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7 Rules – How to be Irresistible


Doesn’t everyone want to know “how to be irresistible?” That would make attracting the right man so much easier. 

Being liked is important to the success of relationships of all kinds.


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Confidence is a key component and number one on the list. When we see someone that is confident and sure of themselves we want to be around them.


Confidence is not condescending or arrogant which are both very unattractive personality traits. The list below will show you how to be irresistible.





Confidence is key to be irresistible


Confidence is like a magnet. Guys want a woman that is confident in who she is and what she wants.


Healthy self esteem is infectious. A confident woman knows that when you know your own worth, it shows in the way that you carry yourself. Of course this is important for both men and women.


Confidence is very sexy


Insecurity will kill that initial attraction and the ability to keep a relationship strong. Another killer of attraction is negativity. You can have the MOST attractive person but if they are insecure or negative, their attractiveness goes right out of the window.


We all have seen that gorgeous guy or girl and as soon as they open their mouth, that all changes.


An insecure person looks for validation from outside sources. They need to be filled up by others. This is a very difficult person to be in a relationship with, since they never seem to be able to feel “enough.”


Spending time with a negative person is very draining. Sometimes you just catch someone on a bad day. But when it is actually a character trait, then that’s highly unattractive.


Life is challenging enough without bringing someone into our lives that will bring us down.


We are drawn to people that are positive and put together and that is how to be irresistible to those around us.


3 ways to be more confident


The first thing to know is yourself. This is where self awareness is so important. Assess why you may lack confidence in your interactions.


Often in situations, we may have to “psych” ourselves into playing a part, that may not feel completely comfortable at first. But this will become more natural in time.


1. Act as though you are confident. Even if you don’t feel it, you are going to play the part of someone that is confident. You still have your own thoughts and opinions but the way you are communicating is more controlled.


2.  Visualize the situation beforehand and “channel” a mentor or someone that you find very confident


3. Slow down your movements and conversation, be aware of your posture. Smile and listen completely before responding. Breathe deeply to help with any nerves.


No one feels confident in all situations, that is just life. But by using these tips and slowing down plus listening before responding, you will be well on your way to feeling more confident.


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Physical Attraction

Physical appearance is only a small part of the whole package. But it still is a part!


Physical attraction is that spark, the second glances, the initial interest. This is what gets the ball rolling.


There needs to be attraction and the first thing that you notice is their looks and body language.


Smiling and making eye contact gets a person noticed and helps to make that first connection.


Being healthy and happy makes a person very attractive! Seriously a happy smiling person will radiate friendliness and that will draw people to them. Adding humor to the mix is also a very attractive trait.


When you look good, you feel good. We know that.


The person that you present to the world is the person that you are.


Our style reflects our personality and what we value and find important.


If you go out with your Hermes bag, then we can conclude that you enjoy the status that designer clothes and accessories bring with it.


If you spend most of your time in workout clothes, we can assume that you value being fit and making time for the gym. We are showing who we are and what is important to us all the time.




An independent woman is highly irresistible. Men are not attracted to needy women. When women are independent they do not need their guy to fill up their life.


They are fine on their own, but want someone that can ADD to their life. Men hate the idea of being smothered in a relationship or feeling pressured to give anything up.



No one wants to be in a relationship where they feel that they are losing something rather than gaining.


When a woman is independent she will have her own interests and friends. She doesn’t need or want to spend every minute with her guy but enjoys the time that they do spend together. Its great when you can have things that you both can enjoy  both together and apart.


She knows that time apart can keep the relationship fresh and interesting.



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High value woman


We have talked about this often and  in other articles, with very good reason. It is “the most” important thing for getting into the right relationship that will last. Being a high value woman is another large part of how to be irresistible.


You need to be who you are and not what you THINK someone wants you to be.


You have opinions and are not afraid to talk about them with others. We all probably know someone that can be overly opinionated and condescending in their beliefs.


This is very different than having and speaking your own mind in a kind honest way.


Men want someone that can have an opinion about what to do on a Saturday night or where to eat. They do not want to make all the decisions and a high value woman knows this.


Men value what they earn, you need to let them know that you are interested but then it’s up to them to make the effort.


Often men will be hesitant to just walk over to someone and start chatting.


If we took a survey we would find that this is a very rare occurrence. We need to give them the “OK” to come over and chat. This starts with eye contact and a smile. This is the opening that they need, then it’s their move.


High value women do not want drama to be a part of her life. She also does not enjoy being around others that find that type of thing entertaining.


Show your softer side



There are many sides to you and since he likely already knows that you are strong, you also need to show your softer side. Being vulnerable is very attractive and creates a stronger bond.


Men find the sensitive, compassionate, caring and feminine part of your personality to be an important part of how to be irresistible.


Be a little playful when talking. Show your interest by lightly touching his arm when you are making a point.


Add some mystery to yourself by never letting him a think that he has you all figured out!



 be irresistibly desired quote

Engaged in life


An energy comes from living in the present and enjoying where you are at that moment. Enjoying your family, work and hobbies without living in the past or worrying about the future.


Talk about things that you are passionate about in your conversations. Spend time enjoying your life in the present.


We all have gone out with friends when we really did not feel like it, and our energy certainly was not very inviting.


It makes a difference what kind of energy we are putting out into the universe. You will not attract someone when you really don’t want to be where you are.


We just need to be aware of the energy that we are projecting.


Men are attracted and notice women that are enjoying themselves.


There is a scene in the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” where the main character is very depressed and trying to cheer up by taking an Italian holiday.


She is in the market and sees this elegant woman holding a baby chick and feeling the soft feathers on her face.


The main character is so taken by this that she follows her to watch her as she enjoys life. The point is that everyone is so drawn to her because she is savoring everything around her.


How you treat each other


A “good man” wants to be treated as a good man. A woman that makes her man feel appreciated, strong and capable when they are together will have found a guy that will be there for her through thick and thin.


Find small ways to compliment him for what he does and how he makes you feel and this will in turn create someone that will be very loyal  and fall in love with you.


Having someone by your side who believes in you and who loves who you are is completely irresistible.


Recap “how to be irresistible”



1. Confidence is key

2. Physical attraction

3. Being a high value woman

4. Showing your softer side

5. Treating your partner with kindness and respect

6. Engaged in your own life



10 Attraction Killers



1. Being a negative person, always thinking that you are the victim.

2. Not caring about hygiene or having pride in how you present yourself.

3. Being Insecure and needy, wanting to control another person and their time. The harder you push the further they will be move away from you.

4. Not having your own interests or friends. Relying on him for your happiness.

5. Treating your partner with disrespect, putting him down instead of lifting him up.

6. Not showing happiness or excitement in life in general.

7. Doesn’t show any vulnerability, keeps her guard up. Doesn’t show enough compassion or empathy.

8. Allows others to treat her with disrespect.Complains that she is treated badly without holding the people she cares about to higher standards.

9. Is attracted to drama. Jumps in with her friends or family problems instead of walking away from the drama, she invites it in.

10. Makes everything easy for men. She gives freely with her emotions to those that have not earned it from her.


Remember that men value what they earn


You cannot wonder why you are not valued and respected as you should be if you do not value and respect yourself first.


be irresistible quote photo


Be Irresistible Quotes



Love is an irresistible desire To be irresistibly desired

-Robert Frost


“The most irresistible charm of youth is its bubbling enthusiasm”



“The irresistible lure of an beautiful smile”



‘There is nothing more irresistible to a man than a woman who’s in love with him.”

-Earnest Leyman


“What makes someone irresistible, is not their looks, but the way they can make your mind tickle, your heart race and your soul smile, all at once.”
― Wordions


“Intelligence is Attractive, Kindness is Heart Melting, But a combination of the two is Irresistible.”
― Drishti Bablani


“It’s always the ones we’re not supposed to have who are the most irresistible.”
― E.M. Denning



How to be irresistible and attractive


Sometimes we need to be reminded of the simple things that make us successful in dating and relationships.


Be friendly and smile to engage others as you go about your day, not just when you are “going out.”


Do not stick to the idea of an “ideal person.” Forget those checklists!


We need to give people a chance even if they do not fit the picture that we have in our heads. Being open to new people and experiences can bring some very happy surprises.


If you feel that you are lacking in any of these traits, then just knowing is a great first step!

Work on the areas that you need to by reading books or perhaps talking to a counselor.


Nurturing these traits in your love life will help you answer the question of “how to be irresistible.”


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