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How to Flirt with a Guy (8 Tips Men can’t Resist)

Learning how to flirt with a guy is really just giving him permission to make the first move.   

 Many girls get nervous at the thought of showing him the initial attention, but don’t give it so much importance.

All it takes is a little change to your perspective and you will see how easy it can be.


How to flirt with a guy


Many women want the guy to make the first move. And what they mean by that is they want them to make the effort to get to know them. 


But think about this for a minute… How does a guy know if he walks over to talk to you, that you will  be receptive? That is why it is so rare for a guy to approach, completely out of the blue. 


This is why you need to give him the “OK” to talk to you and the best way to give him that signal is to follow these 8 simple steps below.


  1. Catch their eye


You need for them to notice you.  The best way to do that is to catch their eye. You can’t expect someone to randomly walk up to you and just start a conversation.


They have NO idea if you will look at them as if they are crazy or not. This would be nerve wracking for anyone! So the best way to get noticed is to catch their eye.


When you make eye contact , hold for at least 3 seconds. Look away and then make eye contact again and hold a few seconds with an added smile.


This will let him know that it was not an accident that you looked his way. This is why you need the second eye contact with a smile. This lets him know that you are open to him making the first move to say hello.


  1. Create opportunity


Try to create an opportunity to move physically closer or if happen to be with a friend, have them leave you alone for a few minutes. 


He will not want to interrupt a conversation that you are involved in, this is why sitting alone will create an opportunity for him to approach. Alternatively you could find a reason to walk his way and smile.

Maybe you could pass him on your way to the kitchen or bathroom. Get creative to get closer.


  1. Keep it light

There is little that is more attractive than someone that is having a good time and being playful. This is how women draw men to them. 


  • Show that you are enjoying yourself


If you want someone to be drawn to you, then be the person that others want to be around. Think about  what makes you drawn to someone, it is usually someone that is happy and enjoying where they are and what they are doing.

Having a positive and confident attitude is very attractive to those that are around you. Actually having a confident energy can be a woman’s superpower!


how to flirt


  1. Be light and playful


Be playful! When you are talking with a guy, lightly touch his arm or back. This is a simple way to show that you are interested in him.


It is an unmistakable way to be a little intimate in a way that is  fun and effortless. You can also “lean in” or “turn towards”  them when you are talking.

This uses your body language in an open and inviting way.


Try to find things that you have in common that you can expand upon. Some examples could be learning if he has your same love of travel or talking about some new restaurants that you are exited to visit.

Once you find some things that you have in common, you will start to connect easier.


 Ask these questions to learn more about him or her in a fun and easy way. Remember to always ask open ended questions so that you don’t get the dreaded one word answers!


Having playful conversations can be lots of fun. If you have had a bad day,  you could say how you would love a massage and how you wish he was nearby to be your personal masseuse.


Or maybe you could say that you had the most bizarre dream last night.  When he asks “what was it about” you could say “I don’t remember everything, but you made an appearance and I woke up smiling!”


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  1. Use honest compliments


Take a moment to compliment him on something that you may have noticed about him. Maybe you appreciate his taste in clothing or how polite he seems to be. Make sure your compliment is unique to him and not just about his looks (same tip when complimenting women.)


This is very attractive because it shows that you are being attentive to him. Everyone loves when they are made to feel special, and by noticing small things about him, this will make him pay attention and feel “special.”


  1. Show interest  and curiosity in him


Forget all that “ignore him or her” crap. Show him that you are interested in what he is saying and curious about who he is. Ask him some fun questions about himself.

When you are talking to him, turn towards him and make eye contact. Ask questions to follow up on some specific things that he mentions. This will show him that you are paying attention and actually interested in what he has to say. 


  1. A little mystery is good


  •   Keep things interesting by leaving some mystery about yourself.

You don’t want to tell him your life story right off the bat. You are complicated, so don’t oversimplify who you are and what you like and what you don’t. 

This is the time to be positive when talking about yourself. Its not always easy for us to be confident, but even if it doesn’t always come naturally, now is the time to show that YOU are special and worth getting to know!

You are an onion with many layers that you should reveal slowly and when the time is right.


  1. End with a plan


The end goal should be to have something planned so that you can see each other again. Be aware before you go out of some upcoming things that you may be interested in.


You can also have a favorite pub or cocktail location to offer as a possible next place to meet up.


Try using these ideas to meet again…

  • Have you been to X? I heard that they have an amazing cocktail menu, would you like to check it out?
  • There is a concert that I wanted to go to next weekend, would you like to go with me?
  • I will be going to the festival around 5 on Saturday, would you like to meet me there to get a bite to eat?

Having something to offer makes  a great way to  end the evening without any awkwardness. since you would rather know if you are both on the same page and want to see each other again.


Some common questions about “how to flirt with a guy”

How do you flirt?


Flirting is basically giving attention to someone that you would like to get to know better. But since you don’t know him well yet, you never want to give flirting too much importance.


 You are just curious, that’s it. This has nothing to do with being rejected, since you don’t know what type of person that they are yet.


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how to flirt with a guy over text


How can I flirt with my crush?


Flirting should be something that is fun and effortless. The best way to show that is to pay attention to your crush in a playful and fun way. Our flirting tips work in most situations, so give them a try!


How to flirt with a guy over text?


Texting can be tricky especially when you don’t know someone well yet. When you know somebody you tend to know what they mean when they are texting you because you can almost hear their voice. 


You add tone and context to these conversations. Since you don’t have any of that extra info in the very beginning, you will have to be careful. A great tip is to read it out loud before you press send. 


We have covered this topic in detail in the article, How to Flirt over Text & Texting Mistakes to Avoid. Read on to find examples of how to flirt with a guy over text that he won’t be able to ignore!


How to flirt with a guy without being obvious


Being happy and enjoying yourself is very attractive and gains attention, so use that to your advantage! 


Remember that when catching his gaze it needs to be held a few seconds and them make sure to add a smile. These are not obvious ways to flirt but they are effective. 


Use the 8 steps to flirt with a guy that are listed above since they are all subtle ways to help encourage him to make the first move.


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How to flirt with a guy over the phone


When you are on the phone, try not to bring up a lot of negative things that may be going on in your life.


When you are trying to be flirty, keeping things light helps to create that banter back and forth that can be so much fun. Double entendres can be fun when used sparingly.


Being positive and enjoying the conversation goes a long way in creating a fun and flirty conversation with a guy.


How to flirt with a guy on social media


If you are connected with him on social media, you can “like” the posts that you enjoy the most. Whenever you scroll through old posts and “like” a few of them, they will automatically know that you are interested in them.


Remember if you comment on posts to keep it lighthearted. You could also comment or DM him and share a similar memory that you had relating to  their post which may start a conversation in real life. The goal is to get off social media and the phone to connect in real life!


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how to flirt with a guy in person


How to flirt with a guy in person


Let’s say that you are walking down the street and you see someone that catches your eye, what can you do to get his attention in a fast and easy way?


The only way to handle this is to ask him a question or directions. Try, “do you know of a place nearby to get ice cream?” or “I am trying to find First Avenue, do you know where that is?”


I am sure that you could come up with lots of relevant questions in the moment. This is easy and can lead to a further conversation of “I am not from around here” or “ I have such a craving for some good ice cream.”

Try practicing this tactic, so it becomes second nature to talk to someone that you are just passing. This doesn’t take any courage all, since its just asking a question.


Of course the 8 steps of how to flirt with a guy that we have listed above are perfect to use whenever you find yourself in a situation where you want to get to know someone.

Remember that practice makes perfect!


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How to flirt with a guy at work


This can be tricky, but also gives you a head start in getting to know him better. Since you work with him, you will get coworkers opinions of his personality and his relationship status.


 This can be very helpful in learning about his character also. Just be aware that not everyone is receptive to dating someone at work that they see everyday. 


That being said, you will not know until you try, so make sure you use the 8 steps above that will work great in a work setting also!


Conclusion “how to flirt with a guy”


Hopefully you can see how flirting with a guy is easier than you thought. You really need to guide the encounter and give him the opportunity to make that first move!


Remember not put so much pressure on yourself. He just looks interesting, that’s all! You can never be rejected by someone that you don’t even know is worth knowing yet. 


When flirting with a guy, be the person that YOU would like to date and help him see why you are very special and worth getting to know! Cheers and good luck! 

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