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My name is Kim Petruska and I am the creator of Rendezvous magazine.

A little history…I am an artist and an entrepreneur. I’ve had a Decorative Painting business from the beginning of my working career. This includes murals and wall finishes that led to product design and licensing for the wholesale market.


When the recession hit, I decided to reassess what I wanted to do in the future. I realized that what I loved the most about every project was the creating and designing part. This didn’t have to be only artwork so an idea was born.


I saw a problem with how people met to date in real life, so I created the “You Caught my Eye” card. This card was connected to a personal profile, is a simple way to connect IRL. Events and festivals were held to use the cards.


I ultimately underestimated how comfortable people were handing out a card to someone they are attracted to in the age of Tinder. This started my deep dive into human behavior, communication and meaningful connections. Through that experience, Rendezvousmag was born.


Rendezvousmag was created with one main purpose, to help create memorable moments and creative date ideas for those that we care about and love.

Our goal is to be the friend who you enjoy having a glass of wine or coffee with, who gives great advice. The friend who cheers you up but doesn’t BS you when you need it most!

Matchmakingfest, You caught my eye cards

We hope to inspire you to create meaningful connections by designing theme date nights with a focus on interesting conversations.

Our vision of the future is to partner with businesses in different cities to create events and themed date & girls nights.


We want this magazine to be a collaboration between friends. We are looking forward to what the future holds, thank you so much for coming along for the ride.