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The Beauty of Wanderlust

Wanderlust is something that we all have experienced when wistfully gazing at pictures of faraway places or daydreaming of visiting places that we have so far just seen others visit. Never before have people had such a desire to become nomads, to live, work and explore lands that they have only read about.


Wanderlust gene


I am sure that Instagram and the explosion of travel sites also fuel the desire to roam. It is even a possibility that we are born with a “wanderlust gene”,  yup it could be in our DNA.


Studies have shown that up to 20% of us have a gene variation that controls the dopamine level and is tied to higher levels of curiosity and restlessness. There are also studies that show that many of those over the age of 90 show that this gene is more prevalent.


According to the studies’ author, ” While the genetic variant may not directly influence longevity,” Prof Moyzis said, “it is associated with personality traits that have been shown to be important for living a longer, healthier life.”


Any of us that have had the intense urge to travel certainly can believe this to be true and the possibility of living a long life to enjoy traveling is a bonus!

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