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13 Signs He Loves you Deeply-How to Know for Sure!

Sometimes when you are with someone you wonder, what are the signs he loves you deeply? Or what he will say and do if he truly loves you.   


Each person has their own way of showing affection to those that they love. We have a list of the signs to tell if he loves you, even when he doesn’t say the words.


If he loves you deeply, you will not wonder or doubt the way he feels. You will know where you stand with him and your place in his life.


Never let words take the place of actions. Period.

Actions are greater than words


What are the signs he loves you deeply?


How can you tell?

Here are 13 definite signs he loves you


He will do things for you


Without asking, the little things that make your day easier. The quick text asking about your day or just to let you know that he’s thinking of you. The little kindnesses that he does to make you smile.


If you have just make dinner, he will start to clear the table and wash the dishes. The thoughtful things that make you want him by your side.


So often relationships things can be one sided, but when deeply in love, you are more of a team. If your relationship is one sided, then you know that is not true love. True love is reciprocated.


Some people are selfish and don’t know or want to give of themselves. Also if he never seems to make time for you or everything is on his terms, then your question has been answered.


Make sure you notice the red flags in anyone that acts this way.


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He is protective & wants to take care of you


If you are not feeling well,  he will want to take care of you.that may mean bringing you soup or checking in with you to see if you are feeling better.


Another way that he may show that he cares is at the end of the evening making sure that you get home safely.


Wanting you to text him when you get home or showing concern for you in different situations shows that he wants to be your protector.  Take notice to his concern for you, this is NOT the same as control! Control is a very bad trait in a person.


If he is getting comfortable in his protector role, this is a sure sign that he is in love.


He respects you


He respects you and your opinion. He trusts your advice meaning that you are elevated in his eyes.


If he acts and talks to you with respect then that means that he values what you have together and will treat you with the care necessary for a long term relationship.


Respect is part of any healthy relationship, if you are verbally put down or disrespected, then real love will be impossible.No one wants to be involved with someone that makes them feel “less than.”


The right person will lift you up, not bring you down


Having respect for each other and the relationship makes a foundation for a solid future. He can be counted on


He is the person that can be counted on when you need him. If you or someone in your family is in the hospital, he will be there to drive you.


He will drop what he is doing for you when you really need his support.


If he says that he will do something for you, he will. (barring something unusual happening.) He wants you to rely on him. He wants to be the person that you trust when times are difficult.


If he cancels often or disappears for days without communicating, then he is being clear with how he feels and you are not a priority.


He wants to see you happy


He wants the best for you. Seeing you happy and helping you achieve your goals are important to him.


Helping support you through your stresses is his way of showing you that he wants to tackle the world with you, not separately from you.


He wants to see you smile and make sure that he is adding happiness to your life. Seeing you happy makes him happy.


If he is more concerned with his own happiness than yours on a regular basis then be aware of this self centeredness .


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He includes you


You do not feel excluded from his life.  He often says “we” instead of “I”. You are included in plans that are being made.

Even when he makes plans with his friends, you will not feel left out. He is happy to have you with him and his friends and talks about you with pride.

When you are in love, you should not feel left out of someone’s life. You shouldn’t have to convince anyone to spend time with you.


If you are not included, then he doesn’t love you or isn’t ready for you to be a serious part of his life. Don’t ignore this sign!


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He makes the effort


He calls when he says he will, or he initiates making plans. He makes an effort to see you and talks to you on a regular basis.


He wants to be a part of your life and to have him be a part of yours. Meeting or knowing his friends and family is not something that he is comfortable with.


If he shows hesitation, this is a sure sign that he is NOT ready for anything serious.


Relationships are a give and take, you never want to be the only one initiating conversations or making plans.


Make sure to notice if there is a real imbalance with any of the listed actions.


He talks about the future


The past is in the past and he focuses on the future and you are in it!


How can you tell if he loves you deeply? When he talks about the future it is assumed that you are with him.

He already sees you both as a couple and plans accordingly. This is a huge sign he loves you.

Of course, the opposite is true, if he makes plans often without you or doesn’t feel the desire to spend much time with you, then hes not your guy.


He treats you like a lady


He treats you the way you deserve to be treated. A high value woman expects her man to treat her well.


He opens doors for you, has manners and treats you and your family with respect. He knows that you are special and treats you that way.


Watch the way he treats his family, mother and those around him. Also, is he kind to strangers? waitstaff? kids?

You can tell a lot about a person by how he talks and acts with others.


He brings out the best in you


Being with him makes you a better person. Unfortunately we may have experienced or know someone that has experienced the opposite of this.

Sometimes a relationship brings out traits that are the worst version of that person. When that happens, it is time to leave.

Being with the right person, brings out the best qualities in the person which tends to be reciprocated.

He will also want to bring his best self to the relationship this is a sign that he loves you deeply.


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He doesn’t want you to change


He likes you just the way that you are and TELLS you what he likes about you. He compliments you by noticing those small things. You know that he likes who you are because he will tell you.

Everyone has things that they want to change about themselves and we want our partners to be supportive of them.

But there is a difference if the comments about change are coming from the other person.


Sometimes women say things such as “He would be great if he just worked out more” or “had a better job.” Talking like this is a clear sign that you do not accept him as he is…right now.


The same is true for guys…If he says that your outfit looks nice but you would look amazing if you lost 15 lbs, that is him NOT accepting you as you are.


We all hope that we can be change the things that we want about ourselves, but you have to take people as they are, at this moment NOT when you hope they change.


If you don’t love the person as they are “right now” then you need to find another person that is a better fit right now.


Conclusion- signs he loves you deeply


Now you know the conclusive signs that he loves you deeply. The list contains the 13 ways his actions show that he truly loves you.


Being in love brings a certain amount of trust and comfort. You don’t feel full of doubts and worry about the relationship. When you are apart you are still very confident in your love for each other.


If you feel like you are walking on eggshells more often than not or feel a nervousness when together, this is a sign that he doesn’t love you deeply.


So often we give more weight to the words “I love you,” but the words without actions are hollow.



Signs he does not love you


If someone tells you that they love you but puts you down, or leaves you hanging when you are counting on him, then the words don’t mean much. Some people do not know how to truly love someone and we need to make sure that they are not chosen.


It is never your job to teach someone how to love you in the way that you need.


You can verbalize what you expect from your relationship but, having to push someone into doing or treating you in a correct way is not the job that you should ever have.


Put it this way, no one is perfect but if you often feel uncomfortable or tend to worry about things in your relationship, you may have to let it go.


Life is challenging enough without knowing that the person that we choose to spend our life with is unreliable or doesn’t know how to love you deeply.


Obviously each of these actions are the ideal.


No one is perfect all of the time, but as long as the majority of time, he acts in these 13 ways then they are” signs he loves you deeply”.


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