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Top 10 Date Night at Home Ideas to Keep Your Spark Alive

Our date night at home ideas will help you find the best ways when you can’t or don’t want to go out for the evening.   


We know how important it is as a couple to keep the spark alive. That’s why we need to  schedule date nights on a regular basis to reconnect. 


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Date night at home ideas


What can couples do for fun at home? 


It’s not always practical to go out for a date night. Whether you have kids and don’t have a sitter or are looking for a cheap date night option, we have got you covered.


 It can cost a lot for dinner and a movie plus a sitter if necessary. So for those times that you would rather stay in, try our date nights ideas at home to make things more interesting. 


sexy couple games image


  1. Couple game night


We created a couple’s game night that includes everything that you need such as game suggestions, how to make the games sexy and  menus for a great date night.


Trust us you can make game night a great couple activity. It can be competitive, funny or sexy whatever you are in the mood for.


 So dig around your closet for some of your favorite games and pick a favorite from our list at the above link for our top couples game picks.


camping date photo




  1. Camping date night 


Do you know the easiest way to transform your house into a romantic getaway? All it takes is to make a type of tent with string lights. 


When it starts to get dark any space can be transformed with different types of lighting such as candles, mini lights and lots of string lights. We have all the decor and menu ideas for an indoor camping date night.


 Our menu includes Kebabs and S’mores plus a playlist to add to your camping date night. We include date night questions to enjoy for your magical evening in.


  1. Tasting Date


This can be one of the most fun indoor date ideas! Decide if this will be an alcohol tasting a food tasting or both. This could be a whiskey, wine or craft beer tasting, whatever that you both will like. You could buy a few different types and rate them on flavor aroma etc. 


We  created a download  so that you can rate type, aroma,  taste, finish & the final score. If you want to add food to the tasting, maybe try different types of cheeses, soups, chocolates or anything that you would enjoy. You can also create index cards with space for the type, country, flavor, aroma and a rating score.


An example of something that we have done is have a chocolate tasting where we ordered 10 different flavors of filled chocolate truffles. We sliced the truffles and labelled a plate with each type. Each of us tasted a portion of the truffle and tried to guess the flavor. Then we rated them from 1-10 and compared what we liked the most.


Fun questions to ask photo



  1. How Well Do You Know Me? Questions

Asking questions can be a cute and unexpected way to spend your date night at home. You may think that you know everything about your date or partner, but with our fun questions, you’ll  find out some new things for sure. We have over 500 questions to choose from, so have our pick!


You will laugh and also have insightful and fun conversations. So order a pizza & beer or your favorite take out, put the pillows on the floor and ask away!


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  1. Music & Take Out


This date night at home idea sometimes takes on a life of its own. The reason is that music brings emotion alive. Dig into your Spotify or your favorite music collection and just start playing your favorites.


 You may just find yourself and your partner dancing and singing. Think back to a favorite concert that you both have enjoyed together and create a night of nostalgia.

One song leads to another and another and so on….


You can find some of your favorite sexy songs and dance a little closer. Pair this with your favorite take-out and you may just be surprised how your evening ends up!



good morning messages picture



  1. Coffee, Croissants & Massage


This is a favorite day date at home idea! A morning date …this is coffee and croissants in bed or not. Start your day with a latte and freshly baked donuts or croissants. Follow with a relaxing massage that you give to each other.


You should do this in whatever order that you choose. If you would rather have the massage first, do that. If you would rather have the massage in the evening, then do that and have the pastries when you wake up. 


This is a romantic way to start the day, and if possible you may be able to jump into the shower together after your massage. You know, because you have to wash off the massage oil….😁


  1. International Cooking Class


For this at home date night, you may want to talk to your grandmother or mother for some family favorites. It would be fun to share something that is special for you with your partner.

If you would rather try something new, then search for some ethnic recipes that you both will like. It is fun to cook together and can be very romantic. 


Try to challenge yourself with what you choose. The only thing that you will need is the recipe, the ingredients and a read through of the recipe to make sure you have all the equipment needed before you start.


Light the candles and give it a try. You don’t need to be chefs to create a very memorable evening together.


DIY paint class date night image



  1. Create an Art & Craft DIY


This is where Pinterest is going to come in handy. Have some fun searching for a craft that you both will enjoy.


If you live together then you could find something for your home or apartment that would be fun to create. If you are just dating you could do your own DIY Paint and Sip. 


Grab your wine and canvases and have some fun. Just a quick trip to a craft store or  choose these amazing DIY paint by number kits for adults. The kits are great because they include everything you need to create your masterpiece. Actually they look like so much fun!


fondue date night long photo


  1. Fondue night


Fondues have been around for a long time and for good reason. Cheese and chocolate, what’s not to like? We love fondues as much as anyone and have created a complete fondue date night at home


We included three recipes, two cheese fondues and one chocolate to enjoy. Our post has a list of conversation starters and a craft if you both are so inclined.


So dust off your fondue set or borrow from a friend to create this cozy date night at home.



romantic picnic date ideas for couples photo




  1. Romantic Picnic


We have an amazing romantic picnic date that includes a menu, cocktails and everything you need for a great day date. Picnics can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like.


The easiest thing to do is to to visit the grocery store and pick up an assortment of meats, cheeses, olives, nuts, dried fruits, bread and crackers and some wine.


 If you have a backyard, patio or deck, you can transform that space into an amazing day or twilight picnic.


What are some good ideas for date night?


If you scroll below you will see literally hundreds of ideas for different seasons and occasions.


What can couples do together at home?


At home date nights do not have to mean just watching Netflix and pizza, although that definitely does sound fun too.


With a little creativity, we can help you create the perfect date night at home.


 Most are inexpensive and with a little bit of planning you will be able to create a very special and romantic date night in.


Conclusion Date night at home Ideas 


Check our all of our date ideas for couples. Some are themed date nights and others are more seasonal but all give couples opportunities to get romantic with each other.


Our goal is to make sure that whenever you need a date night idea, we have got you covered. Take the time to reconnect and create some magical moments for you both as a couple.


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