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Mindfulness Journal

Being mindful is simply focusing on the moment and being in the present.   


This exercise helps you to be still and focus. 


The benefits of a mindfulness journal are many, such as focusing on what is important. Things become more real when written down and actually contemplating answering the questions. 

Our simple journal includes a space to write your thoughts about…


A random act of kindness


 This simple thing can make an amazing difference in your day and the day of someone else. It feels so good that it tends to build on itself.


How about giving a stranger a compliment? Or paying for someone’s coffee in line behind you. Bring cookies to a friend or neighbor, it truly is endless. Decide what you would like to do or what you are good at, then make someone smile!


What are you grateful for?


As soon as we stop and think of what we are grateful for, we start to put some things in our lives in perspective. My first instinct is always to think of what is missing, so focusing on being grateful for what I do have, helps to lessen the power of the things not achieved yet.


Writing down just how far we have come or how thankful we are for our friends and families reminds us of our blessings.

What would you like to improve?


This is a great thing to regularly think about so it can become real. Ideally also write down the path you will take to achieve what you would like to improve.

Diet? Reading? Writing? Cooking? All the info you need is at our your fingertips. Online classes, courses & videos. Take advantage of all this free


What you would like to learn about?


 This should be something new. A new language or learning about wines or creating killer pastries.


Let your curiosity guide you to explore the things in your life that you always wanted to do.


Learning and growing make each of us so much more interesting, never stop learning!


A Self-care moment


We all need to take some time to think about our own wellness. What could you do that would be a special moment, just for you?


Maybe meditating or a massage? Enjoy some time reading with a cup of tea. It’s not being indulgent but necessary for our own health and well being.

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