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Farmhouse Decor Quotes Plaque Tutorial

Since we added a “Quotes” area to our site, I thought I would add a best seller from the Etsy store that I had a years ago.

kim petruska farmhouse design plaque


So I decided to give a tutorial on exactly how I made plaques and sold them.

Download the Set of 4 Farmhouse Quotes Here


The frame is part of the picture so the whole image does not NEED an actual frame, but more of a “frameless” frame. If you decide to create a plaque the directions are below.


The supplies are pictured below. My printer is an Epson and I use Epson inks because they are archival, that just means they have been proven to last up to 100 yrs.


Since it was for business, that was important. That type of ink also dries instantly and can be coated quickly.


Your ink may need to dry before coating with the Modge Podge.





You will need an 8×10 Artist Plaque 3/4 inch or deeper if preferred, smooth finish. This may be already primed white or unfinished.

Matte Modge Podge             farmhouse decor tutorial supplies

Epson Matte paper 8.5 x 11


1.5 inch Artist Brush (approx)

Rag, water, white paint (ONLY if your plaque is unfinished.)

paper cutter or scissors or ruler with a razor blade to trim


Step 1

. Print out the images, I used Epson Matte Paper, since it is heavier and can handle the rubbing etc. You can use either single side or double side paper whatever you find.

If you use the single side paper, just be careful to print on the right side! Let dry.


Step 2.

Tape your image to a board or glass so that it doesn’t roll up when you are coating.  Coat with Matte Modge Podge, you will need 2 coats to make sure it dries completely before coating the second time.

Check to make sure you there is not any obvious dirt that can still be removed if wet.


Step 3. 

Cut our image to 8×10, the printed image is slightly larger than the plaque. If your plaque is unfinished, coat with white paint until you can’t see through the paint. You DO NOT need to paint if the plaque is white already.


Step 4.

Coat the back of the paper AND the plaque top, work somewhat quickly and lay down the image and fit the plaque.

This is the time to use your rag to press the image and work out any bubbles. Rub this for a couple of minutes, dampen the rag if necessary to get any glue on the top of the plaque.

The first 5 minutes, keep an eye on any bubbles that form and rub out immediately.

If you need to trim any sides after the image is applied, use a ruler to guide a razor blade need the edge of the plaque and trim the paper while still damp and the edge will pull right up.


Step 5.

Re coat the top of the plaque with a final coat of Modge Podge. Let Dry and Enjoy! Pass this link on to any of your crafty friends,   Cheers!


Click Below for Free Farmhouse Decor Printables


farmhouse decor Quotes free prints


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