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How to Tell if he Likes You? What He Will Say & Do

How to tell if he likes you? There are lots of signs, some are subtle but others are very clear signs.    


We have all read more into some actions and less into red flags. Some things need to be taken at face value. 


The MOST important thing to remember is that actions speak much louder than words, so pay attention!


How to tell if he likes you?


Our list focuses on after you have met and includes the initial conversation through the dating stage. But we also wanted to include a simple way to flirt with him to increase your chances that he will make the first move!


Give him an “invitation” to approach


For a guy to first approach you, you have to give him an invitation. 


The “invitation” includes a little flirting. Catch his eye, look away, then look back again and hold a few seconds. You need to give him permission to make that actual first move. 


Walking by and saying hello with a slight smile will also work nicely. Remember that you are only showing him that you are “open” for him to make his move.


Now onto the signs of “how to tell if he likes you.”


1. Shows real interest


First and foremost, he will show real interest in you. He will want to know more about you. Asking questions  is one of the ways that he will show this curiosity and when you answer his focus will be all on you. 


He may be a little nervous and stumble over his words. A smile will let him know that all is well!


2. He will find a reason to be in close proximity with you


He will find a reason to be near you. If you are out somewhere, he will find a reason to move closer. He will find reasons to talk to you even if is about a mundane subject. 


What he is saying is not so much the point as is his interest in trying to find reasons to connect with you.


3. Compliments are coming your way..


He tells you what he likes. The way you look or the perfume you wear. 


He wants you to know that he finds you attractive, and him giving you compliments is one way to let you know he is into you!



how to know if he likes you by text photo


4. Wants to connect on social media


He pops up on your social media. Whatever that may be, you have probably been googled and checked out on Facebook, Instagram or Snap.


 If he starts liking your posts or pictures, he is finding another way to connect with you and tell you that he likes you.


5. He tries to find out if you are single


This one is when you first meet obviously, he will ask some of those not so subtle questions such as… are you with friends?  Are you meeting someone? Or simply “Do you have a boyfriend?”


He wants to know your relationship status and initial interest.


6. He watches to see if you flirt with anyone else


Again this is when you first meet. He wants to see what and who you are paying attention to.


 It’s a sure fire sign that he is NOT interested if they are paying attention to other girls while still talking to you.


If he is interested in you, then YOU are the main attraction.


7. He notices and remembers the little things


He notices the small things about you, maybe what you are wearing or how your hair looks. Its noticing these little things that are meaningful. 


Maybe he remembers a story that you told him or brings up something that you mentioned that you love. He is paying attention and this is a very good sign.


8. He offers to help you


He will go out of his way to help you out. If he knows about any problems that you are having he will be there for you.


 Again, all different ways to find a reason to spend time with you and connect further.


9. He includes you


If you have been dating for a bit, and he is really into you, he will include you. Include you in his plans and also in his world.


That means that he will want you to meet his friends so that you get to know all aspects of his life. If he likes you, you will be accepted and he will be proud to show you off!


10. May tease to show his interest


He may joke with you and tease you not unlike when you were in grade school!  Not much has changed. 


He may be watching to see how you react and if you both have a similar sense of humor and can banter.


Teasing is another way to be playful with you if he likes you. Teasing is never condescending or mean, just playful.


How do you know if someone is attracted to you?


What is his body language saying?


Learn more from this famous Ted talk. Your body language tells anyone that you are attracted too, what you are thinking. 


11. He will care about his appearance.


We know when he is trying to make a good impression. 


He will put effort into his clothing and grooming. You can always tell if a guy is bringing his A game. Take notice and give him an honest compliment.


12. Makes eye contact


He looks at you when you are talking. He’s not looking at other women or his phone (he will wait until you leave)  He shows interest in YOU.


13. He may try to show off a bit


This could be when he is out with his friends or talking about his accomplishments. 


Most of us know the difference between someone that is cocky and pretentious vs someone that is “showing off” a little to get noticed.  Showing off could be his way of getting you to notice him and be interested.


14. He will lean in


And be open with his body language. For example, he will not be closed off by crossing his arms, he will be more open and have his arms at his side.


He will lean into you when you are talking and engaging. He will not be turned or looking away.


15. Lightly touch


 He will find reasons to lightly touch you when you are talking. Maybe lightly touch your hair, not in a creepy way but a soft way that feels nice. 


If either of you pulls away from a light touch, then that tells you that they are not interested.


16. He will be smiling


Simple, right? He will be enjoying himself in your company and his smile will show it. You will just know that he is attracted to you by the way he is looking at you.



how to tell if he really likes you photo you



How do you know if a guy likes you through text?


You will know if he likes you when texting if he is in contact with you often. Basically he texts you throughout the day. He wants you to know what is going on in his life.


 Obviously when he gets busy, there may not be much texting, but He will TELL you when he is unable to chat. 


He will send you random things that will make you smile. Basically that tells you that he is thinking about you! 


The same goes when he is out with his friends, he will still communicate with you. Guys are not that complicated, if they like you will know it


If you are left wondering or he is not in communication with you for a few days, he is not interested unless there are extenuating circumstances.


How to tell if he likes you online?


This will be similar to the above question, in that you will be texting so the signs will be the same. He likes you if the majority of the above signs are found.


Conclusion “How to tell if he likes you?”


For as complicated as we make our relationships. The reality is that we are not that complicated. 


When we like someone we generally show it. 


If he doesn’t have a strong desire to be with you, then that tells you that he doesn’t want to be with you. You know the movie or book “He’s Just Not That Into you?” 


Well, that says it all. We may want to read more into something than actually exists. 


An example would be, He says he is going to call you tonight but doesn’t.


Reason #1 He got busy and forgot, but will call you and explain within a reasonable amount of time.


Reason #2 He did not want to. 


Leave the head games for someone else. Listen and watch what someone DOES, this speaks louder than words ever will. Sometimes you just KNOW.


You know when he’s interested and realize when all the signs point to him really liking you. So in essence remember to also


Listen to your intuition!


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