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How to Flirt over Text & Mistakes to Avoid

As with most flirting advice, make sure your flirting fits where you are in your relationship. You definitely don’t want to come on too strong or too quickly!   


How to flirt over text- Tips 


In the beginning stages of your relationship, you should remember to flirt more subtly. Texting is a great way to keep in touch and also to build interest when you are getting to know someone better.


 As your relationship progresses you will probably be more confident with your flirting.


The key to flirting over text, is to send fun & teasing texts to make them smile and laugh. You should save the more direct flirting for when you are already in a relationship. 


Of course the same goes for sending very sexy photos. Frankly you should skip sending those photos altogether since phones can be hacked and you just never know!


When you don’t know someone well yet, you don’t necessarily know their sense of humor yet which is why subtle is best. 


We have many flirty text ideas for you to use in your texting conversations. 


A good rule of thumb is to have a text conversation similar to a regular conversation. 


Read the text out loud before sending it to make sure it sounds as  you mean it to sound to the other person (this is a helpful practice!)


Remember that a little mystery goes a long way. You don’t want to reveal too much, too soon.


Be playful and a little teasing


A few examples are below.


There is definitely something that I would much rather be doing right now


Out of sight but never out of mind


I had an amazing dream about you last night


Flirting with you is so much fun!


You make me smile


You have such a great laugh


We have lots of cute & flirty texts to choose from


flirting over text photo


How do you start a conversation with your crush over text?


We have a great in depth article on how to start a conversation over text.



How can you tell if someone is flirting?


That is the tricky part of texting. You have to be careful with sarcasm mixed with flirting because it does not always come across in the same way that you mean it, so watch out for that!


 Showing interest and flirting goes hand in hand, so pay attention to how they communicate with you. 


  • Do they make an effort to communicate?


Do they answer fairly quickly and initiate conversations?


  • Texting double entendres 


A double entendres is something that can be taken Innocently or have a sexual overtone, an innuendo.


A cliche example would be “If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body, Would You Hold It Against Me?.”


 Or  “She leaned into him to soak up his warmth.”You are so hot,” she said.”It’s about time you noticed,” he teased.”


Check out these examples of some good and bad flirting to help you decide.


  • Playful Flirting


Flirting is fun and playful. Its joking about being together or imagining spending time together. 


This is meant for when you are dating or have a relationship. You do not want to do this unsolicited with a coworker for example.


how to flirt over a text


Texting mistakes that can kill a conversation


Most of these texting mistakes are common sense if you have been texting for a while but they are still good reminders when you are texting someone new.


Do not text full conversations


 Keep your conversations short. Remember that you have a life and so does he, so don’t make the mistake of texting about things that should be talked about “in person.” 


You do not want to be seen to be needy, which tends to happen if you overdo texting conversations.


Keep the conversation flowing with the same topic


When you are texting, keep in mind the continuation of the conversation. Lets face it, texting can be confusing enough without bringing up random thoughts without ever ending to the last convo.


So lets say that you text him or her about something funny that just happened and before you get an answer you send another text about what you would like to do for the evening.


 How is the other person supposed to follow a conversation when you are jumping around all over the place?


Do not text just to complain or be negative


Listen we all have crap that we deal with daily, but if you want to quickly connect with a text, then keep it light and positive.


It is not easy to deal with or converse over text when complaining, ESPECIALLY if you are just getting to know the other person.


They may think that being negative is a larger part of your personality that it may be. Be the person that you want to be around and spend time with


.These are tips of how NOT to kill a conversation but to make it a success.


How do you make a guy fall in love with you over text?


You can’t. You can flirt, entice and get to know someone but real feelings will only grow from spending time together in person.


 If you have ever watched “Catfish”  then maybe you think that it is possible to fall in love without spending time in person. But real love only grows when you actually have shared experiences.


That includes having both fun and challenging times. Think of it this way, texting is the appetizer to the meal with is the relationship.


Reading body language and tone is necessary to really get to know someone. So use texting to flirt, ask questions and get to know them initially, but it can’t take the place of real interactions and the feelings that grow from that.


3 steps to getting a guy to approach you in person 


While we all love the ease of texting, there is still no better way to meet people than in person. So keep these easy steps handy when you are out and want to be approached in public.


(if you are a guy, pay attention to these signals!)


  1. Hold eye contact for a few seconds and smile.


  1. Find an excuse to become physically closer so that it is easier to say hello. (this lessens the nervousness to walk over to you)


  1. Give a compliment or say something in passing, then look away. (lets him know that you are open to talking)


This will give him the signals that are necessary to hold a conversation with you. -Matthew Hussey


Top 5 ways to flirt in person


Conclusion How to Flirt over Text


If you are in a relationship and would like to spice things up a bit, then check out over 90 cute flirty texts to make him & her smile & blush


We have hundreds of texts for him and her to send such as good morning texts and texts to send right before they go to sleep at night.


 It’s all about creating and keeping our connections strong. So make the extra effort to make them feel special!


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Good night texts so they think about you all night

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