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Fun Ideas for Day Dates – Great List to Keep Handy!

Our ideas for day dates help you to create great alternatives the more traditional date night. Day dates are a more casual way to spend time together.   


Ideas for day dates


Depending on where you live and the season, we will have different ideas for day dates. We also have an epic date ideas guide that has many seasonal sections.


 So if you’re looking for ideas specifically for summer, winter, spring or fall, you can find more in the guide.


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  1. Go for a walk or hike


Get some exercise while enjoying your time out doors.Take your camera and take pictures with your phone to get some memorable photos of you both on your date.


  1. Coffee at a bookshop


There is just something fun about browsing books while enjoying a coffee that allows the conversation to flow. 


There is so much that you can tell about a person by learning some of their interests. You will even probably learn something new. 


There are not as many bookshops as there used to be, but take the time to search one out since many are real gems!


  1. Visit a local farmers market


You can usually find a farmers market to browse. Many of the outdoor ones are seasonal if you are in a location that gets cold weather, in that case visit an indoor market.


Most people love to visit and try some of the foods that are available. You will likely find handmade gifts that add to the atmosphere. 


This is a fun day date idea that falls into the inexpensive column also.


  1. Spa day


This day date idea could cost more than some of the other dates, but you have control over the services that you want to book.


 You could decide to book two pedicures instead of a full blown massage or spa package. Whatever you choose, having some relaxing time at a spa is well worth it.


  1. Matinee


Find a smaller movie theatre that has matinees which will make a good day date idea especially if the theatre has some history and is unique itself. Grab some popcorn and have a fun afternoon.


ideas for day dates- cafe & book store


  1. Rent a boat


 Why not rent a boat for an hour or two at a local lake or river? You could rent a fishing boat or kayak and enjoy the water. Plan a stop before or after the trip to get some ice cream or another treat. If it’s windy, bring a kite along!


  1. Go on a tasting tour


Pick a theme! A craft beer tour, whiskey tour, or something like appetizers at one place, main dinner somewhere else and dessert at a final place.


 Be creative! Do an Italian tasting or Mexican. It just adds a fun twist to your normal getting a drink or grabbing something to eat.


  1. Plan a weekend getaway or vacation


Planning and anticipation can be the most fun of any trip, so get inspired. Visit a bookstore and pick up an Airbnb magazine or a travel agency and get some booklets to browse.


Spend some time daydreaming and talking about the future.


  1. Learn a language together


If you are planning a vacation to a different country, then get Babbel and both of you learn a new language together! You can study together. 😃


  1. Brunch at a cafe


Morning dates can be some of the most fun dates to have, so if you are wondering “What should I do on a date in the morning?” Try brunch.


Having brunch at a cafe is a great start to the day especially if the cafe is part of a museum or boutique. Many nice hotels have great brunches to enjoy..


  11.  Enjoy a Picnic


Often people  wonder “what are some cheap ideas for day dates? Picnics can be a very inexpensive way to enjoy a date during the day. You can make some sandwiches or take a quick run to the grocery store to get some deli foods and maybe a bottle of wine.


The key is picking a nice location and a blanket! We have an extensive post on picnics which includes recipes and conversation starters to create an inexpensive but fabulous day date!


More Ideas for day dates


  1. Cooking together


We can’t always get out of the house for a date, this is a common concern of new parents. So if you are trying to find ideas on what you can do on a date at home, we have you covered! 


We have GREAT ideas for at home dates to check out, visit our top 10 at home date ideas.

Cooking breakfast or lunch together can be very romantic! You don’t only have to focus on dinner dates.


  1. See a baseball or college game


Going to a baseball game is fun even if you are not a huge sports fan, it’s the atmosphere and energy. 


If it’s not baseball season, check out your local college for a game coming up. Even better if you can add some tailgating to this fun day date!


  1. Explore your area


Take an afternoon road trip! Explore a little bit outside your immediate area. You probably have some interesting places to visit within an hour or so from your home.


 Acting like a tourist in your area is a great way to find some hidden places that may surprise you.



ideas for day dates- farmers market



  1. Visit a theme park


Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or prefer the bumper cars, visiting a theme park can bring out the kid in you. Who wouldn’t want some cotton candy or funnel cakes?


  1. Do Good


Spend the afternoon at a local food bank or animal shelter. Volunteering feels good and does good. 


You and your date and will get to know each other in a new and meaningful way. Check online for volunteering opportunities in your area.


  1. Antique hunting


Visit antique shops to find some cool furniture or items to refurbish or hunt for a vintage find. You never know what treasures that you may find.


  1. Old school mini golf


There is a reason that mini golf is always so crowded, it’s fun! You get to be competitive on a smaller scale. Plus many that don’t care for real golf, still like mini golf! Of course there is also ice cream. 😁


  1. Local events


Check your local area for upcoming food or music festivals. Local colleges put on regular plays and musicals. Area pubs may have live music to enjoy.


  1. Visit a farm or zoo


If you live in an area that has farms, you will probably see some animals and if you’re really lucky you can find some good cheese and cream to buy.


 Many of us haven’t visited a zoo in quite a while, so this is a unique idea for a day date.


  1. Visit State Parks


Visiting state parks make great day dates. You can explore and enjoy nature. Each State park has something unique to offer. 


Do a quick Google search to find some in your area. Most have trails that you can take your bicycles on which would be lots of fun for you and your date to experience.


  1. Get Crafty


Do a little research on Pinterest for some fun ideas. A favorite that we have done recently is to get colorful beer cans, drink them and cut off the tops to fill with dirt and plant a cactus…so fun!


  1. Paint by number


These are the COOLEST paint by number paintings that I have seen, the colorful animals are brilliant! 

Everything is included and they are really inexpensive.This would be a great way to spend time together.


  1. Enjoy a playlist


One of my favorite movies is Begin Again. In the movie,  the two people listen to the same playlist while they share the headphones, one for each person. 


They dance and enjoy walking in the city, while each is listening to some classic songs on the same playlist. 


  1.  Visit historical places


Specifically search out historical places, decide where you would like to visit then learn about the history of each place. 


Often we visit places and don’t really know the history unless we take a tour. So do your homework and create your own historical tour. Include architecture, art and graveyards. Ask about urban legends too!


ideas for day dates- walking in the park


What is a good date?


A good date is one that allows you to spend quality time together. That’s why only seeing a movie isn’t always the best idea if you want to reconnect. 


Find some ideas that fit the season and weather and find an activity. Doing some type of activity is usually the best type of date to get closer.


What do couples do on dates?


Whether you have been together for years or dating someone new, spending time together is essential. Relationships need to be nurtured to be successful.


Conclusion Ideas for day dates


All of our ideas for day dates gives you a list to look at when you need something to do quickly. 


Find something that you both will enjoy! We are big fans of activities, whether that means singing karaoke or finding a cool craft to make, these are things that make a great date.


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