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17 Rainy Day Date Ideas that are Anything but Dreary

We put together a list of rainy date date ideas for when you want to find some fun date ideas for the day or a stormy night.   

 Look on the bright side and take advantage of the cozy atmosphere of the rain & make some memories.


These rainy day dates are not only perfect for your partner but also for for a girls day or night out.


 Many work just as well on a hot sweltering day too, which we seem to be having more and more these days.


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What to do when its raining?


Sometimes if the weather is not cooperating with your plans, you just need to adjust a little bit. There are plenty of things to do indoors. Unless playing in the puddles is your thing!


We wanted to create some fun ideas that can get you inspired to think of activities in a different way.


Living in the northeast, our weather has changed to become much more like other rainy areas of the US. 


So by having this list handy, you will always have rainy date ideas available no matter where you live.


What do you do on a first date when its raining?


You may have looked forward to this day and planned the perfect date, but mother nature may have other ideas.


 Ok, you will have to adjust a little and make the most of this special date. Visit our first date ideas guide and first date conversation starters for more ideas.


What to do when its raining with your girlfriend?


Luckily we have enough rainy day date ideas to help you with that very question!


 Check out our list below or visit our awesome “indoor camping date” complete with decor, menus and conversation starters.


rainy day date out window




How do you spend a rainy day?


We have 17 unique ways listed below…


 Rainy Day Date Ideas


Massage date night



Who wouldn’t love spending an hour or so having a couples massage? You’ll love to relax next  to your date. I can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t love a little tlc.


You could also give each other a massage at home for a date night. Watch a video to freshen up on your technique and get some towels and massage oil and you are good to go! 


Make a date at your local Paint and Sip


These places are very popular and a fun way to get creative together. In the same vein, if you don’t want to paint a canvas, there are places to paint pottery or wooden signs all with some wine to top it off.


There are two larger chains Painting with a Twist and Pinots Pallet but there are many others that you can check out in your local area.


If you would like to try having a painting date at home. Visit Youtube for ideas and pick up some supplies and canvas, and design your own fun painting date, don’t forget the wine!.


Indoor Camping date


Use our detailed  indoor camping date instructions to create a magical  date night. We include conversation starters a menu, game ideas and a diy game tutorial. 


Everything you need to create a little romance without going anywhere!


Indoor Sports


Make a rainy day date at your local indoor ice or roller skating rink. Maybe go rock climbing or visit an indoor trampoline park. 


New places pop up all the time and maybe you will be lucky enough to have some options to choose from!


 All of these ideas are so much fun and even if you are new to it you can learn together. 



rainy date night



Lunch w/ Books


Pick a lunch spot that you have wanted to visit, but haven’t gotten a chance to yet. Maybe it’s a unique theme or has some amazing reviews for their desserts. 


The goal is to find someplace unique and different. Visiting at lunch is always a better deal which is an added perk.


If you are lucky enough to have a bookstore handy, then head on over next (even better if you have a unique indie bookstore or library.)


Conversations seem to flow effortlessly when you are browsing the aisles and randomly chatting about some of your favorite books & genres. 


You can find out interesting tidbits even if you have known your date for quite a while.


Living La Dolce Vita


I have a picture when I was sitting at a cafe in Venice in the rain and my friend labeled it “Living La Dolce Vita.” This is one of my favorite photos. 


Why not create your own moment and visit a cafe and people watch? All throughout Europe they have an envious cafe culture, so why not borrow a little bit of that laid back attitude.


Taking a photo of sitting at a cafe or walking in the rain, can be sooo memorable and look amazing on Instagram!


Check out these colorful accessories that will make your rainy day date photos truly unforgettable.


These bright colorful boots, reverse umbrellas and raincoats are the best rated and will make your photos sing.


rainy day date ideas bowling



Head to a Bar with Games


Be a bit nostalgic and visit a bowling alley or an old school arcade. It doesn’t matter if you are really good at it or not, it will still be fun especially if you are a little competitive.


Hopefully you can find games that will bring back some memories that should give you some interesting conversations to reminisce about.


Day of Discovery


Visit a Museum or a science center. Have fun exploring and learning something new. Often museums will have special nights and themes that you can enjoy.


 Anything interactive will make your dates more fun and engaging.


Game Day


Have a game day at home or take a favorite game of yours to your local coffee shop. When was the last time you had a game day? It’s fun to have some competition and show your playful side! We created a complete game date night at home that includes everything that you need for an amazing evening.


Whether you dig out some old school games or get new ones to try, game night can be a great way to enjoy each others company!


rainy day date ideas



Cook comfort food together!


Cooking together can be very romantic or silly, if you happen to be really bad at it! 


Try to make some homemade pizzas with different toppings. If making your own pizza dough, this recipe is great and I’ve used it many times. 


Top with marinara and mozzarella with an assortment of toppings. Chop up some onions, peppers, pepperoni, mushrooms and anything else that you both love.


Light some candles and open your favorite wine to top it off and add a little romance to your dinner.


Don’t forget a rainy day playlist to play while you are cooking.


See a show


Enjoy a play, comedy show or some local music. If you are able to get last minute tickets you are in luck and may be able to find a new favorite! 


Check your local listings for any pubs that may be having some live music as an alternate rainy date idea.


Create a home DIY project


Visit HGTV or Pinterest for a cool decor project that you both can enjoy. 


Maybe a pot garden filled with herbs or a side table, you will have fun looking through ideas and creating something together.


 I love these beer can cactus planters


Watch a movie with a twist…


Pick a historic theater, a tavern movie theater that serves food or a 3-D adventure.


Just put a little extra thought into enjoying the movie experience. Movies don’t have to be the same old, same old…so find a different experience!


Off Track Betting or a Casino


Whether you understand betting or not, it can be fun to “get a feeling” about the horses and try to pick a winner. 


Or maybe you would rather play the slots or learn a new table game. Often there is live music that you can enjoy while being there.


Get something to eat and maybe do some shopping if your location has some interesting options.


Visit an Aquarium


Most people love to watch the fish swimming with the added benefit of also being very relaxing. It is a nice way to spend a rainy day that you and your date will enjoy. 


P.S. grab a bite to eat for a nice addition to the date.


Ask Questions!


We have lots of conversation starters to ask along with the 36 questions that lead to love.

Some are funny, but most are incredibly insightful. Get to know your date, even better with these questions that will get them thinking!


175 Questions to ask to get to know someone


Binge Netflix


And last but not least, one of my favorite ways to relax and spend a rainy date night is to pick a Netflix series and order in some take out. 


Mexican or Vietnamese sounds the best …actually I really want that right now. 


Conclusion Rainy Day Date Ideas


There is no reason to not have any options when the weather is not cooperating. Enjoy and create some memories!


Everything’s better when it is shared, so never let a moment go by that you can be nurturing  your relationship.

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