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40 Cute Ways to Tell Him you Love Him

Who doesn’t love to be told that they are loved? We decided to find some cute ways to tell him you love him that are more unique than just  “ I love you.”


It’s fun to to be a little unexpected by saying something flirty. These are all cute ways to tell him you love him. It’s a perfect way to cheer him up, especially after a difficult day.


Letting your boyfriend or husband know that you are thinking of him is a great way to connect. Use these as quick texts, messages or notes.


Be creative, you can add them to his lunch or wallet. A quick text in the afternoon will definitely make them smile.


This is especially important in long-distance relationships where you might not be able to see your person very often. 


Having these little messages that you can send through text throughout the week can really help make the time between seeing each other easier. 


When you aren’t living with or seeing your partners a lot, sometimes doubts pop up and you have more uncertainty than if you were together. 


Taking the extra time to reach out to them throughout the day can really make a difference. Remind them how important they are to you, and how much you love them. 


Making and keeping connections is the most important. Life gets in the way of taking a moment to be grateful for what we have. Telling those we love that we are thinking of them and that they are special is something that we often forget.

I know that I need to be reminded sometimes that making someone feel loved shouldn’t happen only on special occasions but should be a regular reminder.


This is something that keeps the spark alive with long term relationships. We need something to snap us out of the daily routine and to appreciate the little things that they do for us.


It’s easy to talk about the stresses or the frustrations of the day but that cannot be the only topic of conversation.


Guys need to hear how we feel just as much as we want to hear it from them. So take a minute to express your feelings with some cute ways to say that you love him.



cute things to say to your boyfriend



Cute ways to tell him you love him

I hope these little tips and examples of cute ways to tell him you love him will help you out. Use these whenever you are lacking some of your own ideas. Edit them, change them, and make them your own. 


1.“When I think of you it makes me smile.”


This is a simple way for him to feel special. He will love the idea that he makes you happy.



2. “I feel special when I am around you.”


This is a great way to show your appreciation for all that he does and how he treats you. Telling him how he makes you feel will likely lead to more of the same special treatment!



3. “When I wake in the morning, you are my first thought.”


It’s great to have a first thought about someone that you love instead of the other million things that are vying for your attention.



4. “I am so lucky to have you in my life.”


Show him how grateful you are that he is in your life, by letting him know that you truly feel lucky that he is your partner.



5.“You are my favorite distraction.”


We have a million distractions throughout our day, but let him know that he is your favorite one!



6.“Hey there handsome.”


Change up your greeting with this is a surefire way to make him smile! It’s like a snowball, when you make someone feel good, they will want to reciprocate.



7. “I appreciate you so much.”


This one is a biggie, we ALL want to feel appreciated for what we bring to the relationship. Give the compliment, it’s important for guys to hear.



8. “You are my best friend.”


I think this is one of the most special things in a relationship when you find it. To have a best friend and partner is by far the best!



9. “I am so happy you are in my life.”


When you find someone that adds happiness to your life, you want to make sure that they know it.



10. “You mean everything to me.”


Let him know where he falls in the hierarchy of people in your life.




11.“You are my favorite person.”


This one says it all…



12. “I love it when you hold me tight.”


This puts into words something that feels wonderful.



13. “You make my heart sing.”


When you are in love, everything comes alive and this is a cute way to let him know that you love him.



14. “My heart actually races when I see you.”


This is an amazing feeling that you just want to share when it happens.



15. “I didn’t think it was possible to love you more today than yesterday.”


This is just a great heartfelt way to say “I love you.”



how to tell him you love him photo



Innocent words that turn him on


Sometimes you just want to be a little flirty. So send a text or write a note and surprise him with these innocent words that turn him on.

He will have a tough time getting you out of his head with these simple little words.


Like I said before…this is great for a long-distance relationship. Keep them thinking about you and keep it romantic with some of these messages.

This is also really important for couples that have been together for a long time. 


You can get really comfortable with them, and at some point, the romance can drop a little bit. Keep it exciting with these innocent words that turn him on. 

More cute ways to tell him you love him

16. “I had a dream about you last night, I will tell you all about it.”


17. “I love how safe you make me feel.


18. “I feel electricity all around me when I am with you.”


19. “I am drowning in your eyes.”


20. “I can smell you on my clothes.”


21. “You are the hottest guy I have ever known.”


22. “I am crazy about you.”


23. “Tell me more.”


24. “I love it when you look at me the way that you do.”


25. “Your looking really good today.”


26. “Just wait until you get home!”


27. “I could really use a massage.”


28. “I am just laying around today.”


Cute things to say to your boyfriend


All of the quotes are a simple way to say “I love you” in  a different way. He will love the thoughtfulness of these messages.


These simple messages are cute things to say to your boyfriend or husband. Make his day by communicating your feelings in ways that are special to just you and him. These can get your started. 


Maybe use his favorite hobbies, or sports teams for ideas. An example might be, “tonight when you get home, I will be wearing an Eagles jersey and nothing else.” or “You know how we feel when we go hiking?

I feel that same exhilaration dreaming of our life together.” You get the idea…


Communicating about their interests is so important too. It shows that you are paying attention to them, you appreciate them and the things they feel are important are recognized. 


You have your special memories with them, and those are great to bring up when it’s been a while since they happened. Planning for the future is another way you can find cute things to say to your boyfriend. 


Make plans for something you’ve both wanted to do for a while, however big or small. Having that on the calendar and looking forward to makes your days go by better and faster. 



cute ways to say i love you quote




29. “I would love to stay in this moment forever by just holding you.”


30. ‘I miss you whenever you are not with me.”


31. “I am grateful to have you by my side.”


32. “When I look at you, I know that we will get through anything together.”


33. “Everyday just seems brighter since you are in my life.”


34. “ I love planning our future adventures together.”


35. “I love that you are my best friend and partner.”


36. “I am truly me when I am with you.”


37. “You are the only one for me.”


38. “You are my happy place.”


39. “Everything is just better since you are in my life.”


40. “We are a really cute couple.”


Expressing our feelings is not always easy and having a “cheat sheet” can get your creative ideas flowing! Choose the words that best fit your relationship.


Obviously we do nice things for those that we love, because we want them to feel good. But there is something interesting that happens when we do this, called the law of reciprocity.


The “Law of reciprocity” means that when you do something nice for someone they will have a deep-rooted psychological urge to do something nice in return. Sort of “what comes around, goes around.”  

Kindness creates more kindness.


The more love and kindness you show, the more you receive and so on… this keeps relationship bonds strong.


“You are my happy place.” quote photo



How to tell him you love him


Is it the right time to tell him that you love him? Or is it too early, or should you wait for him? Tricky stuff.

Often it just feels right and you dive in. If you both already feel that you are a couple then saying it out loud is just the cherry on top.


By communicating honestly, you can learn about each others’ true personalities. Let him know how you are truly feeling. Being vulnerable is necessary to create strong connections.


If you are sure you are feeling it and keep thinking about telling him, well then it is time.


Though I will say, even if you are ready to say it, they might not be. Don’t expect that they are in the same place that you are to say it immediately back. 


Some people go slower than other people, and that doesn’t mean they don’t love you, just that they might not be used to saying it or moving at the speed you are going. 


By making sure they know how much you care about them, hopefully, they will reciprocate, but they might have a different love language, and you might have to be a bit patient with them. 


Letting someone know that they are loved helps to make them feel secure in the relationship.

The sweetest way is to just say, “You know, I really love you.” This is the best way to make sure you both are on the same page moving forward.


Remember that although these are all important words, nothing speaks louder than actions.

Make sure to show him that you love him.


Everyone can be a little apprehensive opening up to another person and we all want our feelings reciprocated. The reality is that anything worthwhile requires taking chances.

Loving someone means being bold and a little courageous.


Each experience teaches us more about ourselves and who we are at that moment.

We are all growing and having someone to love and share those moments with, is a great gift.


I hope these have helped you in the search for cute ways to tell him you love him. Using any of these is sure to tell your partner how important they are to you. 


Like we said above, actions speak louder than words, while telling your partner how much you love them, ensure you are showing that through your actions. 


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