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25 Best Date Ideas for Long distance Relationships

Long distance relationships can take so many forms. From someone that may be working far away is the same country to someone else studying abroad. 

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Are you a High Value Woman? Take the quiz!

What does it mean to be a high value woman? You have probably read or seen this term before so let’s dive in   

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What’s the difference between loving someone and being in love?

Being in love is not the same as loving someone. You most likely have felt them both at some point since one can lead to the other.

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How to socialize when you don’t feel like it


Your friend calls and asks you to go out, your first thought is, sure sounds like fun.   

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Personality Types & Relationship Compatibility-Simplified


One of the reasons that we take personality quizzes or read our horoscopes is because we love to learn more about ourselves. 

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101 “I miss you” Quotes & for when you are missing someone you love


All the words that are written, whether they are “I miss you” quotes or lyrics have been intimately felt by those that wrote them.

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