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Having a Girls Night In- Hallmark Movie Night

My girlfriend inspired this girls night in. She is a true lover of Hallmark Movies, I on the other hand was unfamiliar. I now understand the obsession. 

 It’s comforting and becomes an escape from the realities and stresses of life. It doesn’t matter that the movies follow a predictable theme, it’s actually a feature.


Because of the common thread that runs through all the movies a bingo and drinking game has been created, how cool is that?


While Hallmark makes seasonal movies year round, its the Christmas movies that are the most popular.


So whether its just starting to get cold outside or your celebrating Christmas in July, you can enjoy your girls night in.


We created  the ultimate movie night, included is a download of the Hallmark drinking game and Hallmark bingo that we designed to go along with your movie watching! 


Everything you will need to enjoy your “girls night in”  watching Hallmark movies. Wait till you see what we found!


 Keeping our friendships strong


Our friendships are one of the most important relationships that we will ever have in our lifetimes.


We are all so busy with our own responsibilities, but we still need to take the time to nurture our friendships and keep them strong. So set a time and get a sitter if you need to, but keep your girls close!


So put on your fuzzy socks, grab your girlfriends, spike your hot cocoa and enjoy watching some movies that will give you all the feels of the season.


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Girls night in activities & games 


We created a download that includes two bingo cards and the drinking game.


Hallmark Bingo


Scan your card so you know what to look out for when you are watching the movies.. Whenever you see something in the movie that’s on the board such as “mistletoe,” put an M&M or Hershey’s Kiss on the space.  


Whoever fills the spaces that are vertical, horizontal or diagonal first wins, just like regular bingo.


Hallmark Drinking Game


This one is pretty self explanatory. Whenever you see something happening in the movie that matches what’s on the card, you take either one or two drinks. 


As for a winner? Well you and your friends can decide how someone is the winner , maybe the last one standing! Make sure there is a designated driver! Cheers…


hallmark bingo & hallmark drinking download

Hallmark Bingo & Drinking game download

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Girls night in Christmas Playlist 

44 of the BEST Christmas songs to play before the movie starts that are all classics! Below is a tiny sample of the songs we put together.


Christmas Wrapping-The Waitresses

Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy- David Bowie & Bing Crosby

My Grown-Up Christmas List- Natalie Cole

Little Saint Nick- The Beach Boys

Do They Know its Christmas?- Band-Aid

Wonderful Christmastime- Paul McCartney



hallmark movie night -girls night in


Girls night in menu




This is obligatory! Grab your favorite popcorn  either movie theater or no butter (you do you!) My favorite is sprinkling a good seasoning salt and cayenne on my movie popcorn. But it’s fun to have a variety of seasonings to try. Place your seasonings on your “food bar.”


Hot Chocolate Bar


There are many ways to make hot chocolate, but using actual chocolate instead of cocoa makes it richer. We are spiking ours and having more than one, so we are keeping  the heavy cream out!


10 servings


4 cups whole milk

2 cups half and half

1 1/2 cups good semi sweet chocolate chips

Tsp. vanilla

a dash or two of salt



Mix together and melt on low in a crock pot. Ladle into cups and top with assorted toppings



whipped cream 

peppermint sticks

chocolate sauce

caramel sauce 




w/ Assorted Vodkas

Caramel Vodka

Raspberry Vodka

Whipped Cream Vodka


girls night in- hallmark movie night hot cocoa


Chocolate Covered Pretzels



Pretzel rods

Semi sweet chocolate chips

White chocolate chips





Melt each type of chocolate on medium in the microwave, mixing approx. every 20 seconds until melted. Spread your choice of chocolates with a knife over ⅔ of the pretzel.

We stood the pretzels up in a cooling rack with holes to cool. When cooled, place laying down on the cooling rack.


Melt the white chocolate and spoon into a baggie. cut the tip and move back and forth across the pretzels to create a white chocolate decorations.


 Dip the tip in sprinkles if desired. let cool on wax or parchment paper. Note: Candy melts can also be used, but for taste you can’t beat real semi sweet and white chocolate. 


You can wrap the pretzels in cellophane and tie with a ribbon to give as a favor!


Brie  w/ Onion Chutney & Apples w/ Honey




Use a cutting board and place on it your favorite Brie and crostini.

Cut apple slices drizzled with honey.


Make this fabulous onion chutney and cool. 

 Also use any leftover onion chutney and add to some veggie or beef stock, top with a crostini and Gruyere for the best French Onion Soup I have ever had!.


Mac n’ Cheese Bar

serves 8

preheat 375 degrees



16 oz Elbow macaroni

4 cups whole milk

6 tbs. butter

1/2 cup flour

12 oz Gruyere shredded

8 oz sharp cheddar

1/2 tsp black pepper

1/2 tsp nutmeg

salt to taste




Cook macaroni according to package instructions. Drain.

Heat the milk in saucepan, do not boil. Melt butter in large pot and add flour to make a rue, cook 2 min while mixing whisking.

Add milk and whisk about 2 min. until thick. Remove from heat and add the cheeses and seasonings, mix. Add to 3 quart baking dish.

Melt 2 tbs butter and mix with 1 1/2 cups panko. Sprinkle on mac and bake 30-35 until top is browned.

Serve in individual ramekins



have your guests help themselves to a variety of toppings to add


Cut up hot dog  or kielbasa pieces

Frito’s, Ritz crackers or other chip of choice

Crumbled bacon

Stewed tomatoes 


Chopped jalapenos



hallmark movie night hot cocoa


Girls night in food idea


Getting inspiration is easy when you have Pinterest, but we wanted to narrow that down so its not so overwhelming. 


We think that having a “food bar” is so fun and not only for drinks! Having lots of things to choose from is easy and a great way to entertain.


Have each guest to bring something to add to the table, that way you will only have to focus on one main item for the food and  the drink bar.


 Having something that allows everyone to add their own toppings or a variety of dips keeps things interesting.


Stuff to get cozy for Girls night in movie night


Now that we have created a comfy cozy atmosphere, let’s indulge in some fun and cozy items just for us girls!




Hallmark Mug, Christmas Movie Watching Mug Red Pickup Truck Coffee Cup Birthday Winter Holiday Gifts



If You Can Read This Bring Me Novelty Socks – Funny Dress Socks These are available in Tacos, Tea, Coffee, Whiskey, Pizza, Bacon & Ice Cream designs!





FRIENDS Central Perk Ornament- Perfect for your Friends!



Hallmark Socks, Christmas Socks, Unisex Novelty Socks Xmas Gifts for Women


Women’s Long Sleeve V-Neck Shirts Loose Casual Tee T-Shirt with Pocket




Super Soft Cozy Luxury Microfiber – This is My Christmas Movie Watching Blanket 




Hallmark Movie Checklist App



Download a viewing guide so you know when all your favorite movies will be playing. Use this for your countdown to Christmas movie schedule.


You can add reminders to your calendar so you don’t forget to watch. Available on Google Play & the App Store.


Deck the Hallmark Podcast


Ok, so there are these three guys that have a podcast. They watch EACH Hallmark Movie and review them.


 A little backstory, one of the guys LOVES the movies, another guy LIKES the movies and the third guy HATES them.


 This is what makes it interesting and funny! Its turned into a “thing,” so if you really like Hallmark movies, you may want to check them out!


Conclusion girls night in


Our friends just may be the longest relationship that we have throughout our life. Making time for them is beneficial in mores ways than we can count.


 It takes a little effort but instead of pushing it off until you have the time, schedule an appointment, and keep it! Choose different movies to watch for other girls nights in to fit whatever mood or season that you are in.


Visit these articles to help strengthen or make new friendships.

How to Meet New Friends & Make Lasting Friendships

Friendship Goals + 70 Friendship Goals Quotes


We also want to share a site that we love,  Girls night in newsletter.  They hold local/virtual  book clubs and have a strong focus on self care, we think that you will enjoy it as much as we do!


Note- Obviously if you have a partner that enjoys these movies, then turn it into a Hallmark Date Night and enjoy! 



hallmark movie night-girls movie night


Hallmark movie quotes


 “Some women choose to follow men, Some choose to follow their dreams” –

Sonia, Love on the Air


“When I think back about when we were growing up together I remember so many things. But for the life of me, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t in love with you.” 

-Neil, -The Lost Valentine


 “Epiphanies are gifts from the universe.”

 -Cassie, Good Witch


 “Now you have my heart. Keep it next to yours and bring it back to me. I will always love you.”

-Caroline, Lost Valentine


 “I love the past, but I have found more joy focusing on the here and now.”

 -Cassie, Good Witch


 “Ladies, getting married doesn’t mean giving up your identity & taking on his. Be an Island

” -Sonia, Love on the Air


 “You know, sometimes love isn’t fireworks. Sometimes, love just comes softly.”

 -Sarah, Love Comes Softly


 “Before the moon has left the sky, he must know he’s still your guy.”

 -Looking for Mr. Right


 “There’s real magic helping other people.” 

-Cassie, Good Witch


 “You can listen to your mind, but you have to follow your heart.”

 -Christmas Under Wraps


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