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First Date Ideas + All Your First Date Questions Answered

We want to make your first date as easy as possible so we answered many of your common questions. We also list first date ideas besides just the usual “grab a drink” option.   


First dates can be a little nerve wracking because sometimes we make more of it than we should. It’s normal, but try to keep it in perspective. 


We put together a list of date ideas that are not boring and may also be used for your second for third date.


Below is  all the information that you will need to create your perfect first date, so relax and read on.


Best Date Ideas for Couples

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Where to go on a first date


You may have some places picked out, but it is best to ask your date which one they would prefer. 

 Ideally you want it to be a date that you both are comfortable with. 


30 First date ideas


Hopefully you have had some conversations with your date and have talked about some of the things that they might be interested in for a first date. 


This will give you a starting point to come up with some choices to offer for your first date. Use these first date ideas and choose the ones that you feel are the best fit.


Activities help make the conversation flow better and you will probably get to know them better than if you just saw a movie.


Trivia Night


Check your local pubs for a trivia night. This can be a lot of fun and you will be able to show your smarts.


Live Music


Many local resorts and cafes have live music through the week. Many also have jazz  and blues nights that are free to enjoy.


A walk &  coffee


This option is great if you live in a place where you can explore a  new neighborhood in your city or a neighboring town.


Visit a nice looking cafe for a cup of coffee or dessert for a perfect end to a nice evening.


Visit a farmers market


This is a great Saturday or Sunday morning date. Farmers markets are vibrant places with wonderful foods to sample and crafts to enjoy.


Mini Golf


This is a classic for a reason. Its fun and a little competition never hurt anyone, you can stop for some ice cream or shakes to complete the date.


Sharing your favorite food place


Maybe you have a favorite place for ice cream or tacos. Enjoy sharing a special place with your date so that they can see a little of your personality.


Visit a picturesque place


Pick a picturesque place and have a picnic or enjoy a bottle of wine. This is a memorable way to have a very romantic first date.



first date ideas farmers market




More first date ideas


Cooking Class


Learn a new skill and enjoy and evening out while creating a great meal. Its great to have find an activity where you can be creative.


Visit a game preserve


Whether your are feeding the ducks or goats, visiting a zoo or game preserve is a fun activity to enjoy while chatting and getting to know each other.


Enjoy a festival


Every town and city have festivals that celebrate different foods or music or the arts. Most seasons you will find some interesting events to enjoy, so be sure to check websites that list local events.


These are perfect dates because you will naturally talk about different topics making it easier to get to know them.


Visit a Speakeasy


Find a Speakeasy to sample some craft cocktails. The atmosphere is romantic and you and your date can be transported back to the 20’s.


Craft Beer tasting


Map out a few Breweries or visit one that you would like to sample and create your own tasting. Even if you are not a beer drinker, enjoying a sampling while being informed about the ingredients makes for an interesting and fun date.  Tell the bartender that you would like a sampling and ask for their recommendations.


Seasonal first date ideas


Each season offers great opportunities for unique first dates. Take advantage of how your area celebrates the seasons.


Spring first date ideas


Go on a hike


If you both enjoy doing something physical, a hike is a great way to get to know someone. Just pick a hike that is not to challenging so that the conversation still flows!


Berry picking


Strawberry, blueberry and blackberry picking is a great way to enjoy some time together. You can then stop at the store and pick up some ice cream or whipped cream to enjoy with your fresh picked berries.


Visit gardens


After the cold winter, it is refreshing to see things start to bloom. Many areas have botanical gardens that really start to come alive in the spring.

Even if you are not into plants, being in a beautiful setting will make you happy and you can get some great pictures.


Visit a national park


You will probably be surprised how many state or national parks are within a short drive from your location. Explore new parks while walking and seeing some waterfalls if you are lucky.


Go to a ball game


Everyone enjoys a ball game, even if you are not a huge fan. Check out for regional team games if you can’t get to a professional baseball game. Check to see if they have some theme days to enjoy.


Winter first date ideas


Ice Skating


Ice skating is like riding a bike, you will remember how to do it, even if its been a while. While indoors makes a nice date, check to see if you have an outdoor rink to go to. Outdoors is just a better atmosphere if you have the option.


Hot Chocolate Trail


Find some cafes that have specialty drinks and rate them according to your criteria. Add some dessert to make this an exceptionally great chocolate trail or crawl.


Holiday lights tour


Every town lists some of the best places to enjoy the holiday lights. Use their recommendations or make your own. Its fun to explore how people celebrate the holidays with their light displays.


Soup/small plates tour


This is a great way to sample some appetizers  from a couple of different places. You could also break it up with soup, dessert and coffee trail, visiting a different place for each.

This is a great way to try different places and be a little creative with something that is ordinary.


first date ideas winter



Summer first date ideas


Amusement Park/Fairs


There are so many different types of parks that would make a great date. There are smaller nostalgic places or Six Flags where the rides are full of adrenaline. Ask your date what types or rides they prefer and enjoy.


Take a wine tour


Visit a few wineries or make a list and work your way through on different dates. Vineyards are picturesque and wonderful places to enjoy the outdoors while learning something new.


Movies under the stars


This is such a romantic date idea. Look online for towns or businesses that hold “movies under the stars.”

Usually they have a summer schedule planned. Bring a blanket and Thermos willed with your favorite drink if possible and enjoy.


Go tubing on a river


Grab your sunscreen and enjoy a lazy afternoon floating down a river. You will have a great time doing something out of the ordinary


Fall first date ideas


Pumpkin Patch & Hayride


Visiting a pumpkin patch in the fall makes an amazing first date. If you are lucky you will also find a hayride to go on. You can extend your date by carving/painting your pumpkin or stopping for some comfort food and getting all cozy.


Leaf Peeping Road Trip


Taking a short road trip to see the fall foliage while stopping at a roadside market or pie shop would make a perfect date that celebrates the season.


Kayaking or Paddle boarding


You can rent a boat to enjoy for a few hours unless you have one of your own to enjoy. LL Bean has classes at local lakes that you may be able to take advantage of.


Harvest festival


Harvest festivals have all the seasons best food and drink to enjoy. Live music and events make visiting a fall festival a great way to spend time and get to know someone new.


Whiskey tasting


Visit a local pub and ask the bartender to set up a tasting for you and your date to enjoy. Tastings are fun to create, so pick something that you would like to try and create your own! It turns a single drink or meal into an event. Cheers!


What to expect on a first date


Expect to have a nice time meeting someone new. This is just getting to know you period, so try to relax and don’t put so much pressure on yourself  It takes time to find out someones personality so take it step by step.


Try to keep it in perspective so that whether you feel a “spark” immediately or not, you still have an enjoyable evening. 


How you should act on a first date


Keep it light. If you go with the expectation that “they could be the one,” that will put too much pressure on the date. 


Keep it simple and make eye contact with your date and allow the conversation to be a “give and take.”


 Keep your phone off the table and out of site. You want to be really present and make your date feel that you are paying attention.


This is just the first meeting, so have fun!


How to make a good impression on a first date


You make a good impression by being pleasant and going in with a good attitude. Show and use your manners. When talking, be respectful and put your best foot forward. 


While it depends upon where you have decided to go on a date, you should be dressed nicely. You don’t want to be dressed sloppily, even if you are doing something casual.


You want to have a nice time out, period.


What you should and should not do on a first date


You don’t know this person yet, so you’re just trying to figure that out.  Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. 


Don’t be cynical or have crazy high expectations


Do not drink too much. Keeping a clear head is not only smart but should be done for safety reasons.


Do not be late for your date and if you happen to be running late, make sure that you let them know. 


Remember to be courteous and keep it light.


First Date Do’s and Don’ts


If your date makes you feel uncomfortable in any way. You should cut your date short & remove yourself from the situation. 


This is why it’s a good idea to not give your date any personal info such as your home address. 


You don’t want to give any info until you feel very confident in your safety, especially when you don’t have any connections in common.


How long should a first date last?


That depends upon what you have planned and how good a time you are having. But in general, try to keep the first date manageable.


A few hours is perfect. And if all goes well, this will set the stage in anticipation of the second date.


How do I have fun on a first date?


As we mentioned before, go in with the attitude that you are going to have fun and enjoy yourself. 


If you have a bad attitude towards dating, it will definitely come out in your conversations. Choosing an activity is a great way to keep your energy high on a date.


first date ideas farmers market



First date conversation tips


That is what is good about using our

73 Questions to ask on a first date

175 Fun Questions to Ask

Interesting Conversations in any situation


 Asking questions is great, but even more important than that is listening. You just need to make sure that the conversation is both give and take.


Be positive and optimistic in your conversation. This is attractive and will show your personality in the best light. 


We all have problems and irritations, but your first date is not the time to talk about those irritations or any problems with your ex.


There are benefits to not talking about very controversial topics on the first date. The reason is that we are more apt to not give the person any benefit of the doubt when we do not know them well yet. 


Without knowing them, it is likely that we will just get aggravated and cut them loose. After we know them and like them a bit, we will listen more and give them a chance to explain their point of view.


Communication is key in the beginning of any relationship, but take your time!


Tips for first date after meeting online


When you meet online, you may be only going by pictures and texts. Hopefully you have talked on the phone so that you have a better idea of their personality.


As mentioned above, be on time and if anything causes you to be late, make sure that you let them know. Also make sure you drive yourself to and from the date and tell a friend your plans.


First date flirting tips


Subtle flirting is an easy way to see if you have a connection. Touching your dates arm while talking and leaning in and smiling are all ways to show your interest in a fun and playful way.  


You can see if your date is giving you cues as to whether you should end the night with a kiss. Either way if you have had a nice time, lean in for a hug and thank them for the date.


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First date tips for guys


This is mostly common sense but a friendly reminder. You want to show respect and have manners with your date. Dress nice even if it is just casual. A woman can tell if you are making the effort and it will be appreciated.


If you have asked your date out, you should expect to pay. This does not mean you should pay for every date, but definitely the first one unless paying dutch has been discussed already.


With so many different dates to choose from, don’t make your first date a very expensive one. There are many that are free, or nearly free that would be amazing choices.


First date tips for girls


In general we feel good when we look good so picking out an outfit that is put together & comfortable is key. Make sure that you choose an outfit that fits the date. If you are playing miniature golf, maybe leave the stilettos at home. 


When you feel good about yourself, you will project that and feel more confident when meeting your date.


Offer to pay your share of the date. He may not want you to contribute but you should offer.


When you are first meeting someone, you should drive yourself to and from the date and make sure that someone knows your itinerary, safety first.


Dating Tips to Remember


After your first date


If you liked your date and would like to do it again, now is the time to let them know. 


Be aware that you both may have been a little nervous and to give a little leeway.


It takes time to get to know someone. If you had a pleasant time, you should plan a second date. 


We should not be so quick to assume that there is always someone better. Give people a chance!


If you really don’t want a second date then tell them that you didn’t feel a spark. If you think that you could be good friends, then let them know.


Don’t make them wonder. Don’t make them wait, and do not ghost them under any circumstances. Have basic manners. 


Don’t be a jerk…because karma 😊



When dating its best to bring your “best self” to any relationship and that means being happy while you are single first.



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