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How to Tell if he Likes You? What He Will Say & Do

How to tell if he likes you? There are lots of signs, some are subtle but others are very clear signs.    

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17 Rainy Day Date Ideas that are Anything but Dreary

We put together a list of rainy date date ideas for when you want to find some fun date ideas for the day or a stormy night.   

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First Date Ideas + All Your First Date Questions Answered

We want to make your first date as easy as possible so we answered many of your common questions. We also list first date ideas besides just the usual “grab a drink” option.   

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73 First Date Questions That lead to Insightful Conversations


Questions are the perfect way to get to know someone and our first date questions are a fun way to do just that!   

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140 Short Love Messages for Text & Instagram Captions

We put together a great list of short love messages that can be used when you are sending a quick text or added to your Instagram captions.   

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Why Couples Break Up & Ways to Keep your Relationship Strong

How do we make our relationship strong and prevent a break up? We need to know the answer so that we can keep our relationship or marriage as strong as possible.   


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