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How to Plan a Romantic Night at Home that is Really Special

Sometimes you just want to create a special romantic night at home. Going out is great, but you can create something even better just the two of you at home.   


We all know that having regular date nights are so important for keeping a relationship strong and that spark alive. 


Mixing it up keeps it interesting. Start with a few simple steps to get your romantic night at home started.


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How to plan a romantic night at home


1. Set a romantic atmosphere


Create a romantic setting. Pick which areas that you would like to focus on for decorations. For example if you will be eating in the kitchen, that would be the place to give attention and bring in some special lighting.


If you will be eating and watching a movie or playing games in the family room, then put your energy into creating a romantic and cozy space in that area.



romantic date night roses



a. Start with lighting


Start with the lighting, gather up your candles, tea lights and maybe even your white Christmas lights. Lighting is a very easy way to completely change the ambiance especially for an evening date. 


Group your candles together. The more the merrier. If you want to use your Christmas lights, use curtain rods, ceiling fans and anything else that is tall to drape the lights over.


 Use your fireplace if you have one when the weather is a little bit cooler.






Think cozy! Use floor pillows and comforters to create a soft cozy space. Get creative! Maybe move some things around.


 Even though it is a romantic night at home, you can create a completely new area that feels different and a little “fort like”.


If you are celebrating an anniversary or another special occasion, then maybe rose petals and champagne in the bedroom would be a great choice for your romantic night in.


 Adding fresh flowers or roses adds romance to any date night.


2. Decide on your theme


You can come up with a theme around your food, decor or your activity.


If you choose to have an Italian night for example, your meal, playlist and movie can all be Italian themed. Check out all our ideas below!



kebab & smores food for date night


a. Choose your menu and drinks



This should somewhat match the theme that you choose for your romantic night at home. Whether you decide to have small plates, a romantic dinner  with wine or pizza and beer.


 Choose something that you think would be fun and is a little bit different.



b.Decide playlist



Put together a playlist that compliments the theme. Check out Spotify to see if there is something you like that already exists.


 If you can’t find something that fits, it is easy to create your own.



3. Create a couples activity


It doesn’t have to be difficult to figure out something that you both will enjoy for the evening. Look at our date ideas below to help spark some of your own ideas.



a. Game & activity ideas



Whether you decide on a movie night or game night, have something planned for after you have something to eat.


 So many great ideas listed below including giving each other a massage or cooking together.


Romantic date night ideas at home


 20 Questions


Although we have so many more than 20 questions they will all create fun and insightful conversations.


 Would you Rather Questions,

Fun Questions to ask,

36 Questions that lead to love.


Fondue Date Night


This date includes everything that you will need, fondue menus a playlist, craft and game ideas. A very romantic night at home


camping date night at home photo


Massage date night


Add a romantic massage to your romantic night at home. Watch a video to refresh or learn some new techniques, grab some towels and massage oil and you are good to go! 


Romantic date night ideas for her


Indoor Camping Date


This indoor camping date is incredibly romantic with shish kebab and s’mores recipes, crafts and games.


Backyard Picnic Date


This complete Picnic date includes everything to create romance in your backyard. Whether you plan your date for the afternoon or early evening with candles, lights and wine for extra romance.


Cook together


Cooking together can be very romantic. Try any of our recipes from the fondue, camping or picnic dates.


You could also order from a meal delivery service or re create a special meal from your favorite restaurant.


Wine & Chocolate


Complete and total romance. Rose petals on the bed, chilled champagne and some gourmet chocolate.


 If you have a tub you can enjoy a romantic bubble bath with candles set all around together.


Morning Date


This is one of the most romantic dates! Saturday or Sunday morning, visit a bakery and bring some hot pastries and coffee to enjoy first thing in the morning.


 You can easily add a couples massage to make the morning extra special.


Watch a Sunset


Grab a glass of wine and enjoy a sunset just the two of you. Simply enjoy the moment and each in each others company.



romantic picnic date photo


Romantic date ideas at home for him


Sexy Game Night


Strip poker we are looking at you! We also found these Flirt or Dare Cards to try for a romantic night for couples. We also created a complete game night date night that includes everything that you need for a fun night.


Create a couples bucket list


Make a list of all the dream places that you want to visit or the things that you would like to achieve on a journal.


This will create interesting conversations about your life’s goals while maybe learning something new about each other.


Star Gaze


This is a great idea that you can do after the sunset!  Download either the Skyview app &  Star Walk 2 free  to explore the night sky and enjoy each other under the stars.


Build a Fire Outdoors


Grab the s’mores and roast while getting cozy by the fire pit. Use our camping date s’mores recipes and playlist to enjoy while looking at the stars outside.



How can I have a romantic night with my boyfriend?


Choose one of the many easy romantic date night ideas that we have listed. Take his personality into account when deciding on some options that work for the two of you.


Romantic movie date night at home


It’s so easy to create a great romantic movie date night. Bring out the candles and floor pillows and stream something that you both enjoy. 


You could create a theme around a movie or Netflix series if that is something that you would like to do.


 An example of this might be watching the movie Serendipity and making a Frozen Hot Chocolate that is featured in the movie.


Creating a themed movie night is a great idea if you have a favorite movie that you both will enjoy. 


Below are 1000’s of date ideas!


Many date ideas include date night menus, couples date night crafts & games. Themed dates with playlists and everything you will need to create the perfect date night.


All the Date Ideas you will ever need!


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