend?


124. Would you be or are you a strict parent or the fun parent?


125. Be fluent in Chinese or French?


126. Write a screenplay or direct a movie?


127. Prefer owning a Mercedes or a Chevy?


128. Throwing your guy a surprise party or having your guy throw you one?


130. Spending 10k on a dream vacation or on a status piece of jewelry?


131. Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner?


132. Halloween party or a Christmas party?


133. Chocolates or flowers on Valentines day?


134. Visit a museum or a botanical garden?


This or that questions to ask a guy 


135. Super Bowl or World Series?


136. Are video games or cards more fun?


137. Pretzels or chips?


138. Prefer Country or Rock music?


139. Football or Baseball more fun to watch?


140. Cycling or hiking for fun?


141. Rather have a Truck or SUV?


142. Pepsi or Coke tastes better?


143. Are you a hunter or fisherman?


144. Workout or couch potato?


145. Tom Brady or Joe Montana?


this or that questions for couples infographic


How do you play this or that?


Whether it is played by two people or a group. You simply choose which of the two items that  they prefer. It’s an easy and fun way to get to know someone better.


 While I have seen some variations of playing this game, If my goal is to get to know someone better, I would ask “why” after the “this or that question for couples.” 


You can find out more about a person in their answer to the “why” than simply answering their preference of the two choices!

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Conclusion This or that questions for couples


Asking “this or that questions for couples” makes conversations more of a game. Asking these types of questions is interesting because it doesn’t give you time to think. 

Your first answer is more your initial  instinct and then asking “why” is where you get the  interesting details!.

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