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Do You Want to Attract Women? Follow these Steps

Have you seen the movie Hitch?   

Well, it is a GREAT movie and really gives some fantastic dating advice!


But considering that in the movie, they paid Hitch some five figures to attract women and then track their movements, well that may not work for the average guy. (Although if you work with the person that you like, then you know some of her routines.)


Anyway, the main premise of the movie is that you have to FIND and take ADVANTAGE of opportunities when it comes to finding potential dates.


All things being equal, women absolutely want the guy to make the first move, there is NO question about this fact. It shows confidence which is highly desirable. I get it, there are many reality TV shows that have groups of men or women vying for one person.


This makes good TV but goes against human nature. Each one of us wants to feel special or unique we are not just a picture to be swiped.


Many women that I speak with tell me the same story over and over, which is they are rarely if ever approached by men, these are beautiful and smart women.


Why is that? I don’t know why things have changed so much, likely because of online dating. Being online you don’t have to put yourself out there that much, but you guys have GOT to get your mojo back.


Everyone understands that it is not easy to kind of “interrupt” a woman and start a conversation.


Also, you really don’t have any idea what may be going on in her life at that moment and timing may work in your favor or not so much.



OK, that being said, how do I attract women?


I’ll tell you. Make your number one goal when you see someone that “catches your eye” is to make them Smile.

That’s it, that’s your goal.


There is no reason to get nervous because you are going to just make them smile and in turn, make their day.  This is how you are going to do this,


1. Tell her that just seeing her made YOU smile and thank her for brightening up YOUR day!  Or if she is wearing a bright scarf, a great jacket anything that stands out, give a genuine compliment with a smile.


2. After which it will be easy to ask a simple question, such as the location of the nearest coffee shop, etc. to get a conversation started.


I will guarantee that she will smile and you probably just made her day. She will likely tell her friends, coworkers, family about what happened because YOU will have made that much of an impression.


I spoke with a gentleman and told him to do this and he said: “that is for the movies.” Well, that may be so, but it shouldn’t be.

This is something that will make you and her feel fantastic.


Do you have ANY idea how attractive you will look by doing this unbelievably simple thing? Try these dating tips for men and soon you will be approaching women with ease! 


You do not need crazy pick up lines, you need to say “hello” my name is… be genuine. If you feel that she is receptive after a simple question, then ask if she would like to go with you sometime.


Take the nerves out by practicing talking to strangers as you go about your day. Tell the barista she looks nice and to have a nice day. You get the idea.

After the first time it will get easier and before you know it you will be making connections! Cheers ☺


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