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30 Texts to Make Him Think About You & Intensify Attraction

Sending texts to make him think about you when you cannot be together helps to keep your attraction alive.

Often a subtle reminder that you are thinking about them creates a desire to be with you.   

This can be very effective when you can’t be together to spice things up or when a conversation with  a potential love interest seems to have gone cold.


Texts should always be used along with meeting and talking in person. Body language and tone are so important to create and keep that chemistry alive. 


Sending texts that make them think about you is absolutely integral for long-distance relationships.

When you aren’t able to be together, you have to keep the texting relationship strong. Keep them on their toes, make them feel special, and don’t get complacent. 


That is a big problem with people who have been together for a long time. Try to ask as though you just started dating in that honeymoon phase! 


Texts to Make Him Think About You 


Stating the obvious, if you are already in a romantic relationship, then sexting will be something that you can have a lot of fun with. Sexting goes further than just flirty texts and will definitely spice up any long term relationship.


We are not adding any sexting examples, you guys are more than capable of figuring out the texts that your partner will enjoy. BUT we will stick to texts that are suggestive and intriguing. 


Creating curiosity is the key!


Choose the texts that fit your specific situation. Don’t use texts that are too flirty right off the bat if you want to get to know them better. Also NO naked pics…way too many horror stories!


 Use texts that make him curious first, then after you know them a bit better, you can do more flirty texts. It’s a progression, don’t jump straight to the flirty texts or sexting if you are interested in having more than a fling.


Also you don’t have to purely flirt over texts, base all of these off your personal relationships and the vibes of both of you. Make sure you are both on the same wavelength about your texting and flirty relationship. 



texts to make him want you


Texts that will make him chase you 


If you want to keep someone’s interest, you cannot be too available. This is when a little bit of mystery is your friend. 


What do you think is a more interesting text to send when he asks, “Can you meet up tonight?’

“Sure, what time is good for you?,” or “I have plans tonight but if you want to make plans for next weekend, that’s fine.”


The first response tells him that you have nothing interesting going on and will jump when he calls or texts. 

The second text shows that he will have to make plans to spend time with you and you will NOT jump when he decides to call or text.

Your time is valuable, YOU are valuable and he will have to treat you that way.


Set your standards early on. These are more for the new couple or people who just started dating. 


Obviously, when you are in a committed relationship with someone, this isn’t as relevant and you could be spending a lot of time with them whenever you want without caring about a chase. 


But if you are in the beginning stages of dating, having a little chase can be fun…but don’t play too many games, and don’t let the other person take advantage of you.


But like we mentioned above… you’re time is valuable and you want to work together but make sure you are not just letting them set the times to hang out. 


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Text messages to make him want you


When you want someone to WANT you, you want to be someone that is enjoyable to be around. Simple right? It sort of is. If you are a positive and kind person, this is an irresistible trait.


Just think about it this way, who do YOU like to spend your time with? Is it someone that is negative and needy or someone that is happy and supportive?


 When you are the person that is the brightest light in their day, you will attract him and others like a magnet.


This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t act like yourself, but should be aware of how attractive spending time with a positive person is vs a negative person.


Send encouraging texts, or ones that make them think about you by showing how much you like them. Letting them know that you are thinking about them is the best way to show your intention. 


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Make him think about you all day 


Be curious 


One of the best things is having someone that cares about your day and what you are doing. Someone that is interested in your life.


By showing your interest in him, this will create an intimacy that you can build on. 


It may be simple but asking how his day is going may just do the trick. It’s the small stuff that we share that brings us closer together.


Try to bring up things that he may have mentioned about his day. Ask how his meeting went or maybe if you had an interesting lunch suggesting that he should try it.

You will make him feel special by being curious about the things going on in his life and bringing him into yours. 


This step of being curious is so important when you aren’t physically living around or with your person. 


You won’t be able to know exactly all they are doing with their lives, but remembering certain things they told you about their day even if you are across the country, really shows how you appreciate them. 


The key point is just to be thoughtful. Make an effort to keep up with what they are doing too!


Ask for his advice or help


Another way to make him feel special is to ask his advice or help. Guys love to be “the protector.” So allow him to be there for you when you need it. 


We all think that we can handle everything on our own, and we can, but why should we?


ASK him for his thoughts and advice and if you need help with something, make sure you ask for help!


I know it is a stereotype, but genuinely for most people, they like being helpful! It brings a sense of accomplishment, and showing that you are willing to ask if you need something is also a good trait. 


While you can likely do anything you need to, if you are feeling vulnerable/comfortable enough to ask for help, it can make the relationship so much better. 


texts to make him think about you and intensify attraction


Show appreciation


Everyone wants to be appreciated, so take the time to let him know what it is that you appreciate about him and what he does.


A little text throughout the day telling them how much you care about them and appreciate what they do is essential to a healthy relationship. 


  • “Thank you so much for your help the other day, you made it so much easier for me”


  • “I always feel so safe in your arms”


  • “I know that I can always count on you”


  • “You make me feel so special, thank you”


  • “You always make me smile”


  • “I feel so lucky that you are mine.”


Send a surprise text


There is something so fun about receiving a random text, out of the blue to tell them that you are thinking of them.


Send a surprise text whenever you are in the mood, or haven’t talked to them for a little bit. 


  •  “I was just thinking about you.”


  • “Have a great day today 🙂”


  • “Missing you!”


  • “Happy hour my place at 6”


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Text messages to make him obsess over you 


Assuming that you know him already, using suggestive texts can be VERY effective. Just make sure not to overdo it when they are at work, They will not be able to concentrate! 


  • ‘When I think about what we did last night, I can’t focus on anything else”


  • “I had a really vivid dream about you last night…😉”


  • “Call me later so that I can describe in detail what I dreamt about you”


  • ‘I think that we should play a sexy game of truth or dare that next time we are together…”


  • “I was so hot last night…”


  • “I still smell you on my pillow..😏”


  • “I am so stressed, I could really use a massage..😉”


  • “It feels so empty without you here”


  • “If you were here, I would totally….(He will need to know what you wanted to say next!)


  • I have been practicing some new yoga poses..


  • Next time that you come over, I have a surprise for you..😏


  • “I can’t seem to fall asleep, too much on my mind I guess…😉


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texts to make him miss you


Texts to make him miss you  


When you text him memories of the special moments you have shared together, he will remember your happy times. 


When those warm feelings come rushing back, that pang of missing someone is sure to follow.


Bring up those happy times, the vacations or holidays you have spent together. Send him pictures or music that you both have enjoyed together.


 All of us have small things that remind us of the other. Text him when you see or hear something that you think he would like or enjoy. 


That’s why when we hear certain songs, our minds rush back to a time when that song was enjoyed. Music is a fast way to feel all the emotions of a specific time, so use that in your conversations.


  • “I just heard our favorite song”” with the song link.


  • “Remember that cocktail we had at that Irish pub? I just made one that tasted just like it!


  • “Do you remember the time that we…”


Reminding them of the good times, will make them want to have more of those good times!


Make sure to do this in your relationship, and make plans to do certain activities that makes you look forward to doing them together. 


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Texts to make him laugh 


Teasing can be very effective, so try to be a little cheeky when you text to make him smile.


This is when you can have some fun. Whenever you see a funny video, meme or article, share it with him to brighten his day.


I don’t know about you, but I think having a partner who has the same humor as you is almost as important as some moral considerations LOL. 


If you don’t have similar humor you might not work great together, so when you do have the same humor make sure to send them the things you like often, and know would make them laugh. 


Be a little self deprecating, share with him some of the silly and stupid things that we ALL do sometimes. 


  • “You won’t believe what I just did, I twisted my ankle…and I was just walking!”


  • “I just spit out my coffee, you have to watch this!” with a link 


  • “You are one hot tamale..🌶”


  • “You and my love of wine are running neck and neck”


  • “Cuddle Meme”

cuddle meme

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Conclusion Texts to make him think about you


We love this topic because it’s a fun and simple way to stay connected. Mix it up! Send a video, a text, a meme or song. There are many ways to make each other feel special and all it takes is a moment to share!


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