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23 Creative & Fun Things to do at Home

Our list of fun things to do at home was created more for adults to use  for those times when you either don’t want to or can’t go outside.   


There are always things we SHOULD be doing, but let’s put all that aside and plan some fun things to do at home instead.


Fun Things to do at Home 


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  1. Think comfort!- Create your own Spa retreat


Bring out all your comfy cozy gifts that you have received over the years. Maybe you have a foot bath or massager that is somewhere way back in your closet. Grab your cozy slippers and maybe give yourself a mani-pedi.


This is the time to get out the soft robe or wrap and maybe take a long bath. It’s all about pampering yourself. Lotions, face masks, candles., see what you have around the house or find some great items at the store for your very own spa retreat.


  1. International food day


It’s more fun to cook when you are sharing your talents with friends or family. Take a look online or page through some of your cookbooks for some inspiration.


 Find some of your favorites and create a theme for your meal. Think about maybe adding an appetizer and a dessert also to your main meal. 


If you would rather, you could make “small plates” of your favorites from different countries to enjoy.

Either way you will have fun getting inspired and creating a special evening and showing off your mad cooking skills!


 (P.S. you do not have to be a great cook, just choose recipes that you feel comfortable with. You can always get prepared food and make a charcuterie plate)


hygge fondue date night photo


  1. Fondue fun


Create a cozy evening with your favorite fondues! We have you covered with ideas, recipes and conversation starters. Fondue restaurants are great for special occasions but why limit yourself?


Dig out your fondue pot and celebrate any time you feel the craving for cheese or chocolate! Chances are that you have lots of foods in your fridge that would be great to dunk in your fondues.



fun activity to do at home for adults



  1. Add some Green into your life


It’s calming to be surrounded by plants. Whether you have a green thumb or not, no worries, planting kits are available to help.


Container plants are easy and compact enough for small or large spaces that will allow you to have your very own garden. 

 Flowers, herbs, veggies or succulents will brighten up your porch, apartment or windowsill.


Fun things to do at home alone


  1. Create your own coffee or tea shop


What do you enjoy the most? Coffee, tea or a good cocktail? Recreate your favorites at home. If you love coffee and tea, having a machine to create lattes and espresso is a great way to enjoy the “ritual” of making something special at home. If you love to have a properly steeped cup of tea, then having a teapot is the way to go.


If you enjoy having an assortment of cocktails then having specialty glasses, sugar and bar accessories handy make that easy any time you want to enjoy with friends.


Having a local bakery for pastries or making some simple tea sandwiches creates a complete experience. You can also add background cafe sounds to really recreate the experience..


happy music playlist


  1. Enjoy high energy playlists


And just dance around. It feels great to let loose and the quickest way to change your mood is by a great, uplifting playlist.


 It starts with just ONE song and before you know it, you can be  transported to the past or just enjoying the moment.


Fun things to do at home at night 


  1. Game night


You probably have some games & puzzles laying around the house that you haven’t played in a while. It’s easy to forget how much fun game night at home can be. 


We found some great  board games for adults and  crossword puzzles to create a game night for you.


We also created a complete game night  post that even includes a Walking Taco recipe for a fun evening with your S.O. or friends.


sexy couple games image


  1. Camping night at home 


We created a complete camping night for you to set up in your living or family room. It’s fun and easy to do. Just grab things that you have around the house to create a completely new space in your home.


We used sheets, Christmas lights, comforters and floor pillows for this magical evening. Our camping evening also includes conversation starters and kebab and s’more recipes!


camping date night photo


Fun things to do at home alone 


  1. Christmas Anytime


If you love Christmas and are a little sad when the season ends, you can revisit it anytime without having to get a tree or decorate.


 We created the perfect Christmas theme night with movie ideas, hot cocoa and small plates recipes. 


Our Christmas theme night is great when you just want a little bit of what we love most about the holiday season EVEN if it’s summertime.


girls night in -Hallmark movie night with bingo and a drinking game



  1. Get creative


There are so many ways to be creative with colorful art kits & coloring books for adults. I am so impressed with these  kits or paint by number kits.


 These are not what you think of when you think of paint by number paintings, they are really well done.


  1. Write an old school letter


On fine stationery. There is something elegant about writing a letter. These are things that when given are often kept because they are so special.


 Surprise those that you love by letting them know what they mean to you or reminiscing about special moments.


  1. Enjoy a good book


Find a book that you really would like to get lost in, and indulge. Now is the time to read  for no reason other than pleasure


journaling ideas pic


  1. Journal


Journaling is a great way to track everyday life. It helps us to figure out what makes us tick and happy or upset.


 There are many different types of journals, gratitude journals, art journals, travel journals and bullet journals. All are for a different purpose and are great ways to express ourselves.

We have a post that really dives into journaling with LOTS of ideas for you to create something really special.


  1. Stay connected


Spend some time staying connected with family and friends by using Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime, Duo, Zoom or any other apps that help us to video chat and stay connected.


Why not reconnect with an old college friend  or family member that you haven’t talked to in a long time? 


Fun activity to do at home for adults 


  1. Picnic at home


Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, having a picnic at home is lots of fun. Just think about the positives! Your food can stay hot or cold and no need to trek all the accessories to a different location.


We have everything that you need, including recipes and conversation starters. It’s always fun when you bring out the blankets, floor pillows, candles and wine


picnic date photo


  1. Crafts 


Finding a DIY project is a fun activity to do at home. Pinterest is the best place to get inspired.


Find something that you can use to decorate your apartment or home. Maybe you have some supplies around the house that you can use.

Sometimes it’s fun just to look, plan and get lost down the rabbit hole of good ideas on Pinterest!


  1. Create a theme film festival


Cannes, Toronto, Tribeca, Sundance are all amazing famous film festivals. Recreate your own at home. First pick your movie or movies whether it’s classics or indie films. 


Have an assortment of foods to sample and then rate the movies. If you are so inclined you can get all glammed up for the occasion.


This year there are many film festivals that have created “Stay at home film festivals”  online, so check out some of our links if you are a movie buff. Cork film fest, Brooklyn Film Fest.


things to do when bored at home


Things to do when bored at home 


  1. Get physical


Get inspired by your favorite instructors on YouTube. Try some Yoga or a challenging cardio workout. There are so many to choose from that you will be able to find one that is perfect for you.


 You can also check out #Dancechallenge videos on Tic Tok if that is more your thing.


  1. Virtual fun


Since we’ve been spending more time indoors, the virtual world is really opening up. Classes and learning is increasingly virtual, concerts are being live streamed regularly, the virtual world is getting much bigger.


Every time I look around more things are offered on Zoom, from virtual happy hours to Airbnb experienced online.


Literally whatever your interest is…just Google ”virual_____”  and you will be amazed at what is offered.


  1. Virtual Exploration


Use Google to explore National parks around the country. With 360 degree views that are great to use with headsets to really get the experience.


  1. Netflix party


Watch Netflix with your friends online. This Chrome browser extension makes it easy and fun to stay connected.


  1. Virtual learning



How wonderful to take a class from literally legends in their fields. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone that wants to learn from the best.


Free Classes from prominent schools

 Hundreds of free classes are available from the best colleges around the globe.


  1. Virtual Museums


Art from around the world

Stroll through some of the most amazing museums in the world. This is a very extensive list to check out and explore!


Conclusion fun things to do at home


Whenever we are asked, What are fun things to do at home? Or What should you do when you’re bored at home?

Start by looking at our list and finding things that get you interested. Some planning  may be necessary if you would like to create a project at home and need supplies.


Make a list of things that you would like to do for the future and get prepared so you always have something handy when needed.


Parents are always planning in advance to keep the kids occupied and having fun. We should all think ahead like that, whether you have kids or not. Everyone needs fun things to do at home.


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