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Romantic Picnic Date Ideas for Couples

There are not many things better than enjoying a picnic alfresco, especially a romantic picnic date! It makes something that is very simple into something special. 


It’s so much fun to add a picnic to your weekend just for so, but it’s also perfect for a first date. Think about creating a wonderful first date experience with a romantic picnic.


We hope you enjoy this romantic picnic date for couples that has ideas for everything you will need to make your date one to remember.


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 Epic Date Ideas Guide

Date Ideas


That is what’s so great about a picnic, it can be something simple and casual or an elaborate anniversary celebration.


Visit the link for for the complete instructions for having an indoor camping date night.  Included is a menu, glow in the dark Tic Tac Toe, a camping playlist with a free download of conversation starters for your perfect camping date.

romantic picnic date photo


What do you need for a romantic picnic date?


Creating the perfect romantic picnic date starts with the planning. Having a picnic can be as easy as grabbing a sandwich and eating it outside. But a romantic picnic takes a little extra effort. 

The location should be someplace picturesque, a park along a river, a lake or maybe a scenic overlook. If you live by the beach, then that setting is beyond perfect.


Its all about the details, the recipes that are below are easy but elegant. Try to be visually appealing, flowers picked from the area are a nice touch. You can opt for decorative napkins, or straws.

Its these small details that make the difference to amp up the romance factor.

Look around your house for glass bottles, lanterns, tea lights and any other items that could be used. Maybe you have a tray table or a decorative tray that would look perfect!


Just a few simple items can create a magical setting that makes a memory you will remember always.

Below are the basics to bring to any picnic and our instructions for the romantic picnic date that we have in the photos all included after the picnic basics.

What to bring on a picnic?


Picnic Basics

  • Location


Any scenic location, including your backyard will make a cute date that’s simple.

Its best to pick a spot that is somewhat close to the car so that you will not have to carry the picnic items too far especially if you have to make multiple trips. Find the closest bathrooms and garbage containers which will come in handy.


If your picnic is later in the day, you can decorate with candles or battery operated lights. We go further into a romantic picnic at dusk below.


If necessary bring a citronella candle. Bug spray may be a good idea if you are prone to bug bites or are having the picnic in a location such as the woods.


romantic picnic date ideas photo

  • Picnic blanket


Choose items that will make you comfortable, whether that is just a blanket or adding pillows for added comfort.


There are amazing picnic backpacks that come complete with both utensils and a blanket to create the perfect picnic date making the picnic a breeze to set up.


Having everything ready when you want to have an impromptu picnic is a great idea, you can just grab a sandwich and your ready.


  • Utensils

Napkins, plates, silverware. If you have sandwiches you may not need plates etc. but having some plastic utensils and napkins are a must. Using a traditional  picnic basket is so convenient and makes spur of the moment picnics, a piece of cake.


  • Food & drinks

Decide your menu for food and drinks.  Creating  meat and cheese boards for your picnic date is easy  and this cookbook has lots of ideas for you.


Will you be grilling onsite? If you are, then you will need your charcoal grill  or a gas grill.

Depending upon which type of grill you are using you may need to also bring charcoal, lighter fluid and matches.


If you are interested in learning about grilling further, this “Meathead” grilling cookbook has some of the highest ratings and avid fans.


When grilling you will need more items to take on your picnic. Pack your cooking tools, seasonings, aluminum foil plus don’t forget the ice for your raw meats and drinks!


We designed an easy but elegant picnic for couples to enjoy for their romantic picnic date.


romantic picnic date ideas for couples photo

Picnic date ideas


Our location was along a river with covered bridges and weeping willows.  A very soft blanket with a waterproof lining was used with two large floor pillows making this a very comfortable picnic.


Since the ground was uneven, having all the food and drinks on a large wooden cutting board is practical and looks great. This really helped keep things stable since so many items would have tipped over on the blanket alone.


Using the ball jars as cups works fantastic because you can close the lids if there are bugs around and set back in the ice to keep cold.


We used parchment and twine to make a nice presentation but it also made the sandwich easy to eat without being messy.


Glass jars with fruit made transporting and cleanup easy. 


Romantic picnic date at dusk


Another romantic picnic idea is to plan one at dusk. This is when you can use battery operated lights and candles to make it a date that sparkles.


If you are planning a romantic at home picnic, then you can plug your white Christmas lights into a nearby outlet. Check the time of sunset and plan accordingly.


Place the lights around the blanket and put the candles on the cutting board to keep stable. If there is a tree nearby hang some glass jars wrapped with twine from the branches and light a candle.

Alternatively, you can hang your white lights from the branches for a romantic glow.


You can be as elaborate as you like with a full meal or Champagne and dessert. Having a picnic at dusk will be beautiful on a nice night, and very special!


You will have about a half hour or so after sunset before it gets dark. Check out these stargazing apps for a fun activity on your picnic Skyview app &  Star Walk 2 free.


Picnic date games


It’s great to have some small fun games to take with you on your picnic. There is nothing simpler than throwing around a Frisbee or Active flyer


If you happen to be going on a group date then Kan Jam Ultimate Disc Game is a blast. This team game requires at least 4 people for 2 teams. Two people work together to get the disc into the can. Great game for couples.


Picnic playlist


This carefree summer picnic playlist on Spotify is a fun addition to your picnic date, check it out here. The songs are not specifically summer songs, but they fit an outdoors occasion.


Create your own playlist of favorite songs that fit the mood of the date. Spotify has a fun feature allowing you to create songs from your “mood” which can help get you started.


picnic date photo


Romantic picnic food ideas for two

Enjoy these simple & tasty sandwiches and drinks the recipes are below and worth the effort.


Turkey & Brie w/ Apple sandwiches


French bread or ciabatta rolls


Per 2 servings


(2) ½  inch bread slices

4 oz Deli roasted turkey

2 oz Brie cut into pieces

6 slices gala apple per serving

1  oz baby arugula

Dijonnaise spread on bread


Dijonnaise spread


2 tsp Dijon

2 tsp mayo





Spread Dijonaise on bread

Top with turkey, apple and brie

Broil in oven to melt brie

Add arugula


Heirloom tomato salad


Tomatoes in season (preferable heirloom)

Sea salt

Fresh basil leaves

Drizzle with olive oil & balsamic vinegar


picnic date night photo


Strawberry Basil Lemonade   w/ cocktail options



7 oz sugar

3/4 cup lemon Juice (6 fresh or a combo of fresh and concentrate)

4 1/2 Cups water

6 Fresh basil leaves (approx.)

4 oz fresh strawberries  slices




In small  saucepan mix sugar with one cup of water until melted

Remove from heat and add to the rest of the water & lemon Juice

Remove seeds from the lemonade

Crumble the basil

Add sliced strawberries crushing a little


*Note- If you have a mortar & pestle, muddle the basil and strawberries a little before adding to the lemonade


Add Vodka, Tequila or white wine to individual servings if desired.

2 oz liquor per 4-6 oz lemonade (to taste) if adding wine or champagne use 1:1


Picnic date invite

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romantic picnic invite


Conversation starters for your date


romantic picnic Conversation starters


Can also be used for first date questions.


  1. Where do you think would be perfect picnic spots?
  2. What are your favorite things to do outdoors?
  3. Are there things you miss doing now that you did when you were young?
  4. What historical event would you like to have been at? Why?
  5. What are your favorite outdoor sports?
  6. What places are on your bucket list to visit?
  7. What has been your favorite vacation so far?
  8. What extreme sport would you like to try or have you tried?
  9. Would you rather go back in time or visit the future?
  10. What would you like to know about your future?
  11. Would you like to live in another country? Which ones and why?
  12. What was the most surprising thing that you learned when traveling?
  13. If money were no object, what experience or possession would you want?
  14. If you could go on a dream road trip, where would you go?
  15. What is your most prized possession? Why?
  16. Have you ever collected anything?
  17. Do you have anyone’s autograph?
  18. What was the last movie that have seen? Did you enjoy it?
  19. What is your favorite meal?
  20. What ethnic foods would you like to try?
  21. Are you like your parents? Why?
  22. What would your dream job be?
  23. What was a big goal that you worked for and accomplished?
  24. What make you proud?
  25. What superhero and superpower would you like to be and have?


We hope you enjoy these romantic picnic date ideas, we would love to hear some of the ways that you have made your picnics special.

Cheers! Kim



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