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Romance Tips to Deepen Love in 10 Days! + Love Quotes

Romance tips and love quotes make us feel warm and fuzzy.  Wouldn’t it be nice to share those feelings with our partners?

  So often life gets in the way and we forget to pay attention to romance. We often wonder…


How can we be romantic in a relationship?


We have a million distractions! So the only way to reconnect is to make time and put in a little effort. Whether you are dating, in a long term relationship or married, use the romance tips that make the most sense for you.


You know your partner and what they would appreciate most. If you have been asked to do something that you have not gotten around to (fixing shelves etc.), now would be the time to add that to the list!


Pick a time that works best for the different items on the list since some will take a little planning. If a getaway is not cost effective at this time, then plan a picnic and visit a place where you  both shared a special moment.


Don’t let money or a busy schedule get in the way, just revise a bit to make it work for your life. The key is to make the effort. Doing one simple tip daily for 10 days will bring back that spark and improve the romance in your relationship.


love quotes & improve romance


Romance tips to deepen love in 10 Days

 1. Carve out a little extra time in the morning or evening before bed and give a relaxing massage. Create a peaceful space with some candles and scented oils. Ask which areas they would like massaged. Focus on one area before moving on to the next.


You know your partner, this will either lead to sleep or turn into an erotic massage, so plan your time of day accordingly! 🙂


2. Surprise them with breakfast in bed unless you are short on time then bring coffee or tea when they are getting ready or waking up. They will appreciate the kindness.


3. Stop and pick up a small gift to show that you were thinking of them or a nice bottle of wine for dinner. Remember it’s the thought that counts. Spending a lot of money is not the purpose.


4Take a drive and visit a spot where you had a memorable moment. Maybe a favorite ice cream spot where you stopped when you were dating. Or visit a scenic park and go for a walk. This gives you a chance to slow down and have a relaxing talk.


5. Find reasons to touch affectionately, give a hug when its unexpected, touch their arm, kiss their neck and linger a bit!


6. Make them a special meal or pick up their favorite take out. Maybe something that you haven’t had in a while. All of these tips are about thinking what your partner would like and making them smile!


7. Take a shower or bath together. Whether you are spontaneous or have a plan to make the setting romantic, both scenarios have their advantages!


8. Plan a time to be together over the weekend by either getting a hotel or Airbnb for the night. You can also plan a romantic picnic at home. Just think about the details, candles & music can make the ambiance special.


9. Add Post it notes to your partners lunch or on the bathroom mirror. Think of some compliments that you can write (ideas are listed below). It’s an easy way to show that you care.


10. Send some sexy texts during the day. Texting insinuations can add anticipation for when both of you will be together. Be mindful of where your partner is when you send any texts!


Romance tips


This has been put together to boost your romance seriously in 10 daysbut you can sprinkle it in over a month. Maybe spreading it out makes more sense to you, your schedule and your relationship.


People tend to reciprocate when kind or thoughtful actions are taken. Obviously you should not expect anything in return though. The whole idea is to take the time to focus on each other. There is nothing that can thrive without giving it the attention it deserves.  


Improve your relationship by making small gestures and letting your partner know that you appreciate them. We all want to feel special but daily life does not make that very easy.


It is very important that you take some time for yourself. You need to nurture yourself also, make sure that your partner is aware of your needs and desires don’t be shy.:)



Romantic Scavenger Hunt for Valentines Day or Anniversary


This is something you can do for a special occasion since it does take some time to  plan.


Don’t be intimidated! it’s all about creating something fun.


1. Decide what you end goal is and where you would like that to be. Once the end location is chosen you can work backwards and decide how many steps you would like to create. Ideas could be a romantic getaway, a picnic or a special dinner.


More Romance Tips


Think about what your partner would like and use that in the scavenger hunt. This could be anything from a sporting event to something sexier. Something that would be very sexy is if one of your clues is to meet at a bar and you (her) show up with a long coat and nothing else underneath.


If you are a guy you could buy some lingerie and ask that it be worn when meeting somewhere special. This could be one of the gifts that a clue leads to.


2. Think of memorable spots that can be used for the hunt. Ideas could be your first kiss, or first date. Maybe a favorite coffee spot could be used for the different steps. You don’t have to go nuts, being simple is just as romantic!


3. You can get as creative as you would like. If you use businesses you could give each location a card with the next clue. You will have to get the employees of the locations involved or use bright notes at specific spots so that they are easily seen. Bright notes would work if your clue leads to a park or another public place.


Using scavenger hunt riddles can be clever or you might prefer to be more straightforward with your clues. Drawing a map to the different locations could add to the fun.


4. If you would like, you could put all the clues around the house or in the car. This could be an option if you do not want to choose different locations. In this case, small gifts, flowers or candy can be part of your clues that guide you to the final destination.


You can choose to make this very elaborate but I think that the charm is in the thoughtfulness. This will make such an impression, no matter what you decide to do.


P.S. You should do a quick run through to make sure that the hunt makes sense and flows to the each location. This is an easy way to spot ways to simplify the scavenger hunt and get rid of any confusion!


 Short Love Quotes for Both Him & Her


-“I can’t imagine my life without you”

-“I appreciate all the things that you do for me”

-“The times when its just the two of us is so special to me”

-“I love that you are in my life”

-“I love you more and more each day”

– “When I think of you, I smile”

-“I love your smile”

-“You make everything better”

-“I am so lucky to have found you”

-“All I want is you in my life”

-“I can’t believe I get to come home to you”

-“Just wanted to let you know that you are my bright spot”

-“You make me smile”

-“Your are the best thing that has ever happened to me”


Perfect Romantic Texts to Send to Him & Her


– I am so happy that you are mine

-I would love to be kissing you right now

-P.S. I love you

-I cannot wait to see you walk in the door!

-My heart melts when you walk into the room

-Holding you is the best feeling in the world

-Being with you is the only place that I want to be

-You are the sexiest person I’ve ever met

-I have searched my whole life for someone like you

-You are my best friend and I never thought I would find that

-You are the best gift that I ever received

-I love that I can lean on you when I need to

-You always make me feel special

-I wake up with a smile because of you

-I just wanted to say “You are so Hot”

-There is nothing I would rather do than be lying in your arms

-I am always thinking of you and smiling


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love quotes for her


13  Love Quotes for Him


“All my dreams of the future include you”

“When I see you, My heart beats faster”

“Here’s looking at you kid” – Casablanca

“I fall for your smile every time”

“Damn, your sexy”

“You are always in my thoughts and dreams”

“You drive me crazy and I love every minute”

“My heart has chosen you, be gentle”

“I fall more in love with you everyday”

“Thank you for being incredibly sexy”

“You are my favorite distraction”

“I think that making love is the best form of exercise” –Cary Grant

“When you love someone, you love the person as they are, and not as you’d like them to be”Leo Tolstoy


Conclusion  Romance tips


All of these Romance tips and love quotes are perfect for guys, they are a simple way to connect quickly as you go about your day. Show your guy how you feel!

What are some of your favorite ways to add romance to your relationship? Luv to hear from all you guys!


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