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Newlywed Game Questions for Bridal Showers + free printables

You just got married and are ready to begin your new life. A way to keep up the newness in the relationship is with our newlywed game questions.   

The game and questions are based off the popular game show titled, The Newlywed Game. Its first version aired in 1966 and had various revivals until about 2013.


The show featured newlywed couples answering questions about each other determining how well they know each other to win money.

The show was wildly popular and was one of the longest running game shows of all time. 


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How to play the newlywed game


Rather than a strict gameshow format, you can use these questions and play the game different ways; 



It’s easily printed out and useful for any occasion! 


I’ll start by explaining how this game can be utilized at a couples bridal shower, a traditional bridal shower, and a couple’s date night. 


**The couples date night can also be in person or when away from each other! 

newlywed game questions infographic

Couple’s Bridal Shower: 


A party version with your friends is a great way to spend a couple’s bridal shower, and has everyone excited and interacting with the couple. 


Couple’s bridal showers have become increasingly more popular, and it provides a great spin off of the traditional versions. 


The Goal: To guess correctly the most questions about your partner and gain the most points. 


Prep before the game: (anytime before the shower/preferably day before) 


  • Each member of the couple should write down the answers to the questions about themselves. For example if the question is “what is your partner’s favorite food”, you should write down what your favorite food is


  • Somewhere on the answer sheet, each spouse should write down the number of questions you think your partner will get correct. 


  • These answer sheets will then be given to a chosen scorekeeper ex. a friend attending the shower


The steps to play: 


  1. The person scorekeeping is going to ask these questions and you and your partner are going to guess the answers to the questions. 


       2. If you guess your partner’s answer correctly, you get a point and vice versa.


       3.  At the end of the game, the scorekeeper discloses who predicted best how many questions their partner would answer correctly. That person gets an automatic extra 2 points.


      4.The scorekeeper then adds the points all up, and discloses the winner!


****Depending on how you like to party, these newlywed game questions could also be made into a drinking game. There are only 4 rules: 


  • Bring your alcoholic drink of choice with you while you are answering the questions.


  • While a member of the party is still keeping score, anytime someone answers incorrectly, they have to take a sip!


  • If you finish your drink through the game, you must get another one, and keep the same steps going

  • The person at the end with the least amount of points, also must finish their drink right there. 


Newlywed Game Questions: 


  1. What does your partner always have to get at the grocery store? 


      2. What is your partner’s worst habit? 


      3. Your partner’s favorite fast food place. 


      4. What is the best way to cheer up your partner? 


      5. Your partner’s most prized possession? 


     6. What is your partner’s favorite type of music? 


     7. What did your partner want to be as a child? 


    8. What is your partner’s biggest pet peeve? 


    9. What is your partner’s favorite thing to do?


   10. If your partner could live anywhere in the US, where would they live? 


   11. What was your partner’s first job? 


   12. What is your partner’s favorite place in the house? 


   13. What is your partner’s dream car? 


  14. If your partner could meet any celebrity, who would it be?


   15. What is your partner’s favorite movie? 


  16. Does your partner want children? How many? 


newlywed game questions download
Free Newlywed Game Questions Download

Traditional Bridal Shower: 


The rules for a traditional bridal shower are nearly the same as in the couple’s bridal shower. 


The only difference is rather than both spouses answering the questions against each other, the bride will only answer questions about the groom, and he will not be in attendance. 


The winner of the game in this case will be a guest at the bridal party, not one of the spouses. 


How to play: 


  1. The groom receives a list of questions(these) before the bridal shower (likely by a member of the wedding party). He returns his answers back to the person leading the game. 


     2. Each guest at the bridal party will guess how many questions the bride will get correct about her groom before the game begins, and the person closest will win. 


Traditional Bridal Shower Questions: 


** Remember, have your groom answer all of these questions before the bridal shower, and give the answers to someone leading the game at the party. 


  1. What is the groom’s favorite place to be? 


      2. What is the groom’s favorite TV show? 


      3. What is the groom’s favorite sport to play? 


      4. Where did the groom go to high school? 


      5. Who is the groom’s best friend? 


     6. When did the groom have his first kiss? 


     7. What is the groom most afraid of? 


    8. What is his favorite dessert? 


    9. Who does he look up to the most? 


   10. What was his dream career as a child? 


   11. What is his dream house? 


   12. Is he a cat or dog person, or neither? 


    13. Can he play an instrument? 


    14. What is his most used social media? 


Couples Night Newlywed Game: 


This game can also easily be played more as a casual date night. 


The point of this game is to be a light way to quiz your partner on how much they know about you, and vice versa.


There aren’t clear boundaries so these questions allow for a lot of conversation points and topics for you to discuss with each other. 


Especially after knowing someone for a long time, it’s nice to hear that they listen to you and know you so well, especially since you just married them! 


So relax, get ready to learn, and use these questions to start to understand how well you both know each other. 


Some of these questions might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how your partner responds. The rules of this version are much more simple, with a few additions. 


What you need: Pen and Paper, or Whiteboards and Markers 


The goal: For you and your partner to have the same answers on the most number of questions. 


How to Win: Before the game starts, each spouse writes down the number of questions they’ll get correct, and the person closest at the end wins. 


Before the game begins: 


  1. Pick out how many questions you’d like to use for the game, whether you only have a short amount of time, or you want it to last for a long night. 


You can utilize these questions, or add some to the list and print it out for use.


   2. Each of you chooses a punishment for losing: It could be doing the dishes, making dinner, giving each other a massage, anything! 


How to Play: 


  1. Take turns with your partner reading off the questions. 


     2. Using your writing material, write down your answer and reveal it to your partner, and tally how many questions you answer the same while you’re playing. 


     3. Once the game is over, add up how many answers you matched on, and reveal each person’s guess before the game began. 


     4. Lastly, the loser has to do the punishment your partner has chosen for you. 

newlywed game questions download
Free Newlywed Game Questions Download 2

Newlywed game questions


You can use these questions as a sort of Newlywed game type evening. Each of you can get points for each correct answer. Add them up at the end and then celebrate the winner!


Best newlywed game questions


Questions about the relationship: Use for Couple’s Night 


     1. Where and when was the first time you met your partner? 


     2. What was your first impression of your partner? 


     3. What did you do on your first date? 


     4. What did you wear on your first date? 


     5 Where did you have your first kiss? 


    6.  Who initiated the relationship? 


    7. Who said “I love you” first? 


   8. Who is a better communicator? 


   9. Who is funnier? 


    10. Who is smarter? 


    11. Who is more responsible? 


21 newlywed game questions infographic

Funny newlywed game questions: 


  1. Who’s a better driver?


      2. Who is their celebrity crush? 


      3. Who takes longer to get ready? 


     4. Which one of you is nicer? 


      5. Who is more book smart? 


      6. What is your partner’s guilty pleasure? 


      7. What does your partner spend the most amount of money on? 


     8. Who takes up most of the bed? 


    9. Who has better music taste?


   10. Who is most likely to end up getting arrested? 


   11. If your partner got arrested, what would it be for? 


   12. What is your partner’s favorite drink? 


   13. Who is more embarrassing? 


   14. Who is better with finances? 


   15. If your partner won the lottery, what would be their first purchase? 


    16. What is their favorite karaoke song? 


    17. Who is their celebrity crush? 


    18. Who is the better cook? 


   19. Who has the nicer handwriting? 


   20. Who is messier?


    21. What is your partner’s worst quirk?


    22. If your partner found $100 what would they spend it on?


    23. How often does your partner get angry?


Conclusion newlywed game questions


This is a great way to spend a party, shower or date night to see how well you know your spouse.


 Remember to keep it light and casual and don’t take anything too serious (especially if you’re drinking). 


You are about to spend the rest of your life with your spouse, so relax and always remember to have fun with games and experiences like these.

We have thousands of questions for couples, for him or her to help you get to know them better or for a great date night!

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