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Tips for Dating in your 40’s and 50’s

Dating is very different in your 40’s & 50’s than it is in your 20’s,   

so let’s look at some of the unique issues and find a way to navigate the waters!


40’s Tips for Dating


When you are in your 40’s you may have children that you are raising. Even if you do not, chances are that your potential dates may have children which make dating at this time particularly challenging.


When you are dating you should not let them meet your children until you are sure that this is a serious relationship. This will protect you and your family if you do not stay together very long and the kids will not get too attached. It takes some time to know someone and safety for your children should be the top priority.


This means that if you set up a dating profile, do not have photos of your children. The statistics for online dating is at least 1/3 of the profiles are deceptive or fraudulent so you do not want any potential predators finding out too much information, so always err on the side of safety.


The older we get the better that we know ourselves &  the less likely we will put up with someone else’s garbage. We are also usually wiser than we were in our 20’s (hopefully!) Having these qualities will make the dating experience different that when younger. But many things are the same. We all want someone that is going to be there for us & has good character. It is better to be happy single than to be in a relationship that is not what we want!


 Stick to your values and don’t take it so seriously ☺


Online dating offers a wider range of people to connect singles outside your local area. This is something to keep in mind because someone that is physically not as close will be much more difficult to see. Especially when you both have family obligations.


Be wary if someone has never had serious long term relationships by this age. Chances are if someone has not committed to anyone yet, they will have a very hard time committing period.


Take advantage of your local chamber of commerce, which has monthly gatherings for members and non-members. This is a good place to help your career and your social life. Check you local Meetup for events that connect singles. We focus more on dating in your 40’s with this article.



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50’s Tips for Dating


This is the largest demographic of singles and growing. This is the time where the kids may be starting to go to college. This means that the focus can shift to you again.  Most people that are dating in their 50’s know themselves better and know what qualities are most important in a partner.


These are good things!


Find those things in life that make you happy.


If you love to travel there are singles vacations or solo travel groups to check out. If you always wanted to learn something new, now is the time. Interesting people are attracted to interesting people. Be interesting!


The top picks for online dating sites are and and. Remember to listen to your intuition, if you see a red flag, pay attention!


Don’t waste too much time chatting, after a few emails plan to meet for coffee or a drink (drive yourself and meet at a public place.)  You will learn more in 5 minutes in person than you will in 5 months texting!  can be a great place to meet others with common interests, plus there are probably singles events in your local area where singles can connect. We also recommend charity events and volunteering as places to meet quality singles.


Let friends and family know that you are “single and looking.” Don’t assume that people will automatically think of you when they meet someone that may be a good match. You have to tell them that you would appreciate that they think of you when the situation arises.


P.S.These are general dating tips for women and men, every situation is different and everyone experiences things at different times. There really are no dating rules, just what feels right to you!

Live your own life, as you see fit and not to anyone else’s expectations


Age is just a number

To be honest I think that putting people in a “age box” is way too broad.  I hate that is necessary for online dating and so many click a random age without having a clue! We  know there is dread at the ages of 29-39-49+ because people tend to end on those numbers vs going to the next “box.”


We see articles that talk about the “millennials” or the “Baby Boomers.”  Most generational terms are approx. 15-20 years apart. How is it logical that one persons experience is the same as another that is 20 years older?


When you see commercials for people 50 plus, does that mean that a 50 year old is similar to 65-70 year olds? It makes absolutely no sense, people are too different.


One 30 year old is finishing their advanced degree and another has 3 kids under 5.  They literally have very little in common and life experiences that are completely different.


People are different, do not settle for a box, you are unique. Your experiences are not similar to everyone your age, so don’t be put into a box that you do not belong. Age is just a number. Rant over!


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