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Funny Would you Rather Questions to Ask

We put together plenty of questions to ask your partner or friends, some are deep and others are funny would you rather questions. 

The goal is to help people get to know each other a little bit better in a fun way.


Remember to ask “why?” that’s where you get the great, insightful responses. You can see the crazy way their mind


Whether it’s just the two of you or a group of friends, these conversation starters will get the laughs going! 


Funny Would you rather questions


1. Would you rather run naked through the streets or have a naked photo be shared with everyone you know?


2. Would you rather go back in time or travel to the unknown future?


3. Would you rather forget what you are saying while in charge of a huge presentation or trip and fly across the floor in your office lobby in front of all your peers?


4. Would you rather give up coffee or tea or give up 2 hours of sleep a day?


5. Would you rather eat stale cereal or stale chips?


6. Would you rather dress up like a superhero or a cartoon character? Who would you choose?


7. Would you rather meet Elton John or Taylor Swift?


8. Would you rather have one wish today or three wishes in 20 years?


9. Would you rather go back to high school or college for a 6 months?


10. Would you rather have superpowers like Thor or Ironman?


11. Would you rather eat very spicy or very bland food only, for 2 months?


Would you rather questions for couples photo


More funny would you rather questions


We picked funny would you rather questions that would still allow you to get to know your partner or friends better.  But if you want to  read some silly “would you rather questions” you can visit here.


12. Would you rather be completely allergic to chocolate or coffee?


13. Would you rather lose your sense of smell or your sense of taste?


14. Would you rather be the Bugs Bunny or Snoopy?


15. Would you rather revisit an embarrassing event in your life or give up all TV for 6 months?


16. Would you rather eat live crickets or live octopus?


17. Would you rather see a ghost or hear voices?


18. Would you rather explore a haunted castle or an underground pyramid?


19. Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?


20. Would you rather be a really funny person that is plain or a great looking person that has no sense of humor?


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Would you rather questions


21. Would you rather be a germaphobe or claustrophobic?


22. Would you rather swim forever in the ocean or fly in the sky?


23. Would you rather not be a great person but create something that becomes a success or be a good person that lives a simple life?


24. Would you rather have a killer smile or amazing eyes, you can only have one?


25. Would you rather live as an athlete or an author given the choice of only those two?


26. Would you rather own a sailboat or a sports car?


27. Would you rather start your day at 3 am or 3 pm for your job?


28. Would you rather be a famous influencer or a well known scientist?


29. Would you rather see your future or see the future of your loved ones?


30.Would you rather read  a really good book or watch a great movie?


31. Would you rather be the center of attention or fade into the background?


32. Would you rather be a garbage man or high climbing steelworker?


33. Would you rather spend your life traveling or staying in one place?


Deep would you rather questions


34. Would you rather be the President of the US or the President of a company?


35. Would you rather travel back to the 1950’s or the 1970’s?


36. Would you rather only take cold showers or not have air conditioning in the summer?


37. Would you rather live in a place that is always cold or always hot?


38. Would you rather have parties all the time or never have one again?


39. Would you rather be a vegetarian or give up all cheese?


40. Would you rather explore a new place on your own or have a guide?


41. Would you rather have to live in Russia or India for the rest of your life?


42. Would you rather give up birthdays or Thanksgivings?


43. Would you rather take a chance and show a famous director your acting skills or sing in front of a famous musician to get their attention?


44. Would you rather eat only Italian food or Sushi for a 3 months?


45. Would you rather have a maid or a chauffeur?


46. Would you rather be adrift in the ocean or lost in the desert? How would you survive each?


47. Would you rather give up alcohol or desserts?


48. Would you rather be in a comedy, thriller or action movie? If you could only ever be in one.


49. Would you rather live the high life in a mansion or the simple rural life?


50. Would you rather be reincarnated in a woman that will live in the US or a man that will live in France?Why?


would you rather questions photo


Would you rather questions for couples


51. Would you rather meet Madonna or Warren Buffet?


52. Would you rather live with weather that is always rainy or always humid?


53. Would you rather rake LOTS of leaves or shovel LOTS of snow?


54. Would you rather be a King or Queen in past history or a Noble?


55. Would you rather marry the smartest person ever or the hottest person ever?


56. Would you rather ask questions to an Angel or Demon?


57. Would you rather give up all social media or watching any movies/tv?


58. Would you rather go back to using a landline only or never be able to use a laptop again?


59. Would you rather go mountain climbing or hunting?


60. Would you rather have slow WiFi or an intermittent cell signal?


61. Would you rather be a snake in the wild or a gerbil in a cage?


62. Would you rather have casual relationships with no negative feelings or find real love that has constant roller coaster emotions?


63. Would you rather stay 18 years old forever, with your 18 year old brain or stay 60 years old forever with the wisdom that comes with age?


64. Would you rather be rich and single or poor with a family that loves and needs you?


65. Would you rather receive a one time payment of 250k but are a lazy person or the drive and determination to create something of your own from scratch?


66. Would you rather play an instrument very well or be able to speak another language fluently?


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67. Would you rather live in an RV or a tree house?


68. Would you rather eliminate the emotion of anger or guilt?


69. Would you rather be stranded on an isolated island or stuck in the wild mountains?


deep Would you rather questions photo


70. Would you rather have an easy job that you hated or a hard job that you loved?


71. Would you rather spend more time at 5 star restaurants or casual fast food places?


72. Would you rather find out that aliens are real and living among us or that no one has a clue about them, but are coming in our lifetime?


73. Would you rather have a relaxing weekend staying in or a more active weekend seeing the sites?


74. Would you rather retire today if you could or keep working to create something special and work forever?


75. Would you rather keep the life that you have or have the chance to start over again?


76. Would you rather be uncomfortable but look good or comfortable and look sloppy?


77. Would you rather take money that you found and be rich but paranoid or give the money to the police without keeping a cent?


78. Would you rather be able to say whatever you want at any time and have people mad at you sometimes or be able to hold your tongue and have everyone like you?


79. Would you rather have a really bad hair day or feel really bloated and gassy all day?


80. Would you rather spend 5,000 on travel or on clothes, jewelry & going out?


81. Would you rather go surfing or skiing?


82. Would you rather come back as a lazy cat or an energetic dog?


Conclusion Funny would you rather questions


Our Funny would you rather questions will be an ever growing list of things that are silly but will get some interesting  conversations started. We would love your ideas of what you would like to see more of when it comes to conversation starters. Let us know and we will add more articles that are specific to the things that you would like to see. Cheers!


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