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Ice breaker Questions & Texts for Amazing Conversations

We love these ice breaker questions that make our conversations easier and much more interesting.   

Starting conversations with new people can be so intimidating.


There are so many times in my life I’ve asked my friends their opinions on how to continue a conversation, or what to say to someone.


I wish I had these ice breaker questions and texts to help my conversations along the way, and know these can be so helpful for when you are drawing a blank. 


If you have visited before, you know that we love to find ways to get to know each other better and that conversations are the key!


So please use these whenever you are in this situation and want some advice or help to guide the conversation. There are over 130 of these, so I can promise you, you’ll find some that are interesting to you. 


Ice breaker ideas


What is your favorite season?


What talent do you have that everyone doesn’t know about?


What is your favorite music type/genre?


What are some of your favorite apps on your phone?


What is the most important thing on your bucket list that you absolutely must achieve?


What was the most indulgent item that you bought this year?


What are your pet peeves?


What is your favorite thing to do in (your location?)


What is your favorite birthday cake flavor?


What is a memorable scene from a movie that you love?


Who are the most important people in your life?


What is the scariest thing you have ever experienced?


Do you like to spend time alone?


What is your favorite thing to do after a tough day?



Break the ice text messages 

Texting someone new is all about keeping it quick and engaging. Check these out for some ideas on break the ice text messages.


Are you a DIY’er or rather “have someone else do it”, kind of person?


What is your favorite TV or streaming show right now?


What are you really good at?


What are you really terrible at?


Name a jingle that has stuck with you


Are you very competitive?


Have you ever gambled? What games have you played?


Do you have a nickname? What were you called as a kid?


Would you rather be very active or a lazy couch potato, given the choice?


What movie do you always watch when it is available?


What was the hardest lesson you had to learn so far?


Where have you traveled?


one of my favorite things- conversation quotes


Dating ice breaker questions 


Dating can be such a struggle. Whether you are coming out of a long relationship, or you are used to the dating scene, starting to talk to someone new can be exhausting.


You have to go back through getting to know each other, and it can get monotonous. Here are some dating ice breaker questions to guide you along the way.


What is your idea of an ideal life?


Is there a time period that you would have liked to live in?


What artists are on your favorite playlists?


If you could change the world in one way, what would you change?


What is the best part of your day?


Do you like things that are more trendy or classic?


What do you think will keep you young?


When was the last time you felt “awe” (This is important for happiness!)


What is the worst part of your day?


What was your favorite vacation and why?


What do you love to eat now that you also enjoyed as a kid?


What was the most beautiful place that you have ever visited and why?


What is your favorite type of art? Abstract, realist, sculpture, etc.


When was the last time you went to a museum?


Fun icebreakers 


Keep it fun and casual! Here are some really fun icebreakers to bring up in your convos.


If you could go back in time to a specific time in your life, what age would your revisit?


What are some of your favorite things to watch online, videos etc?


Have you ever read your horoscope? What is your sign?


What is your favorite way to start the day?


What has gone well in your life lately?


What is your favorite coffee drink?


What was the best gift that you have ever given someone?


If you could snap your fingers and be fluent in another language, what would you choose? And why?


What is your favorite holiday?


What is your favorite holiday food?


What was the best gift that you have ever received?


What is your favorite hot drink?


What is your favorite cold drink?


Have you ever played a sport?


Are you more of a cat or a dog person?


What is a line from a movie that you love?


Given two choices, what food items could you not live without?


Name an actor that you find attractive?



The difference between face-to-face conversation and any other medium of communication is simple_ no distractions allowed -Alexandra Petri conversation quotes


Ice breaker questions about music


Since we have such a strong reaction to music, we can learn a lot about someone from their music preferences.


I think it is absolutely essential to quickly get to know the type of music someone listens to.


It is such an easy way to make a better connection if you have similar music tastes and because conversations flow so much better when you have something in common.


So have fun and dive into some soul searching about what makes them come alive.


Name a song that makes you get up and dance.


Name a song that you remember from back in the day.


Name a male singer that has an amazing voice, even if don’t love their genre.


Name a female singer that has an amazing voice, even if you don’t like their music.


Name a song that could be your anthem.


Name a song that makes you emotional.


Name a song that lifts you up.


Name a song that hurts your heart.


Name a song that makes you feel that “falling in love” feeling.


Name a song you love from someone that has passed away.


Name your favorite Christmas song.


Name a band that you wish was still together.


Name a band that had members that went solo and where more successful.


Name a song that you think everyone should love.


Name a song that has a female name in the title.


Name a song with a male name in the title.


Name a song with a city in the title.


Name a song that has a strong meaning to you and why.


Name a song that makes you wistful.


Name a Karaoke song, that you would have fun singing.


Name your favorite blues song.


Music Icebreaker questions to ask


Name your favorite rock song.


Name your favorite country song.


Name your favorite classic song.


break the ice text messages


Name your favorite rapper.


Name a southern rock band that you like.


Name a perfect wedding song.


Name a favorite song or band from you teen years.


Name a song or band that is perfect for driving on the highway.


Name a song that makes you happy in a heartbeat.


Name a song or band that must be played LOUD.


Name a song that reminds you of summer.


Name a song that you can’t listen to anymore.


Name a song that you never get sick of, no matter how many times you hear it.


Name a song, album or band that has a color in their name.


Name a song that is a favorite at this moment.


Name a song that is great for working out.


Name a song or band that your parents listen or listened to, that you like.


Name a song or band that reminds you of your parents.


Name a song or band that reminds you of a special relationship.


Name an album/CD that you listened to & have a fond memory of.


Name a favorite concert that you enjoyed. 


Name all of the concerts that you have gone to so far.


Icebreakers on Tinder

Like I said before, dating online can be a struggle and exhausting.


Especially for apps like Tinder where you are basing someone off their appearance and the first few messages you send to them.


Utilize some of these ideas to help you explore the online dating scene.  


What do you wish someone would ask you?


Have you ever been anywhere exotic?


What questions would you really like to ask, but shy away from?


What sitcom would you like to hang out in?


What was the worst first date that you have ever had? How did it end?


What if you lost your phone and had to wait a month to replace, what would you miss the most?


What is the worst thing about Tinder? What is the best?


What was your “thing” in high school?


Did you ever get into a fight in school?


What have you binged on TV that was really good recently?


What do you daydream about?


Are you a rebel or would you rather get along with everyone?


Is there someone from past history that you can really relate to?


What kind of person do you think that you will be when you are old?


Do you like horror movies or haunted houses?


What types of food do you normally crave?


What is the craftiest thing that you have created?


Do you think that you are funny?



I think laughter and stimulating conversation are the things that truly make a romantic evening. -Michael Buble conversation quotes



What was the last thing that made you really happy?


Have you ever freaked yourself out after watching a scary movie?


What are you the most grateful for?


If you could make your life stop and just live in that time, when would that be?


What type of books do you like to read?


Have you ever lived through a storm or weather event that was traumatic?


What TV shows did you enjoy  when you were a kid?


Are you a loyal friend? What things have happened that hurt friendships in the past?


What toy did you like to play with as a child? 


What do you want to do when you retire, or do you have other ambitions?


Who do you admire the most in your family?


Tell me about a memorable moment growing up.


What is your dream car?


What has really stressed you out lately?

Ice breaker questions gifts


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Conclusion Ice breaker questions


These ice breaker questions are meant to get you started so that you can move the conversation in interesting directions. 


Switch up the ice breaker questions to make them fit your personality.  Ask things that feel comfortable and fit the situation.

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