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Texts to Watch for to Know if a Guy Likes You

Our conversations are a mixture of in person and texting these days. So how to know if a guy likes you through texting?    


So often it’s difficult to know how someone feels about us through text. While texting is awesome for a quick message, I will always prefer talking in real life.


 The simple reason is that voice inflection and tone can be easily understood. Without that “tone” it is easier to misunderstand when texting.


We  answer 4 of the most asked questions below.

How to know if a guy likes you through texting

How do you know if a guy is not interested in you through text? 

How do you keep a guy interested over text? 


There are some tell tale signs of how to know if a guy likes you through texting. There are 14 texts that he will send, so watch out for them!


How to know if a guy likes you through texting

14 Texts to watch out for


1. He texts back fairly quickly


Or If he is busy, he will let you know why he can’t communicate for a while. If he likes you, he will not leave you wondering when he will get back to you and will not make you wait days.


When he does this, it shows that he is probably excited to hear from you!

Obviously, don’t read into it too much if he doesn’t text back immediately, life does happen. 


2. He texts you good morning


If  he texts you  “good morning & have a great day” or something along those lines, then you know that you are the first thing that he is thinking of. 

Sending you a good morning text is the perfect way to show you that he likes you.

This is such a nice way to start the day!


We have a list of some great Good Morning Texts to spark connection!


3. He wants to know about you


If he asks questions and is curious about you, then that shows how interested he is in you. 


When a guy wants to have you in his life, he will want to know about your interests and the things that you like. 


 He may bring up something that you mentioned before, proving to you that he pays attention!



How do you keep a guy interested over text 


4. You joke around  and share funny things together


Sending a funny Gif, a line from a movie or something silly that happened at work today.


Touching base and wanting to make you smile is a sure sign that he likes you.


 It can cheer you up in a split second, and that is the point. 


Bringing something up that you have both have shared together helps to build strong connections in a fun & easy way.



5. He tells you he would rather be with you than texting


He mentions things that he would rather be doing with you in person than texting. This is an easy one, he wants to be with you! 


For whatever reason that you cannot be together, he makes it clear that this is not what he would prefer.


 This just makes you feel secure in the knowledge that you are definitely wanted!


6. He flirts when texting


Maybe emojis or little insinuations…either way he finds a way to be a little cheeky. You know how much fun it is to get a text that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. 


Something simple like, “I had a very interesting dream about you last night.” Well, you can have some fun with that little text for sure!


7. He will initiate texting you


Does he start conversations? Or just respond to your texts? If he initiates the conversations, then that’s a sign that he likes you! 


If he engages with you and returns your texts within a reasonable time, that is very telling.


8. He texts you good night


No matter what your day may have been like, he wants to be the last thing that you think about before you go to sleep. 


Of course this is his way to connect one last time before the day is over.

This is him being cute!

You don’t say goodnight to just anyone, this is a special text.


We have lots of Good night texts for her & him to send to make him smile.


9. He texts you complements and what he likes about you


He will text you things that he notices about you that he likes. Maybe is something about your appearance or the way that you looked the other day that he appreciates. 


The point is that he wants  to tell you some of the things that he is attracted to.


10. He shares things with you randomly that remind him of you


Does he reach out for no apparent reason? Maybe its something silly or he finds a song that you may like. If he is sharing things randomly throughout the day, then he like you! 


This is another way that he is finds to connect with you and you know that you are obviously on his mind!


11. He doesn’t leave you hanging when the conversation is over


He completes the conversation.


No one likes it when the conversation just ends without an ending!

A simple… talk to you later or an emoji, something that ends the conversation.


 And if he really is busy he will let you know so you won’t be reading anything into his temporary non communication.


12. You make concrete plans


Again, you are not left hanging and wondering when you will see each other again. He wants to have something planned and really it is something that he wants to look forward to.

Sometimes people want to make plans but they are hesitant.

Let him know that you LIKE knowing when you are getting together so that you can plan.

Then it is up to talk and confirm it with you!


13. He Texts you what is happening in his life


He wants to bring you into his life. He texts you when he is busy with work or out with his friends. You can tell that he wants you to feel a part of what he has going on.


By the same token, he wants to know how you are spending your time. He may ask questions without trying to be nosy to find out more about what you are doing when you are apart.


14. He doesn’t keep you wondering if he likes you


All of the texts above show interest, interest in YOU. But it is likely that he will also just tell you. “I like spending time with you,” or “I really like you.”

Everyone is different, but in the beginning the way you need to go by the way he acts.  If he texts most of the way that we mention above, you can be sure that he likes you.


how to know if a guy likes you


Conclusion- How to know if a guy likes you through texting


Often things are what they seem. If he likes you, it will show. It will show in his texts and in his body language and how often he wants to be with you.

If he does these 14 things more often than not, when texting, then he likes you! 


How do you know if a guy is not interested in you through text?


Above we list 14 texts to watch out for, if he likes you through texting. That means if he doesn’t like you, he will do basically the opposite.

Such as 


Does not often initiate a conversation


He will answer, but it may take hours or days and usually doesn’t initiate conversations. This is telling, so pay attention!


He doesn’t ask about you


More often than not he talks about himself and maybe even his problems. He may often ask you for help, but usually isn’t there when you need help.


He texts when he wants something


He initiates only when he wants something from you. There is nothing wrong with someone asking for help, but if this is the norm, then he is using you.


He doesn’t bring you into his life


You have to ask what he is doing or what is going on, he doesn’t offer that information. If he is closed off to having you be part of his world, then that tells you he does not want you to be part of it.


He offers to “hang out”


He usually does not make plans in advance but will ask you to do something last minute at his convenience. This is unacceptable and you should not be available for him. This is not how you should be treated.


You spend more time texting than being in person


If he doesn’t make time for you, don’t invest any of your time or energy into him.

Never invest more into the relationship than he is willing to, especially in the beginning.


His words don’t match his actions


If he tells you that he likes you or wants to spend time with you, BUT DOESN’T MAKE TIME, then he does not want to really be with you.


When he does make time, is it last minute and on his terms?  You already know the answer to this if you answered yes, say goodbye!


how to know if a guy doesnt like you through text


How do you keep a guy interested over text?


In reality only so much can be done through texting. Interest is piqued when you spend time together face to face.


 So try to spend time together in real life so that you can be playful and flirty in person. In the meantime, there are things that you can do to keep him interested by text. 


Below we list 7 ways to keep him coming back for more.


1. Show interest in him


Ask some questions about his day. Let him know that you are interested in getting to know him. Do not text him back until he answers and do not text too much, let it flow naturally. 


2. Be playful


Show your fun side. Being a little flirty can definitely keep him thinking about you. Simple little playful texts keeps things interesting. Keep your texts in line with where you are in the relationship.

Don’t be too aggressive or flirty if this is the very beginning of the relationship, he needs to know that he has to earn your attention.


3. Let him initiate


Letting him initiate is very similar to the old school “chase.”  Don’t underestimate how alluring it can be. Let him pursue you!


4. Do not be too available


Do not text back immediately. You have a life and are very happy living it. Even though you may have been waiting for him to text you, keep your cool and text back in a little bit.


A little mystery is just fine, let there be a little effort, even if its just texting.


5. Ask open ended questions


This helps to get rid of the dreaded single yes or no answers. You want to say or ask something that requires an actual response that is more than one word.

Wait for his response before texting back again. 


6. Be interesting


If you want people to be interested in you, then be an interesting person for yourselfHave hobbies, learn new things, be curious. 


This will make your life more full and you will have lots of interesting things to talk about. Finding things that you love to spend time on helps you become the best version of yourself.


7. Keep it short & sweet


Keeping your texts to the point and with a purpose can make it easier to converse by text. This isn’t the place for long, complex conversations.


 Also complaining does not come off well in a text, so keep anything like that for an in person conversation.


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