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25 Best Date Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships can take so many forms. From someone that you can’t be with at the moment to someone else that is working abroad.


Whether it is a week, a few months or years we all want creative ways to be able to stay connected.


Finding ways to stay connected when apart is always a challenge, but technology makes it so much easier today than years past. Easier, but it is still very hard being apart.


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 Epic Date Ideas Guide

Date Ideas


Long distance relationships are more common than ever because of opportunities that are further away.


Depending upon your specific situation, some ideas will be more appropriate than others. Just pick your favorites!


How to long distance date?


Staying connected and spending time in person needs to be a priority. You will have to set ground rules about what is expected.


Talking about your goals and deciding how often you will be able to see each other in person.


Honesty will be extremely important. There will be many times when you are too tired to talk or may be feeling sad,and this needs to be communicated.


Communication will be the key to connecting successfully. Take the time to become good at this skill.

You will have to work out what works best specifically for your and your partner. You can make the bonds stronger by making an effort to do the little things that remind them of your love.



long distance date ideas




How do you keep a long distance relationship interesting?


By putting time into keeping it interesting. You cannot just text and Skype and think that is all you need to do to keep your long relationship going.


You will both need to be sympathetic to what the other is going through. We have some ways to spice up your relationship along with date ideas to keep things interesting!


Is it normal to have doubts in long distance relationships?


Yes it is! When you are not with your partner, your mind can be your WORST enemy. We tend to imagine the worst and beyond that it is normal to feel insecure at times.


Especially when any disagreement is amplified because of the distance. When disagreements occur, try to set time aside to discuss the problem.


It’s easy to feel that the other person doesn’t understand how you may be feeling. Feeling unsupported needs to be discussed so it doesn’t grow larger.


Discuss your goals so that you are on the same page. How long do you plan on being apart, can either or you move and do you want to? Where do you see this relationship going? What are you working towards?


You will need to discuss because being apart and not knowing where you are headed isn’t sustainable.


Can long distance relationships work?


Of course a long distance relationship can work! You will need good communication which is more important now than ever since distance is involved.


Texting can be a minefield. It is so easy to have misunderstandings when texting.


Keep the texting short and the actual communication more over the phone or Skype. This will help to keep miscommunications to a minimum.



long distance relationship date ideas





How do you save a long distance relationship?


Make sure that you spend time in person. If you feel the relationship starting to fade away, be honest and try to talk in person.

You both should talk about the challenges and if you can make changes or adjustments for the better.


You need to be realistic about how you both are feeling. Let them know that they are worth the effort and are there for them.

If what you are you going through is temporary, then it may be easier to have a better mindset.


Enjoying your life


Just because you are not together doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun with your friends and family.

You should want your partner to find ways to enjoy themselves and the same goes for you.


Spend time enjoying your life.


Long distance relationships are challenging and it’s easy to get lonely. Make a point of appreciating all the things that are important to you. Embrace new opportunities in your life and find others in the same situation to lean on.


Join a group of others or (start one of your own) in long distance relationships may help you feel not so alone. Look for Facebook groups also, places where you can find people with this commonality.


We have a list of 25 things that can bring you a little bit closer when you are apart.


How do you spice up a long distance relationship?


Some of the our virtual date ideas for a long distance relationship are perfect to spice things up.


Buy each others perfume/cologne


Don’t you just love the smell of the person you love? By spraying their scent on a favorite tee or sweatshirt will bring their presence even closer.

Smelling scents is one of the fastest ways to bring memories rushing back. This  is a great way to feel connected!


Sexy Skype/FaceTime


This is sort of self explanatory! Do a sexy striptease or whatever else you and your partner would enjoy. Have fun with it. You could get a costume and be creative. This makes me think of that “Friends” episode with Princess Leia!


Truth or dare or would you rather


Have some fun with flirtatious questions. Would you rather make love on the beach or in a Jacuzzi? Would you rather have me dress as a sexy nurse or a librarian? Would you rather cuddle in the morning or the night?


Long distance relationship anniversary ideas


Some great date ideas for your anniversary if you are spending it apart.




long distance date ideas



Nostalgia night


Recreate a special holiday or evening that you both have shared. Maybe it’s a special holiday meal that means a lot to you.


Or maybe you could get a recipe that is a family tradition. Decide on what you will be making and both of you get the ingredients and Face Time when cooking.

Bringing something familiar that you both can reminisce about will create special moments.


Send gifts


I love getting flowers or plants, which by the way has become a really big trend. You can’t go wrong with getting something that brightens up their space and makes it a bit more homey



36 questions that lead to love


These 36 questions were proven to create intimacy more quickly. We have a free download if you would like a physical copy of the questions. You just need to cut them apart and Enjoy. 


Plan a romantic dinner


Surprise your partner with a romantic dinner! Order a dinner for both you and your partner. For example if you decide on Italian then order their favorite meal and have it delivered.

Have your own meal delivered and enjoy! Coordinate so that you can eat together and make sure that the candles are lit. You could also send one of your favorite bottles of wine and you both can share virtually.


Date Ideas for Long distance Relationships




Have two journals that you both keep. Write your thoughts and experiences. Usually when you journal, you tend to write things that you may not talk about.


This is the place where you can put your travels as you experience them. Then when you are together you can share your journals which tend to have more details.






How would we survive without Skype or FaceTime? It allows us to share our experiences with our partners.Texting can cause misunderstandings because there isn’t any body language or tone to help with cues.

I love the simple things, like saying good morning and good night, simple yet so special.



Send a small envelope



Mailing envelopes under an oz. is still an easy and affordable way to stay in touch. A handwritten letter, a physical photo or small trinkets can be sent easily.


Sending a recordable musical card will make them smile. Sometimes I think we overlook the simple things that make us happy!




long distance date idea




Plan things to do when together



Make plans for when you are together again. Research restaurants, menus and things to do. Having something to look forward to makes the time go faster and gives you both something to look forward to!



Make theme memories



Recreate a memory from someplace that you both have visited. I recently visited Prague and decided to recreate a meal we had there. By Googling you can find out authentic recipes that will get you pretty close.


I found these fabulous virtual walk videos that I work out to daily of different European cities. So as we had our Czech meal, I played the walking tour of Prague, I swear it was like we were there!



Notes hidden in luggage



Before they leave, sneak some notes or letters to be found later in their luggage. Just something hidden that will surprise them when they are away.



Virtual games with pizza



Find a virtual game that you both will enjoy and order a pizza. This is a great way to connect in a different way. Even if no one is into gaming, you can still give it a try for something different.



Go on a picnic



Pack a picnic and Skype with your partner, let them enjoy the view and toast to the next time that you will be together. Pick a nice location by a river or lake.



20 questions



Play 20 questions or any other question games that you can do while Skyping. Questions are fun, easy and can lead to deeper conversations.



Workout together



This can be fun, decide on a workout, such as abs or legs and do it together. You can also take them with you on a walk. You can both feel the burn together thanks to Face Time!



Share Dropbox or Google docs



Use Dropbox or a Google docs to send messages back and forth. You can also use as another way to journal.Your partner can read your entries virtually as you write them.



Make and share a Spotify playlist



Put together some playlists and share! Make different ones for different moods. Spotify which is free has lots of sample lists to give you ideas. A fun way to share your new favorites and finds.



Share a sunset



There is a quote,

“No matter how far away we are in distance or in time, when we look up into the night sky, we will always see the same moon.”

So pick a spot and share an evening sunset with the one that you love.



Get the same takeout



Pick your favorite fast food and get the same and eat dinner together. There is something familiar about getting your favorite Chinese or Applebees and sharing with your partner.



Open when letters



This is a great idea that you can give to your partner when they leave. “Open when you are missing me”, “Open when you need a hug,” ‘Open when you are mad at me.”


Each letter or envelope is for a reason and they can’t open until that time. Inside write a letter and any trinket to match the reason.

Another alternative is too use these which are sort of a template.



Care packages



Make your own care packages. Pinterest has lots of ideas for getting creative with your box. This is great because you can be specific to their favorite candy or snacks. Get crafty and design a theme package that is special, “just for him.”



Subscription boxes



Subscription boxes are such a cool idea with so many to choose from. There are game, grooming and food boxes. The danger is you will find so many that you would like for yourself!



Watch a Netflix or book series




Pick something that you can share and discuss. Some people would rather read a book back and forth and others would rather stream something fun.

Search a series that you both would enjoy, then get sucked into it, together. Grab some popcorn and enjoy, it’s a fun way to connect!


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Whatever you may be feeling, there are quotes that will relate to your situation. Enjoy and share these long distance quotes with someone that you love. Distance Relationship Quotes.

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