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BEST Date Ideas for Couples – Complete Epic Guide

We collected  over 120 of the BEST date ideas ever in one epic guide! Everything from first dates to romantic date ideas at home, we’ve got you covered.

We also feature themed dates that include menus, music, conversation starters & decor that are perfect for your date night.

Each section of this guide can be reached buy clicking the heading that you are looking for.


Many of the sections overlap  and we are adding more regularly so make sure to check all of them out! 😊


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What are the best date ideas?


We have created the best date ideas list for every reason and season. The first thing that you need to figure out is what stage your relationship is in and what  it is that you both enjoy?


We have chosen some of the best first date ideas and second date ideas below. If you have been on a few dates, then visit the other areas below to see what date idea fits best.


Ask your date what they would like to do and give them two or three choices. You can also look at the list together and pick out the best date ideas for the upcoming month.

You will never have to look for things to do. Download our Free Date night planner to help you stick to making time for dates in your relationship.


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Importance of quality time in a relationship


Why is date night is so important in a relationship? So often when we are in longer term relationships or married, we get caught up in day to day life.

Work, chores & responsibilities can take the majority of our time, especially when kids are involved.


It becomes easy to take our relationships for granted and for it to be put on the back burner.


It is so important to stay connected and have date nights on a regular basis, either weekly or at the very least once every two weeks.

We all need to stay connected 


Getting away from the typical “what needs to be done” conversations helps retain the friendship in the relationship. When you are out on a date or having a date night at home, your focus changes to who you are as a couple.


Date nights help to rekindle desire for each other that is so important for your long term relationship goals.


We have date ideas for when the budget is low or for when you want to have a date night at home. The goal is to make sure that you have couple alone time!


Plan the date and schedule the time, treat it like an important appointment.


Take turn choosing the date or at least choosing a few to decide from. When things are on the schedule you tend to take it more seriously and stick to it. 


What are the best first date ideas?


Sometimes it can be a little stressful coming up with ideas for your first date, but don’t worry we have plenty of date ideas for you!


We have chose some perfect first date ideas to inspire you.


First date ideas


Morning date


This is a charming idea. Plan a date for the morning and visit one of your  favorite breakfast places or diners. Afterwards visit a fish hatchery or feed the ducks at a local park.

Bring some change to buy food at the park or grab some bird seed for the ducks.


Cooking Class


This is a great way to have a low key activity that can be lots of fun. Check out some local restaurants that may have a cooking class or Google “cooking classes near me” to find some ideas.  Be aware that bakeries and pastry shops are also good places to check.


Visit an Amusement Park


This is a great activity to learn more about your date. Even if you don’t love roller coasters, there are other rides that are fun, plus the atmosphere is so enjoyable giving you a lots to talk about.


Check to see if you can find an old time park somewhat nearby which will add to the charm.


What should I do on a second date?


You have made it through the first date, Congratulations! So what should you do next? You now know your date a little bit better so some lighthearted activity will fit the bill.


Bowling Alley


It doesn’t matter if you are good or bad, you and your date are bound to have lots of laughs with some games of bowling.


Some bowling alleys have live music and better than average food so check out to see what types are near you.


Movie Tavern


Enjoy a movie with food and cocktails rolled into one! This has become more common since movie theaters have to be creative to get more people to come out and not just sit at home and watch Netflix.

There are many names, such as the Movie Tavern or McGuffins Bar, see what options you have for your date night.


Mini golf


This is a tried and true fun date idea that is great for any stage of a relationship, but is perfect for a second date. 


There is a reason that so many people love mini golf for dates, because you can be a little silly while also competitive. It’s a fun atmosphere in the evening when the whole place is all lit up.


Celebrate the season


Take the time to celebrate the season and enjoy creating new date ideas! Find interesting ideas on Pinterest to make each season special.


For example, if Easter is soon, find some really cool candies to make together! If St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, figure out how to make green beer and corned beef and cabbage.

The key is to find something that you both think looks like fun.

All you have to do is plan a date night a few days before the holiday and create something to make it extra special.


It only takes a little time to make life moments extra special



Spring date ideas photo


Spring date ideas


Baseball game


Spring is the perfect time to see a ball game, it’s a fun experience that you can enjoy before the weather gets a lot hotter in the summer.


Check the schedule for a special game or event that they may be having at the same time.


Berry Picking


Visit a farm and pick your own fruit or whatever happens to be in season. Look up some recipes and make something special with your fresh fruit for you both to enjoy.


You could simply grab some fresh whipped cream which tastes great and makes a simple dessert.


Visit state parks


Each state park has something unique to offer. Taking a day trip to see what they have to offer is a wonderful way to explore nature and find some hidden gems.


Map out all the ones that you would like to visit and add some to your couples bucket list below.


Aquarium date


Exploring all the exhibits in an aquarium is a great date idea. Its so relaxing watching the fish and other sea creatures.

Hopefully the aquarium that you visit has a cafe to enjoy something to eat while you are there enjoying the atmosphere.


Winter date ideas


Ice Skating


If you are lucky you have some outdoor skating rinks to choose from, If not it’s still fun to skate at an indoor rink.

If you can pull it off, ice skating at the holidays is the best and if you happen to be close to NYC, skating in Central Park is memorable and very scenic!

(You can pretend you are in your favorite romantic movie, when skating there!)


Skiing or snow tubing


Hopefully you live near a place that is within a relatively short drive that you are able to enjoy an afternoon or evening ski  or tube run.


Being able to ski at night can be a great date idea, especially if you can sit by the fire afterwords with a cocktail or hot cocoa.


See a Play


Find out what plays are coming to the area or make a day trip out of it and see a show that may be located a little further away.


Find out your dates preferences such as musicals, comedies or perhaps even an opera.


Dinner theater


There are all kinds of options for themed dinner theater shows. Check to see what shows are upcoming.


Keep an eye out for some “of the ordinary” experiences such as “Wizards Brunch” or  “Murder Mystery shows” which would be a very fun date idea.


Rent snowmobiles


Snowmobiling  is one of the most fun activities if you live where there is some snow. Afterwords cuddle up to a fire and enjoy a drink.


This date idea is not inexpensive but one of the best ways ever to enjoy winter.


Tour holiday lights


As soon as Thanksgiving is over, the lights start to go up. There is usually a list of the best light shows around listed on a local website or in a magazine.


Make a date night out of finding all the best lighted homes, which can be very romantic. You will definitely get into the holiday spirit.


Enjoy a hockey game


Feel the energy of a hockey game for your date night. It will be easy to get swept up into the game and you will be cheering before you know it!


Reenact the snowball fight in Elf


Get your snowballs ready with this date idea! One of the best scenes in this holiday movie is the epic snowball fight.


See who can hit the other the most, and make sure that after you make yourself a relaxing drink. Enjoy while watching your favorite holiday movie.



Fall date ideas


Beer tasting tour


Pick some great craft breweries that you would like to visit and take a road trip. Decide how far you would like to go and chart your course.


A friend and her husband planned a weekend date and had a great time and really reconnected.


Farmers markets tour


Trying different farmers markets is such a great way enjoy each others company while finding amazing artisan created foods.


Often there are food trucks at the markets along with some handmade crafts and condiments.


Pumpkin Picking


Make a date out of picking pumpkins, having cider and checking out Pinterest for some pumpkin carving or painting ideas.


Often pumpkin patches also have a hayride and cider or hot chocolate. Make a beer cheddar fondue with pumpkin beer, (I have and its fabulous!) While painting or carving your pumpkins.


Tailgate at a football game


Tailgating at either a pro game or at your local college football game is a great way to spend your afternoon.


Football and fall go together and is a fun date idea, especially if you have a preference for a football team.


Whiskey tasting


Even if you do not drink whiskey on a regular basis, tastings are a fun date idea and would be perfect to do in the fall.


Many pubs have tastings that become interesting when you know the history and the distinctive flavors of the whiskeys themselves. 


Take a haunted tour


Are you a Ghost Hunter or paranormal fan? Then check out a local haunted tour. Many towns have haunted prisons or cemetery tours.


Learn about some local legends and history that you didn’t know about, while trying to scare each other!


Go camping


You can rent a cabin or use your own tent if you have one. Take your bicycles and enjoy each others company while riding around the campground.


Food always tastes better when cooked over a fire even if it is just hot dogs or Dinty Moore stew. Make sure that you don’t miss the outdoor movie if they are showing one.  


fall date ideas photo



Summer date ideas


Tubing on the River


Enjoy a lazy afternoon floating down the river. Pack a lunch and eat on the water or at the water’s edge.


Tubing is a great way to chill as you splash around in the water and enjoy your relaxing summer date.


Head to the horse track


Place your bets! Watching these gorgeous horses is fun in itself and most tracks have a interesting atmosphere.


Read up on Trifectas and placing bets to win, place or show. Watch the horses and see which names you like best and think are the winners


Music Festivals


Summer is the time for outdoor music concerts and festivals. Most towns and cities usually have  many to choose from along with radio stations that sponsor free “Block Party” concerts.


See what events are coming up and plan a summer date to remember.


Ice cream trail


Make your own ice cream trail! Map out the places you would like to visit and try each of their specialties. If possible find a vintage ice cream shoppe to add to your trail.


Many historic towns hold chocolate trails, wine trails, soup trails (in the fall) & beer trails.  So much fun!


Beach day trip


Or lake or river. Find a body of water and make a day of it. Throw a blanket in the back of the car and have an impromptu picnic overlooking the water.


This date idea is a classic for whenever the weather is really nice out.


Visit a museum


Get out of the summer heat and enjoy strolling in the air conditioning while learning something new. Visit a nearby exhibit or make a day trip out of traveling to a larger museum.


You may be surprised at all the different types of museums that you find that you never thought to visit.


There is always something interesting to learn and talk about when you visit a museum.  Visit the museum cafe for a bite while you are there.


Celebrate Cinco de Mayo


So what if it’s not May, celebrate  Cinco de Mayo anytime with margaritas, tacos and maybe even by getting an inexpensive pinata and filling it up with your favorite candies. Play some Mexican music to set the mood.


Keep cool at a water park


Check out a water park and be a kid again. Gotta love those lazy rivers that you float around with an inter tube to keep cool. This date idea is great fun when it is hot out and need to beat the heat.


Have fun in the sun


Pick up a blow up pool for adults, fill and grab a cocktail! You can also fill up balloon for a balloon fight or grab some Super Soakers and have a blast.


date idea camping


Fun date ideas


Enjoy live music


As soon as the weather gets warm, live music can become a weekly affair. Check your local calendar of events for restaurants and bars that are offering a free live show while enjoying something to drink.


Festivals and fairs


Most cities and towns have lots of festivals and fairs to choose from. From food festivals to art fairs,  & 4th of July fireworks.


Take advantage to all your area has to offer, or visit a nearby town to explore someplace new.


Dancing at a nightclub


Go for some heart pumping music with a light show. It’s fun to just let loose and dance the night away. You are sure to find yourself smiling and having a fun date night!


Glow trampoline


We all have enjoyed jumping on a trampoline at some point, but how fun would it be to take your date to a “Glow trampoline.


Lasers, music and black light transforms the whole park into a crazy jumping dance club.


Creative cocktail date


Get your hands on a classic cocktail book and try some new drinks. Raid your liquor cabinet to see what you can create.


It’s fun to make some “Layered” drinks. This is where you choose alcohols of different densities and pour them over the back of a spoon to create layers.


Or you can make a floral simple syrup and try some 1920’s cocktails.


Bike trip


Rent some bicycles or use your own and map out a bike trip. Decide your difficulty level and look  for trails that fit your level.


If you would like to take a tour, Google “bike trails near me” to see what is available in your location. Make sure that you bring your bike chains and locks if you would like to stop for lunch somewhere.


Gone fishing


Plan a day of fishing or learning how to fly fish. Whether you have ever fished or not, it is a relaxing way to enjoy the water and the outdoors.


Comedy night


Make plans to see a comedian that is coming to town or visit a local comedy club open mic night.


Check out some Youtube videos of anyone that you are thinking about seeing to make sure that you both will enjoy the show.


Everyone has their own sense of humor, so double check.


Casino night


Set a betting limit and try your luck at a local casino. You can cheer your date on and enjoy either the slots or a fun hand of blackjack.


There’s usually lots of activity and live music that makes this a great date night.


Old school roller skating


If you grew up going to a roller skating rink, why not relive those days with a fun afternoon of roller or inline skating? 


Remember when they play the songs for couples? This is highly nostalgic! Dress in some throwback  80’s or 90’s clothes or accessories and make it even more old school!


fun date ideas photo


Creative date night ideas


Painting plein air with wine


Head on over to Youtube and find a video of a painting that you would like to try for this date idea. If you are new to painting, then you should try some abstract painting.


This way it’s all about the colors and you don’t have to get into the drawing part. You can play with the paint, which makes it all the more fun!


As the title suggests, take it out doors with a bottle of wine. Plein Air means painting outdoors.




This is a great way to do something good, while having fun as a couple. It feels great to help others and allows you to show another side to your partner.


Google volunteer opportunities near me or call your local animal or food pantry and plan a  rewarding date for the two of you.


Create a playlist


Have a night where you find a lot of  your favorite songs or albums, and share your love of music.


We all get excited when we hear our favorites and sometimes even dance around. So create a list that you both will love. This will be fun to listen to on future road trips.


Take a Yoga or Tai Chi class


Take a beginner or advanced Yoga or Tai Chi class together. Be healthy and learn something new, and maybe you will want to stick with it!


Uncover some history


Explore some historical places and learn the history behind it. Make a day of visiting historic buildings, gardens or battlefields.


Things take on new meanings when experienced in person.Visit an old cemetery and read about the people buried there.


Try a color run


The best idea ever for a 5k! Have a blast for a good cause and get some amazing pictures of you both making memories.




Grab a bottle of wine and this cheese making kit and well, make CHEESE! How cool is this, of course only for those that are not lactose intolerant.


Everything tastes better when you make it together. If you like cheese, creating a date night out of making it, doesn’t sound t0 crazy.


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Romantic date night ideas


Watch a sunset


Find a spot that is picturesque, such as a park or river bank. Make the moment special, by really being present and enjoying each others company.


Wine tasting tour


Visit local wineries which will usually offer wine tastings on the weekends, sometimes they also have live music to enjoy.


You can also make your own wine tour or trail, by mapping out a few you would like to visit. You can also have an at-home wine tasting by rating different types of wines by sight, taste and smell by using our download.


Drive-in movie


Visit an old fashioned drive in. Take your chairs and blankets or lay in the back of your SUV and enjoy the experience.


Get some popcorn from the snack bar and cozy up to your date. It is always a fun experience to be outside and watch a movie.


Horseback riding


Make a memory by planning a horseback riding adventure. You can imagine that you are in a old western movie.

Horses are majestic and an experience you will always remember making this fantastic date idea.


Visit a Planetarium


Plan a date and go to see a planetarium show. Some shows are put to music such as Pink Floyd.

Others are so incredibly real that  you feel like you are floating through space.


Botanical garden date


Spend the day at a botanical or a butterfly garden and enjoy the beauty of nature and all the artists that it took to create these amazing places.


Have lunch or snacks at the cafe and spend some time at the gift shop.


Take a train ride


Trains are romantic, if you can book a train ride with a dining and observation car you are in luck.


This may also fit under anniversary dates since depending upon where you live, this can be very expensive. But it really is a fantastic experience and a memorable date idea.


picnic date night photo



Inexpensive date ideas


Be a tourist


So often we take for granted the area in which we live and look for new places to explore. But we may not even know what our own town or city has to offer.


Be a tourist in your city and get some info from the local chamber of commerce to see what they promote.


Now go and visit some places that you have never seen before and gain a new appreciation for your home town!


Old school letter


Set some time aside throughout the week to write a letter to your partner. Include your hopes for the future, things that you are grateful for and the things that you appreciate about the other.


At the end of the week, have a candlelit dinner and read your letters. This will be a way to create a bond and talk about things other than, “How was your week.” This is a great bonding date idea for couples.


Go bird watching


Ok, this may sound boring, but it’s not. Get a simple bird book, some binoculars and start looking. You will be amazed how many birds you will find and yes they are interesting.


You will find yourself yelling out, “look over there, a finch.” Its more fun than it sounds, birds are cool.


Check out a local karaoke night


Whether you have ever sang karaoke before or not, make a date to relieve some stress while enjoying each others company.


Play pool & darts


When you are looking for things to do, visit your neighborhood pool hall and try your hand at pool and/or darts. Have fun being a little competitive with this date idea.


Vintage arcade


Visit an arcade with old school pinball machines and video games. Stick with the theme and find some milkshakes, malts and burgers to enjoy.


These games are fun to play and can bring back memories of playing some when you were a kid.


Plant a pot garden


Check out Pinterest and create a garden together.  Pot gardens can be very creative and include herbs and veggies.

It’s fun to create something together and just think how good a salad will taste that you grew together.


Adventurous date ideas


Maybe not so adventurous since bungee jumping and cliff diving are excluded. But whatever you and your partner find adventurous should be on the list.


Some of us would think that riding a roller coaster is adventurous, so you do you!


Road Trip


Plan a road trip and create some life long memories. Road trips can be an epic adventure or a  two hour mini trip to hunt down the best ice cream.


Create something special and unique to you both. Plan a trip around fabulous views, historical places or the best pies. Half the fun is in the planning!


Take a hike


Whether it is a short walk or a more challenging hike, talking seems to come easier when you are moving. The best conversations seem to come when you are not thinking too much about them.


You may be able to dive into some deeper topics since it seems spontaneous when you are moving while talking.


Plus it’s fun to challenge and joke with your partner when there is physical activity involved!


Rent a boat


Most boats have their own unique challenges, so you and your partner can plan a date and have fun trying to figure them out.


Some of the simplest would be a fishing boat, kayak or a canoe. If you have never kayaked before, give it a try. They are fun and very relaxing! Grab some sandwiches and have a simple picnic. 


L.L. Bean Outdoor Discovery Programs


Check out what classes they have available near you.  L.L.Bean has kayak and paddle board lessons at local lakes that would make a great date for you and your partner.


Rock climbing


Check out a local rock climbing gym. This way you can have fun, but stay at your level. Most areas have a designated climbing gym but if not, many regular gyms have climbing walls.


Doing a challenging activity creates stronger bonds according to science.


Zip line park


Most zip line parks have different lines to choose from. So you can choose the level that you are the most comfortable with.


This is definitely for the more adventurous, since some parks have some seriously high lines. This makes a great high adrenaline date idea.


Go cart park


This is just plain fun! Do you remember riding go carts as a kid? It’s even more fun as an adult.

 It will definitely bring out some friendly competition and not as scary as going zip lining!


Rent Jet Skis


Jet skis are lots of fun to drive and makes a perfect day date. Pack a picnic and have a cool afternoon on the water.


Indoor skydiving


This is added because it looks like soo much fun, and I think is would make a great date.  If you and your partner enjoy experiencing new things, then check this out!


Try geocaching


Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt that uses GPS coordinates to find hidden geocache or containers. Download a free app to get started with your treasure hunt.


Double date ideas


Fondue date


A fondue gathering is a great group date idea. Most people have a fondue set tucked away, now is the time to dig it out! If possible have one couple find some cheese recipes and another create a chocolate fondue.


Bring cut up veggies, bread, fruit and anything else that you would like to dip in the cheese and chocolate. Have everyone bring a  bottle of wine or beer, whatever would compliment the fondue.


Visit an escape room


Have fun with a group of people by having an escape room date night. This is a great way to show some of your skills such as observation and creative thinking.


Find a Meetup


Check your local Meetup for some really interesting things to do. You will find hiking groups, special interests Meetups. You will definitely find something that you all enjoy as a group.


Pizza tasting date night


Get a sampling of pizzas from a variety of pizzerias to taste at home or plan a pizza crawl.

Have all the couples rate the pizzas from 1-5 with the reasons why for each.

Have fun sharing your ratings with each other and see whos picks are closest to yours.


Plan a Mardi Gras or Masquerade party


This is fun for couples and it can be sexy. Create colorful masks and visit a thrift store to put together some creative outfits.


Pinterest will have amazing mask ideas. Have each couple bring an appetizer and a bottle of wine and be transported to another place and time.


camping date night new


Anniversary date ideas


Visit a Speakeasy or Jazz Club


Having a craft cocktail in a dim speakeasy with soft jazz playing is incredibly romantic! This is a great date idea for an anniversary.


If you have never been to a speakeasy, you are in for a very cool evening.


Art gallery date


Many galleries have special events where they include appetizers and wine while looking at the artwork. Check out a local magazine or website where they usually have a monthly calendar of events.


Going to an event like this is fun because you can dress up and have an out of the ordinary evening.


Afterword you can visit a nearby cafe for a nice finish to the evening.


Bed & Breakfast getaway


Find a romantic B&B to celebrate your anniversary. Maybe a farm were you can enjoy an atmosphere that is completely different from what you may be used to.


Favorite restaurant list


You and your partner are going to create a complete list of restaurants that they would like to visit. Looking at Yelp reviews can help to narrow down your list.


Create one list for casual dining and another for special occasions. Write down what each restaurant specializes in, so the next time you are hungry for that type of food, you are ready to go.


Choose the top restaurant from your “special occasion list” that you both have created. This takes care of wondering where you should go for your anniversary dinner or subsequent nights out.


Hot air balloon ride


This is soo romantic and a perfect anniversary date idea. Have a glass of champagne while enjoying an incredible view! Make this year an anniversary to remember.


Couples Spa


This can be as simple as booking a couples massage or going to a spa retreat with hot springs and lots of treatments.


This is a dream anniversary date if you are able to find a spot in a picturesque location. Save up for this memorable date idea.



summer date ideas


Unique date ideas


Visit a Zoo


Most people love animals and being around them brings conversations that are completely different from our usual topics.


Many zoos also have a nice place to eat while you are there which makes a nice date atmosphere.


It’s fun to feed the animals while strolling along especially if you have nice weather.


Theme date idea


Pick a different type of food for some upcoming dates. An example would be if you choose Italian, pick your favorite recipes or restaurant.


Once the theme is decided, find some phrases and words in that language that you can learn on your date.


Of course coffee and dessert have to fit the theme. And finally choose a playlist of  the themes music.

One week it may be Italian and the next Mexican, have fun and try some new dishes.


Browse some vinyl


Get nostalgic and find some of your favorite albums. Music stores usually have a lot of character and you are bound to find some accessories from your favorite bands.


Random acts of kindness


Make a list of things that you both can do to make each other smile. Try to create enough to do at least once a day for a week. Don’t show each other what you are planning to do.


This is fun and creates a stronger bond between the two of you. You can kick off your “week of kindness” by sharing your favorite bottle of wine to get your creativity flowing!


Brew some craft beer


There is a kit for everything, so why not try your hand at crafting a home brew? Maybe it will be the start of something that you both can share and experiment more with.


Take a class


What would you like to learn about? Maybe you always wanted to try ceramics or get some pointers on your golf swing.


How fun to plan a date around a class! To find some options, Google away and check also local events websites.




Who hasn’t watched Dancing with the Stars and wanted to try to dance just a little like they do? There are so many dances to try Salsa, Tango, Swing.


Dancing is sexy and can be fun, so why not give it a try? You may surprise yourself and find a new passion.


Find a great candy/chocolate shop


Take the time to track down a really cool candy or chocolate shops. Maybe you can even find a factory that has tours for this tasty date idea.


If they have a cafe, then all the better, if not find a nice coffee shop to cap off the day.


Local college events


There are many things that are open to the public that can be enjoyed such as lectures and concerts.


There are opportunities to be part of community events while enjoying the college campus atmosphere which is usually beautiful.


Spontaneous things to do with your boyfriend


Go fly a kite


Find that kite that you have hidden away and go to a field on a windy day. Remember how much fun it used to be?


If you are near a beach or somewhere always windy, all the better.


Have a trivia night


Find some online trivia questions, or grab your Trivial Pursuit and have a competitive game night. Add some cocktails and laugh at some of the things that you come up with.


Visit a flea market


Flea markets can be seasonal or permanent, and they are fun to browse. Some include food, antiques, crafts and clothes.


Regardless of the market that you visit, it can be like falling down a rabbit hole since there is so much to see and the bargains are real.


Visit a bookstore


Bookstores come in all shapes and sizes, but when you find one that has some old used volumes or interesting architecture, it is such a gem!


You can chat about some of your favorite books and if there is a coffee shop as part of the store, you may never leave.


winter date ideas photo


Best Date ideas for couples


Recreate a memorable meal


Maybe you were on your vacation or your honeymoon and had an amazing meal or tasted the best dessert on a night out. If you have any pictures from that time, find them so you can reminisce.


Find a similar recipe to recreate that memory and make sure you cook it together.


Photo shoot


This can be as simple as finding a scenic spot and taking photos with your phone and comparing who took the best photos. Or maybe you would rather use your tripod to create some “couple photos.”


Maybe grab a friend to take pictures or hire a photographer for professional shots. Either way it will be fun to have some great pictures of you both.


What can couples do for fun at home?


Watch a Netflix series


Binge some fun shows and plan a coordinating meal or snack. An example might be watching Lucifer with hot wings…lol.


Anyway if you are watching something like Mindhunter you’ll have to figure that one out on your own!


Ask fun Questions


Try taking turns and asking these fun questions.


You are sure to find out something new about your partner by asking out of the ordinary questions. Hopefully you can have some in depth conversations that are eye opening.




Madlibs are silly and fun! If you enjoy putting together puzzles then add this to your date and mount the puzzle when you are finished.


Perfect with your favorite pizza and beer.


DIY Project


Pick a fun project for the home, apartment or garden from Pinterest or Youtube.

All it takes is a few minutes to get inspired on Pinterest. The hardest part will be deciding which one to choose.



Inflatable push and ball bumpers


Did you ever see the episode of the Office where they are in sumo wrestler outfits? Or watch that video of a couple hitting other with big Q tips? They are hilarious!

Have a date where you literally laugh your ass off by getting these two similar games as the picture and video above.


Couples date night games



Rainy Night Date Ideas


Candlelight  only


Turn those lights out and bring out all the candles that you have. If you have a fireplace, you can also light it! Listen to the rain and get cozy.


Enjoy eating by candle light or firelight. Find a deck of cards and play a card game that you haven’t for a while. Stormy nights can be very romantic.


Watch a horror movie or thriller


Amplify the rainy night by watching a horror movie or thriller. Hopefully it’s a thunderstorm for added atmosphere. Cuddle up and enjoy the show.


Check out an old horror radio show to really set the mood.


Best Date Night ideas at home


Create a bucket list


Grab some snacks and let your imagination run wild! Create a couples bucket list of everything that you would like to achieve for both of you as a team.


Places you would like to go and things you would to do. What would you like your life to look like in 10-20+ years from now?


This is fun and great insightful conversations will come out of this exercise.


Game night


Dust off a favorite board or card game. We forget just how much fun some games can be. You get to be competitive, have some laughs and reconnect!


If you want to refresh your supply of games, check out these fun additions.




Download either the Skyview app &  Star Walk 2 free  to explore the night sky.


Identify stars, constellations, planets, satellites, asteroids, comets, ISS, Hubble Space Telescope and other celestial bodies in real time in the sky above you.


Watch a movie series


Maybe you never saw “The Godfather” or “Rocky’ or “Star Wars’ and always wanted to, so plan a movie date night.


Have a fun night with popcorn and snacks and watch a whole series or at least give it a great start!


Go for a walk


A great way to catch up as by simply taking a walk. You can admire gardens or the landscaping of other homes or apartments. See what new businesses have popped up if you are in the city or strolling through town.


We slow down and  notice the small things when you walk. It’s easier to appreciate the company when you don’t have an agenda or a place that you have to be.


Romantic date ideas at home


Romantic picnic date


There is little that is more romantic than a picnic outdoors. So create one in your backyard or terrace! You just need some fresh air.


We have a complete picnic date planned for you including menus and conversation starters. Visit the link for all the details.


Indoor camping date


This can be so fun! The atmosphere you create can become your own dream getaway, right in your own home. Our complete camping date for indoors has everything that you will need to make it magical.


Visit our romantic picnic date  & indoor camping date night


Give a massage


Find some relaxing massage music, lite the candles and grab the massage oil. Everyone loves a massage!

You can plan to massage each other in the same evening or different nights since  sometimes it’s nice to take a nap after.


Built a Campfire


Use your fire pit or create a clearing for your fire outside. You don’t need to be fancy to build a fire and roast some hot dogs and s’mores.


Just having some alone time to catch up and reconnect can make this simple date very romantic.


Have an Ethnic Food date


Celebrate your family’s history with ethnic food. See if you can find some favorite family recipes, if not you can still find plenty of authentic recipes online.


You will probably reminisce about your memories of the foods and gatherings that you may have had.

Take turns so you both can learn more about each others family and culture.


What makes a date special?


So many memorable dates are simply elevating the ordinary. Taking something simple and adding details.

The details create the experience.

Try to think of all the 5 senses and incorporate them into your date ideas.

Sight, sound, taste, smell and of course touch!

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