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Are you a High Value Woman? Take the quiz!

What does it mean to be a high value woman? You have probably read or seen this term before so let’s dive in   

to find out more about their habits and traits.


One of the most important things is to ask this question, Do your traits mirror the traits in the person that you are looking for?

If you are looking for a fit, interesting, put together kind of guy.. then that should describe you.

Like attracts like.

Below are 10 traits of a high value woman.


Has high standards


A high value woman knows how she needs to be treated. She expects respect and will not tolerate anyone acting disrespectful to her.


Self confidence is an important part of having high standards. Being confident is extremely sexy to guys. She doesn’t get jealous of other women because she knows that she is unique in her own way and a great catch.


She knows her worth, and has the confidence to walk away from anyone that devalues her, her thoughts or actions.



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Lets him know her thoughts & feelings


She doesn’t make anyone guess her feelings or needs. She tells them what she is thinking.


When making plans, she doesn’t want her date to make all the decisions. She doesn’t tell them “whatever you want” she gives her opinion.


This is something that men always have a problem with, they do not want to make every decision. When a woman is conforming this shows insecurity and will  get old quick.

There is little that is as unattractive as a woman being insecure and he will lose interest. 


Take the fun quiz below to see if you are a high value woman 😉


Doesn’t put him/anyone on a pedestal


I  want to tell a personal example of this. Throughout my life  I’ve had opportunities to interact with very important people and celebrities. My behavior was to act as the same as with any other business relationship

Meaning when I was having a meeting with investors, I did not gush about how lucky I was to be meeting them, I wanted them to see what a great opportunity I was bringing to them.

Also when working with celebrities and everyone else around me is asking for autographs and heaping compliments on them, I made a point not to.


I never wanted anyone to think that I was placing them on a pedestal. They were not above me, I needed to be seen as talented, capable and as an equal. I obviously respected their achievements but didn’t want to act as though I was below them.  I found this necessary as a foundation for long lasting relationships.


A high value woman knows that she is more than good enough for him, the question becomes, Is he worthy of  her?


Doesn’t seek validation from him or anyone else


She takes care of yourself and her health, and expects others to treat her well because she treats yourself very well. She projects the confident person that she is by how she presents herself. She works to take care of her mind, body & soul.


She has her own opinions and knows how to say “no.”  She will not compromise her values to fit in to a relationship or a new group of people.


If she feels uncomfortable she will remove herself from the situation. She has integrity and expects the same from others. This builds trust because if the woman you are with holds herself to these standards her potential partner will value her and bring his “A” game!


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Is complete without a romantic relationship


She is happy with her life and enjoys her friends. The person that she dates should to be someone that is a great addition to her life.

She also knows that she is enough without being in a relationship, which is why she doesn’t rush into any. Being in a good relationship is great but is not necessary for her own happiness. The key, is that it needs to be the right person, not just any person will do!


If you are not enough single, you will never be enough when taken. Happiness comes from within, not from men.


People notice if someone is desperate for a partner, it will be felt by everyone that you date. When a guy feels smothered and he perceives neediness in someone be assured that he will leave eventually.


This is understandable because these are low value traits in a person. No one can fill a void that is in another person. That can only be filled by THAT person and the help perhaps of their therapist.


Having a full life with friends, family and hobbies that you enjoy are essential. Always continue to do all the things that you enjoy whether he shares them with you or not. Never lose who you are to be in a relationship.


Reveals herself slowly


A little bit of mystery is a good thing, it leaves them wondering. It’s more fun to reveal yourself more slowly instead of a quick rundown of your life.



A high value woman is interesting, authentic and self aware and it takes time for anyone to get to know her intimately. That’s the idea, he needs to understand that you have a unique personality and there is a lot about you that is worth getting to know.


Doesn’t invest more than is given in the relationship


She knows not to put in more time and energy into a relationship than what is given. I watched a video where the girl was told to look at her phone to see actually who was engaging in the conversation.


Even though she didn’t realize it, her phone was mostly blue bubbles. The takeaway was that SHE was doing all the initiating. There are always articles on “Does he like me” or “Why is he ghosting me?” Guys are not that complicated, they show interest when they are INTERESTED.

High value women realize this and move on.


She is a passionate partner to someone that invests equally into her relationship. She is a very giving person to someone that deserves her love, attention and energy.


She isn’t readily available


This is very important and pertains to her time. She is not available at the drop of a hat. She is also definitely not readily available for whenever he wants to spend time with her. If he calls late at night to hang out, the answer is “no.”


Her time is valuable and to spend time with her you need to actually make plans. She has a life and even if she is enjoying a relaxing evening, she does not jump to be with him, ever.


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Is both strong & feminine


She is in charge, but still soft. Her femininity is her strength. She is smart & confident with a good heart. She respects others and is a caring compassionate person. She is not manipulative or needy.

She knows that she is capable of doing things for herself but is smart enough to allow him to take care of her. When she is in the right relationship she knows that she doesn’t have to take care of everything on her own.


She understands that a man needs to know that he is needed and is happy to make him feel important and special. She allows her man to be a man and appreciates and acknowledges what he brings to the relationship.


If someone does not meet her expectations or see how great a catch she is then they are not worth her energy. She will walk away and move on to someone that really “sees” the high value woman that she is!


Shows both her sexy and classy sides


She shows her sexy side by being playful. Playful in conversations and flirty with someone that she is attracted to. She enjoys being desired and is a very passionate person.


Being light and playful is very attractive to a man. She knows that the combination of sexy and classy are an intoxicating, charismatic mix.  A high value woman is a classy woman, the traits are the same.


You will likely not find her loud and drunk when she is out. She won’t be crying and wondering “why he doesn’t love me?”…it’s just not her default. She is the put together woman that you have been searching for your entire life, she is special and worth all the effort.




A high value woman has cultivated these valuable traits. She is not perfect, but she knows that anything that needs to be worked on, will be. If you don’t see yourself in every aspect, then becoming self aware of those shortcomings is the first step.


Even if we are not confident all the time or strong all the time, we still try to work on these high value woman traits a little each day.

As the old Preference hair color commercial says…. “Because you are worth it!”


Matthew Hussey- High Value Woman
(Love his You tube channel!)

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