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How to Keep Our Friendships Strong

Friendship goals & best friend goals are very helpful to create lasting friendships.  

The truth is that we need to have these strong friendships to have a healthy and happy life.


The longest happiness study was done by Harvard and the results show that having relationships belonging to a community was the most important thing that determined our happiness and long life.

We need to nurture all of our relationships and our close friendships since they are worth their weight in gold.


Friendship goals & best friend goals meaning


Generally when we think of friendship or best friend goals we are talking about something that we would love to do with our friends or a perfect moment with our friends. We use the hashtag #friendshipgoals when we are having fun and spending quality time with our best friends.

We know how important our friends are, but do you know how our friends keep us sane?


It doesn’t matter how many friends we have but the quality of those friendships that matter. It’s so easy to think at times that we ar alone and that our problems are insurmountable.


Talking with our friends, is literally therapy! When our friends listen to us, we gain a better perspective on our problems. There are few people in our lives that care about us more than our close friends. We all know how hard it can be for us to work things out in our own head, since the only perspective is our own which tends to be the problem.


Literally they keep us grounded and sane!



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Best Friend Study


Hallmark Cards commissioned a survey, that was conducted by One Poll and involved 2,000 people to find out the top 30 signs that someone is a true best friend.


1. They never judge you


2. Always keeps your secrets


3. They’re always completely honest


4. You don’t need to talk to each other every day to know you are there for each other


5. Silences are never awkward


6. You go for long periods of time without talking or seeing each other but can pick things up as though you’ve never been apart


7. Never gossips about you behind your back


8. You can go on vacation with each other without falling out


9. You can talk about intimate things openly


10. They’re on the end of a phone around the clock


11. Knowing how to make each other laugh when you feel down


12. They make sure you get home OK when you’ve had too much to drink


13. You’re happy to share a room together without falling out


14. You just know how each other is feeling with one look at their face


15. You have private jokes only the two of you find funny


16. Always sends a birthday/Christmas card


17. Never goes after your ex-boyfriends/girlfriends


18. You can always move on from an argument as soon as it’s finished


19. You’re comfortable getting changed in front of each other


20. Always remembering the little things, like an appointment at the doctors or something you are nervous about


21. You would happily lend money to each other and not expect to see it back


22. Turning up with a bottle of wine / bunch of flowers to cheer you up


23. They say yes to helping you before even knowing what you want their help for


24. Knows your favorite drink


25. Will pick the children up from school and never ask for anything in return


26. They tell you when you have food in your teeth


27. They are on first name terms with your parents


28. Never judges your parenting styles, but listens to/joins in on your tales of how it really is


29. They cover for you when you need an alibi


30. They would never put an unflattering picture of you on Facebook without your approval



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Friendship goals


We need real friendship goals to help create the best relationships possible to make our lives richer. Being aware of our best friend goals is necessary to make and keep our friendships strong and make them last a lifetime.

Many women feel that the most important and longest relationships are their best friends. One in five feel that their friends are more important than their partners with 37 percent having known their best friend for more than 30 years, making it one of the longest partnerships of their lives.

Loyalty, honesty and reliability are the top qualities in a true friend. We value these traits in others and ourselves. Some of the most important friendship goals are listed below.


Making time for the friendship


All relationships require attention, if we do not put any effort into the relationship, it will not last.

Think of this in two ways, the first way is to be there for the real important moments. These are the big and little life moments the good and the bad. It’s important to be there for the times where we need the support that only a friend can give.


I personally had a very close friend that disappeared at two of the most important times of my life. It hurts, a lot. That friendship became more of a surface friendship and never recovered. It happens, which is why it’s so important to show up or call when someone is going through difficult times.


The second way is to do the small things for each other, such as watching a movie together or meeting for a cup of coffee.

The small touches and texts that show you are thinking of them. I have a friend that will randomly send a note or small gift to show how much she cares and that means the world to me.


Being a great listener


Be the shoulder to cry on and the person that your friends want to come to when they are hurting. So often listening is just what it takes, it shows that you care and that you hear them.


This really helps most problems, because often we feel better when we verbalize our feelings. Things become clearer. But there are only certain people that we want to be that vulnerable with, and being that person is special.


Being understanding and not critical


Being a confidant is another important friendship goal. You need to be understanding without being critical. So often we need to just be understood.


This doesn’t mean that you have to agree, but it feels great to be heard. Our friends are the safe place where we can say what we feel without being criticized.


Being trusting and keeping your word


Trust is important, do not ever talk about your friends behind their back unless you don’t care if it gets back to them. This can be hurtful and hard to overcome especially if they believe that you have broke their trust.


If you say you are going to do something, you need to keep your word. So often in life, people let us down, our friendship goal is to be the one person that always tries to keep their word (if possible.)


Be the one that is there for them when they need you.


We all have that person in our life that cancels all the time or reschedules. That gets old fast. Soon we don’t make plans anymore and the relationship fades away. If you commit to something, take it seriously.

An important friendship goal is to remember that the relationship is a dance of give and take. For a friendship to flourish, one person cannot do all the taking!


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