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17 Things Girls Do That Guys Love (Secretly)

There are just some things that girls do that guys love. Some are the cute and adorable quirks that you have while others are more about how you act when together.   

Things Girls Do that Guys Love


1. Show physical affection


There are many ways to show physical affection, some are subtle  and others are much more obvious. 


Each of the ways listed are small but important ways to give  attention that he will definitely appreciate. 


2.  Touches when talking


This simple act shows affection when you are together. While having a conversation, you can lean in and touch their arm or shoulder.


 When you want to feel close to another person this easy way shows that you want to be close with them. 


3. Cuddling


Whether you are watching a movie and your head is laying on his chest or relaxing in bed and just holding each other, cuddling is universally loved. 


Where people differ is usually when they are trying to sleep. It is hard to hold each other and be comfortable sleeping all night. 


4. Playing with hair


When you are in the car and reach over to play with their hair and  massage their neck a little bit. 


 It’s those seemingly mindless things that you do to try to connect that show closeness.

The same goes for guys, they love when you mindlessly play with your hair. It is a sexy move that is very attractive.


5. Shows affection in public


All of these ways can be shown in private, but it is loved when you show some affection in public. This in no way means over the top displays of affection.


But it does mean that touching while talking, holding hands and that subtle way of leaning into them is well loved.





6. Touches chest


One of the things girls do that guys love is touching their chest when cuddling.


 Feeling the warmth and just lightly moving your fingers around his chest is something that most men love.


 7. Back scratch or message


Giving a back scratch or massage will relax him and you will see  how that will affect his mood.


 Everyone loves when someone just starts to scratch and then they move to a massage. Both of you will appreciate the closeness and attention.


 8.When you listen or “hear”  him 


Understanding or “hearing” his perspective. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you agree with him, just that you hear him. 


This is such an attractive trait because it’s so refreshing when someone just listens and says “I can see your point of view.” 


9. Showing encouragement 


When you show that you are on his team and his side. Letting your partner know that you are there to help them achieve their goals. 


He will appreciate when you talk, support and cheer on your guy!


10. Makes the effort to stay connected


When not together you send texts and show the small ways that you care. Sending little reminders that you are thinking of them.


 Whether it’s the first thing in the morning or to tell them good night when you are not together.


Questions & Texts to Send to Stay Connected


17 things women do that men love


11. They want to feel and look their best


Everything from a whiff of your perfume to the confidence that you exude when you feel good about yourself is intoxicating to him.


Everyday things that you do, such as when you are getting ready to go out or how you look when you are heading to yoga.


All these cute little things that we do can be very sexy to him.


12.They show their soft side


We all have so many sides to our personalities, at times we are strong, ambitious and confident. 


But it’s when we show our soft side that it shows him a different and very attractive part of your personality.


13. Showing some vulnerability


We all want to show strength and some of us may have a wall up from previous experiences.


But showing some vulnerability along with emotions such as shyness and excitement show more of your personality and bring people closer together.


 people with a strong sense of love and belonging believe that vulnerability is a necessity. They believe that within their vulnerabilities are the things that make them beautiful. And they’re right. Vulnerability is key to connection because it is the courage to be open to another human.


-Brene Brown on Vulnerability


 14.Being happy in your own skin


Being happy in your own skin means that you have self worth and are confident in yourself.  It’s also being comfortable and at ease with yourself.


Confidence is sexy.  I know we are not always confident because we are all a work in progress. Our goal should be to try our best to be confident &  happy our  own skin.


 We are are too critical on ourselves but we need to put that aside and find ways that work for us to be not just OK but great with who we are.


15. When you are Playful and enjoying his company


 Its smiling or having your face light up when he walks into the room. All those ways that make him feel wanted and happy that you enjoy him being there.

 Joking with him, or being adventurous is very seductive.


Small things like touching his arm when talking and biting your lip when thinking. Wearing his shirt around the house is something that’s very attractive to guys also.


16. Shows appreciation & kindness


Everyone loves when they are appreciated. Showing appreciation when your guy does the little things is something that he loves and notices.


It takes only a moment to appreciate the things that he does. Being kind as a default makes it easier and more comfortable when you both are together.


These are the things girls do that guys love


17. Saying his name


Saying his name when talking is very pleasant for him as it is for all of us. There is just something special about having your name spoken by someone that makes you feel important.



Cute things that girls do that guys secretly love


How do you make him feel special?

All of these small and large ways listed above will make him feel special. It boils down to the positive attention that you give him.But it takes two people to make a healthy relationship, so this cannot be one sided.


Our goal is to give some insight into the things that guys love that women do in a relationship. Each person is different, so pay attention to what he says about what the things that he likes.


You also have to make your wishes known in a relationship. Don’t make him guess! He will appreciate that you care enough to tell him what you really like or dislike.


Conclusion “Things girls do that guys love”

We have lots of articles that can help with your relationship while also knowing the signs to look for in a toxic relationship. 

Read more advice and tips whether you are dating, married or in a long term relationship our goal is to inspire meaningful connections.


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