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How to Make a Guy Want to be With You (10 must have behaviors)

Focus on these 10 must have behaviors and you will definitely know how to make a guy want to be with you.     


Think about the people that you enjoy being around. Often the people that catch your attention have that certain “something” which could be called charisma or magnetism.


Many can’t help but be drawn to charismatic people. They are fun to be around. When you know what it is that makes a woman or man irresistible, you can cultivate it in yourself. 


If any of these behaviors are out of your comfort zone, just take small steps and eventually they will become more natural to you.


Think of this as your gentle push to make some changes that will help you reach your goals..


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how to make him want you


How to make a guy want to be with you


Being attractive to guys starts by being aware of these 10 things that women do that guys love.


These 11 traits are how to make a guy want to be with you


  1. Self Confidence


When we are self confident, we walk a certain way. We feel good about who we are and it shows. We know when we look good and the men around us can feel that also.


Both men and women are attracted to a partner with self confidence. It’s often one of the first things that we notice.It’s the way we hold ourselves knowing that we are worth it! 


Men know that a self confident woman respects herself. She expects to be treated well and won’t put up with anyone treating her poorly. This is magnetic to anyone that she’s around.


  1. Being warm


Being warm means that you are inviting and friendly. It makes others feel welcome.

Imagine that you are meeting someone that has an air about them of being cold. How likely is it that you will be comfortable in engaging with them?


Now picture someone that is smiling and having a fun time, that’s the type of person that you would feel attracted to. 

Being warm is simply being approachable, caring and kind. We all know people that just make us feel welcome in their presence.


When you cultivate this behavior you will find that you’ll start to attract men to you. And the relationships that you do have will enjoy your presence even more.

When he feels good around you, he will want to spend more time around you and that feeling.


  1. Adventurous


Men love when a woman wants to try new things. When couples spend time together doing adventurous things, this becomes an important shared experience.


 Activities that release dopamine can be a powerful thing for couples. Regardless of how adventurous each of us are, doing interesting things makes us more interesting. 


Men love to spend time around interesting women that are not afraid to have new experiences.


  1. Unguarded

Many people use the word vulnerable, but I think unguarded is a little more descriptive. We all have built walls from our past experiences.


We all know people that you just can’t connect with, you can tell when someone is holding things back. Something just feels off

That’s why it’s so attractive when you allow him to really get to know you. Honesty is very important in any relationship and letting him see who you really are creates intimacy.


how to make guys want you


  1. Being mysterious


When you are a little mysterious, he becomes intrigued and curious. He doesn’t need to know everything about you all the time. This will  keep things interesting!

You’re not hiding anything, just not offering up every detail. You have many layers that you can reveal slowly to surprise him.


  1. Feminine side


Men love to see your feminine and soft side. Femininity is a very attractive trait to men just as it is attractive to women when a man shows his masculine side. 


We all have many facets to our personality, and we tend to show some sides more than others.


Let him see that softer side once in a while. This goes hand in hand with showing your playful and sexy side.

He will be so drawn to you when you switch things up and seduce him!


  1. Self Sufficient


Being self sufficient is not only taking care of yourself but having a life that you enjoy. You have your own goals and passions.

Men gravitate to women that have their own passions. Being in a relationship is something that you want to add to your life; it’s not something that you NEED.


Being needy is very unattractive to both men and women. Being with that special person should make your life better, a wonderful addition.

 But you should never feel that you need that person to give you self worth.


  1. Playful/Sexy side


When you show your playful side, he will be very drawn to you. Teasing and flirting can be intoxicating to those that are lucky enough to be around you. 


Flirting with him will make him feel good and desired. You can have some fun with our tips on how to flirt and ways to use texts to keep him thinking of you.

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  1. Self Care


Self care is taking the time to present yourself in the way that you want to be seen. What you wear and how you take care of yourself shows your taste and style.


You need to look as confident as you feel, both inside and out. Self care also speaks to how you value your health and fitness. When we look good, we feel good and vice versa.


  1. Attentive


Pay attention and notice the kind things that he does for you. When you tell him that you appreciate the small things that he does for you, he feels seen and special.


Men love to be complimented, but only if it’s genuine.


Maybe he has a unique sense of style or you are appreciative of him choosing a nice restaurant. Whatever it is, if you compliment him, you will make him feel special.


Men love to talk about themselves in the same way that women do so ask him about himself, be curious about him. He will love the attention!


how to make a guy want to be with you


How to make guys want you 


If you want to know how to make guys want you, take a look at each of these behaviors and you can see how they are so attractive to men.


 Think about what attracts you to a guy, they are the same traits most likely. Like attracts like. If you want to attract someone that loves the outdoors, then you hopefully love the outdoors.


 If you are attracted to a confident sexy guy, then you need to be a confident sexy woman When they say opposites attract, it’s more that we find someone that compliments us, they are not really our opposites.


One person may be more of an extrovert while the other may enjoy sports much more often. But it’s really a matter of degrees. We are attracted to people that are usually very similar to ourselves. 


When we put that effort into ourselves, we won’t settle for someone that is not the best match for us.


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How do you make him think about you all the time?


If you want him to think of you nonstop, then you need to leave him wanting more. A little mystery can come in handy.


He doesn’t need to know everything that you do or every thought that you have. It’s fun to keep him guessing sometimes.


 We have lots of examples of texts that you can send to spice things up. It’s fun to add some playfulness that will keep him coming back for more.


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How do I make him really want me?


First you have to be the girl that knows her worth. You should never have to make him have feelings for you.T


his means that you know that you deserve someone that really wants to be with you.


You should never feel like you are not getting the same effort from him that you are giving in the relationship. You should never invest more than the other person when you are in the beginning stages of a relationship.


If he isn’t investing in the relationship, that clearly means that he is not the right one. It should never be “what we COULD BE together,” but rather “who we ARE together.” 

Bottom line, make sure that he is worthy of you!


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make him want you


Conclusion how to make a guy want to be with you


If you want to be a magnet for men then being warm is the first step. No one gravitates to cold or aloof people. 


No one can be happy or in a good mood all of the time obviously, but the goal is to try to be happy a lot more than you are sad or angry. 


When you want to know how to make guys want you, these11 traits will help you to feel your most attractive and happiest in the long term.


 A smile with a lingering glance can be the beginning of something really special.

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