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How to Meet in Person Someone to Date – Dating Tips

Dating has changed with all the websites and apps available but it is still better to meet in person.  

Face to face communication eliminates many problems with misunderstandings.

While there are many tools to help us, nothing can compare to meeting in person someone to date. So we will start by helping you find the best places and ways to meet new people in real life.


How to meet in person


First let friends and family know that you are “single and looking.” Don’t assume that people will automatically think of you when they meet someone who may be a good match.

You have to tell them that you would appreciate that they think of you when the situation arises.


Try some new activities


Find a Meetup group that shares some of the same interests that you do, whether it is hiking or one of the many groups that offer some fun events such as wine tastings.

Your local chamber of commerce offers many monthly events for both members and non-members, this is a great way to help your career and your social life.




Charity Events & Volunteering


Check your local newspapers and magazines for volunteering opportunities. Shelters, food banks or your local arts community will have ways to help.

Local magazines usually have ads for many upcoming charity events. This is a great way to mingle while helping others in need.


Sporting Events


It really is no secret that guys love sports so that is the perfect reason to grab some friends and head to a sporting event, either in person or at the local Sports bar or Pub.


Local Festivals


Check out local festivals, usually there is a festival for many of the holidays plus a variety of food and music festivals throughout the year.

Pay attention to who is around you while you live your life!


We mentioned some ways to meet new people to date, but the best way is to just live your life. You have to pay attention to the people around you, no matter what you are doing.


Do you actually realize how often you are “in the moment”? How many times do you look around or are you looking at your phone and ignoring the rest of the world?


The reality is that most of us are so wrapped up in our own thoughts that we do not pay attention to much else. There are many opportunities as we go about our day, but we have to be in that world to notice them!


How do I get their attention? Ladies, this is easy, make eye contact! linger a bit and then look again.


Men need to be SURE that you are giving them a green light, so make it obvious.


Men, you will never look more attractive as when you are giving a genuine compliment. Do not try to “pick her up,” just try to make her smile.


Try, “I just had to tell you that you have a great smile.” You can follow up with a question, maybe a location of something such as a Starbucks etc.


Why face to face communication is best


We communicate so much through texting and emails but the reality is that socializing in person creates trust and stronger bonds. Body language and facial expressions tell so much more than words can say.


There is an energy that people bring to meetings that is absent in electronic communication. One of the best benefits of face to face communication is that any misunderstandings are kept to a minimum.


The bottom line is that for the clearest and most concise communication, face to face is the way to go.


Empathy and understanding can be communicated in person and not as well over Facetime. Whether you are heading to a meeting or going on a first date, the sooner that you get together in person the better the experience for everyone.

How to Meet New People

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