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This Gorgeous Swedish Word is Untranslatable

The Swedish word, Gokotta, means the “act of rising early in the morning to hear the first birds sing in nature.”

Leave it to the Swedish to have a word that means something that is so serene. This concept, immersing yourself in nature is beneficial both mentally and physically.


What is the origin of the Gokotta tradition?


In some parts of Sweden there is a tradition of going out into the wild on Ascension Day (40 days after Easter.) So you can listen to the birds, and in particular, the cuckoo, sing their songs for the first time in spring.


Even churches in many parts of the country agree to hold their Ascension morning service in the open so believers can hear the cuckoo sing.


If the sound comes from the east or the west, it means good tidings – “Cuckoo in the west is the very best” – but if from the north or south, it’s not as good.


Some people may eat a picnic breakfast or drink coffee before returning home.  Singing and playing music are generally part of the festivities.

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I think what I like the most about these words is that they make you think and be mindful for a moment. We are happy to share these words, concepts, and products with everyone!


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