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Dating is Marketing & Why Self Awareness is Key

Dating & Marketing have many similarities.  And self awareness is key. 

Marketing companies talk about USP, which stands for unique selling proposition.


Translating that to dating, what is your USP? Or what makes you unique? This is where you need self awareness because then you are more likely to choose the correct person for you.


Self Awareness is key


Being self-aware is critical to dating and relationship success. You need to find out who you are and what makes you tick. You may want to enlist a trusted friend to help you see things that perhaps you do not.


What do you value and in what order? You and a potential mate may both say they value family, but to you, that may mean visiting for holidays and a weekly phone call, to him it may mean weekly Sunday dinners and talking daily.


Do you value exercise, religion, money or ambition? To what degree do you value these things?


This matters because people spend time on things that they value. These are things to be aware of because most people know the friction spots but didn’t take it seriously.


They may say “I knew this when we were dating, I just didn’t think it would be that bad,” or, “I thought that it would change when we’re together.” This is just another reason self awareness will help you make better choices.




How do I market myself?


Whether you are aware of this or not you are ALWAYS marketing yourself, in your work and in your personal life.


How you dress, how you spend your time, what you buy and how you act.   All these things tell others about you and what you value.


If you run to the grocery store in workout clothes to buy organic veggies that can tell people that you are health conscious and care what you are putting in your body.


If you are decked out with expensive jewelry and high-end brands, you are telling the world that money and or power is something that you value.


Fundraising for a local shelter also tells others that this is something important to you. On and on… when people say “Don’t judge a book by its cover” this is illogical to some extent.

This is how we see if there are similarities or not with the people that we first meet. Obviously, we should look deeper into that person for the real story, but initial attraction comes from how people present themselves.


Now that you know what you value & how you present yourself shows what is important to you, you are ready to find your “perfect client.”


We find dates the same way that companies find their customers. By first deciding “who” their customer is and then “where” they spend their time.


In real life you spend your time working, grocery shopping & maybe networking for work. Spending time volunteering or participating in sports.


These are all places to find others that value the same as you


The key is to be in the moment, look approachable and smile if you find someone interesting. Ask them a question, such as “Is there a coffee house nearby?” or “Did you enjoy the game?” These are simple conversation starters.


Where are all the Singles?


Since almost half of the population is single, well just about everywhere. Online dating offers many singles in one place.


If you are online dating then in your profile you have to write catchy titles and interesting copy to get attention.


Photos are very important with online dating but to be sure they are real and you should meet in a public place shortly after texting.


Talking with someone online is not the same as meeting and seeing if there is an attraction in real life, so you should never waste too much time texting.


You should use all the options available. Tell your friends that you are looking, go to events & smile at people that “catch your eye.”


Men and women should think about events that are predominantly one sex or the other such as sporting events for women or a “girl’s night out” at a local restaurant for guys.


Once you know who you are and what you are looking for, the next step is to have fun, not be so serious and smile!

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